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  • Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Sep 1, 2012 20:09 Flag

    the board 's football knowledge

    why do some people on here think it's a bad thing if the owners are successful businessmen? Would you prefer it like when LEEDS UTD was run by Risdale who admitted himself " I was a fan who got carried away"
    The books need to be balanced. I along with quite a few on here wanted Kenny to get another season.To give some (not all) of those signings another chance.But the owners took the decision to replace him.
    Now we have Rodgers who is obviously working under considerable financial restraints, who obviously right up to quite late last night thought he was getting new players in.
    If the owners are wary of spending money,that is their choice.Ask yourself this, if you had spent a sizable chunk of money,on a car, tv, hifi,or pc(it's relative to what you have or earn for a wage) and it was not working right but you can only sell it 2nd hand and lose 50% or more on it. Would you rush out and buy another ?