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  • Hobitez Hobitez Sep 5, 2012 10:02 Flag

    cast your minds back

    Our academy is probably as strong as it has been in 10 years, that might be exagerated slightly by the lack of quality in our 1st team. Would Sterling be making 1st team starts had we a 27yr old Benayoun, Ryan Babel, Kuyt or Garcia? Would Shelvey be nudging Alonso or Mascherano out of the side? I think a resounding no to all.
    What we can do this season is find out whether the kids in our academy can constitute the foundation of our squad for a few years to come. I think Kelly, Shelvey and Sterling have all confirmed that they can at least be good quality back up players if not 1st team starters. Can you imagine prefering to spend £200k per week on Koncheskey, Poulsen and Cole instead?! If we can find 2 more over the course of the season then we will have acheived something, i'm looking at Morgan, Suso and Robinson as the best bets.

    We arent quite as far away from a good side as is being widely reported, all it will take is 2-3 signings (isnt it always) to balance our squad out and then we will have a very young and fresh squad to play with. Lets hope that the following 3 months allow us to develop a couple of young, exciting players that will be here for years.

    • Hobs...been posting up this same theme for over a season now to a chorus of boos from dsteer and co. who much prefered to wrap our kids in cotton wool till they hit pensionable age yet the evidence suggests that all the true Greats of the game debuted at an early age...seems the likes of dsteer and co dont want to let em anywhere nr the starting eleven till at least age 25 !??? It doesnt matter what era u choose to check on the Greats all debuted at a young age and in our clubs case if the money aint there anymore what is the alternative is this a case of Necessity being the Mother of Invention ?

    • Agreed Hobs but weren't United in a similar position all those years ago where Fergy was in a bad position, the side hadn't been doing as well and left with little option to look at the youngsters. It certainly can be argued that the likes of Giggs etc. were always going to make it but they came through at a very young age (Giggs was 17 I believe) and impressed.

      If our young players can do the same then it it may lead to brighter things. Sterling has started well while Kelly and Shelvey are there already. Cross fingers one or two more perhaps. Yesil sounds promising and as you say Morgan too. Suso has the air of something different about him too.