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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 3, 2013 21:10 Flag

    Sturridge and Assaidi

    Rather than over complicate this, does anyone actually think the reason that neither Assaide or Sahan are not getting starts has less to do with them, and more to do with the players taking their place?

    Put it this way, while I've been impressed with Assaide when he's come on, it’s hard to put either Sterling or Downing on the bench right now the way they are both playing. Sterling I think will keep playing as long as BR thinks the lad can handle it physically and mentally, and to be fair since Downing was told he could leave it seems he's been on fire.

    The same could be said for the middle of the park keeping Sahan out. With Lucas back and getting better with each match he's becoming one of the first on the team sheet, which is also having a positive impact on Gerrard's performances lately. So who gets the third slot with Allen looking better now he's further forward, Shelvey still making his case, and Henderson much like Downing really looking like he's trying to kick it up a gear.

    Sometimes players coming back from injury just have to work that much harder, as those who've filled in during their absence have really taken advantage of the situation, and then is never a bad thing for the squad overall.

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    • There was an interview with Sahin not too long ago, maybe 2-3 weeks, wanna say right after or before he broke his nose, where he said that it/things are "different".. The jist of the interview was him stating that it is such a drastic difference in style of play it was in the Prem, and also, that while he felt he could and is more than happy to play any of the 3 midfield roles (we've mostly seen him advanced), holding, was his "best" and most natural. That said, when I saw him in Bundesliga, and win player of the year that season, that is where he played, but he was the Alonso type of "holding" mid, where he could skillfully and gracefully get possession, keep it and distribute, while having the freedom and skill to get forward and score..

      So that was a basic admission that he's not quite up to speed, in addition to having surgery to fix his broken nose, which would equal a player who needs another year. Since he's on a loan, that's likely not to happen unless Madrid give him away for peanuts, which they may have to do anyways, after Joselina gets the boot. But even so while I know from seeing, he's a terrific player, unless he really steps it up drastically in training, he's never going to get a holding role, let alone any run of starts, especially when you consider that Henderson has pushed Jonjo out, and Allen/Lucas will rotate alot, while Stevie is picked all day, especially having sat deeper and really on song now..

      Sadly, to nobody's fault really, Sahin probably won't remain, and while not like for like, Suso has that type of skill with the ability to pick passes from a central area, and hopefully he develops more physically so he can fight for that more advanced role, rather than short cameos out of place wide..

      As for Assaidi, the good news is that he's 24 and cost under 4M, so a whole year and full offseason, can only give him the opportunity to get better.. what he does with that opportunity is up to him.. Needless to say, if Ince should end up coming, that's ALOT of competition in those wides spots especially since Suarez and Sturridge can and will play there at times..