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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Dec 7, 2012 14:55 Flag

    Team to face West Ham?

    I'm not so sure. Yes other than Suarez no one has more than a single goal in the league, but that does not mean there are not goals in the rest of the squad. Suarez only has a single goal in the Europa competition, and we've been able to find goals without him, as I think last night was his first start in the competition.

    Sometimes I think when you have such a good player up front the players tend to try to get the ball to him so he can do his magic (and why not it works) but when he's not around they have to take responsibility themselves. The same thing happened when Torres was with us, he became the focal point.

    JonJo I think is a prime example. For me he's a very impressive player who does have goal in him, as Europa has proven this term. But he can fade when Suarez and or Stevie are on the pitch as he no longer looks to take control of things but will defer to the more senior players.

    End of the day you've got to jump in the pool to see if you can swim, and there is no reason why others in the side can't score goals, and now is the time to show it.

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