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  • Miguel Miguel Jan 27, 2013 17:02 Flag

    Olham game

    Two one down. Will we turn it around second half? Maybe that should read will we turn up??

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    • I'm not sure, but I'd hope players would have the same reaction that Jose and Stewie did when they were called out for not working hard enough.

    • Personally I have to say I'd rather win a cup than come 4th. Cut finals are what fans want, and while they'd prefer one cup over another, I think most don't remember much about the seasons we finished 4th, 3rd or even 2nd, but will always remember days out at Wembley.

      However I do also think we need to look at things pragmatically. Yes I'm hugely disappointed we're out of both domestic cups, but got to also ask what is best for the club, and honestly getting European football is what the club needs more than anything.

      We need it because it means revenue, EL gives us much more in the coffers than another round in the FA cup, and if we do have a chance at CL, it’s much more than even an FA cup final. But it’s also how we attract the better players to come to us, and keep the good ones we've already got.

      So yes I'm gutted, as I am whenever we don't win, but sometimes the day after (which is why I rarely post on match days) you do need to think with the head, not just the heart. Not sure I’ll weigh in on much of the other comments on this thread, as there is a lot of heart talk, but very, very little that is said with the head.

    • Its actually that i just like the champions league more then any other compatition and i would rather win the champions league or the league then anything else.

    • If my manager had little confidence in my ability. I'd wanna seek employment elsewhere.

      So I'm expecting an influx of transfer requests in the summer..

      Who'd blame our players for wanting a move when being rubbished by their own manager in the media..

      It should've been handled behind closed doors.. Rodgers for me has lost the plot and my respect.

    • Back to Brendan.

      Here´s an easy question for you:-

      If you were a player and read what he has said post match about your lack of commitment, stepping up etc etc, would you feel any sense of loyalty or desire to play your best for him?? How motivated would you feel?

      Answers please

      Here´s mine


    • would rather finish fourth than win a trophy?well we'd save on the fuckin brasso won't we?and the footballers wives can convert their husbands trophy rooms into walkin wardrobes cos all they'll need is a little black book with "finished fourth" on each years page.
      They are called HONOURS, they acknowledge you were a winner. You and your team were better, tried harder, beat all before you to WIN.
      You do not go out to come second.
      In 20/30 years time will you remember who came 4th?
      As a kid at school remember how we could all remember previous winners of the FA cups? but we struggled on the runners up?
      You remembered the WINNERS not the losers.
      If you do not want to win then don't fuckin bother entering.

    • Hi Keiron

      I'm in the other camp.

      Winning trophy's has to be the end game. We're not good enough, and haven't been for a while, to pick and choose which competitions we'll target.

      4th place is only a stepping stone to building a side capable of winning cups not a cup in itself (I disagree with Arsene).

      I think Kenny understood that last year which is why he played a decent side all the way through the League cup campaign.

    • Colin,

      I think you and I tend to share alot of similar thoughts and views on players, particularly because we're both football fans in general, and enjoy other clubs when we can, for me Napoli and Dortmund (and I like to have a prem to enjoy on the side, so Swans) and for you it's Blackpool and I'm sure others, and we also have been able to "agree to disagree", so we may have to here..

      I thought (put it on my predicted side for Oldham) that Borini would and should start. Matter of the fact is, he's 21, he's played only 6 league games, and to be fair, and I'll slam Rodgers for this, and have done, he played him wide right, which was about as natural as Konchesky being a good left back. From there, he carried a fracture, which apparently Italy knew about, and then it completely broke while away with them. I don't know why a bigger deal wasn't made of that.. that's pathetic on their part, and I don't know if he knew the severity or was given bad advice..

      But anyways, he's changed 7 clubs in 2+ years, had to move into 9 homes, (he said this all in his interview) and says it's been extremely difficult on him. As you know, someone at the age of 21 going through all that, then carrying the weight of a fee and our lofty expectations is alot..

      I obviously watch alot of Serie A, and I thought he was fantastic at Roma only aged 20 (the Roma thing is just bad coincidence), scoring 11 goals in a team that had 5 strikers.. His skills are things you can't teach, pace, straight speed, good strength for his size, and he was clinical there, which is needed for that precise style.. He hasn't been so far, but not a whole lot of chances, though a terrible sitter today I concede.. He choked it there, and could have been in our good graces ironically!

      Again, I don't know what he'll end up being, but other clubs wanted him too, and Chelsea never wanted to let him go as a youth, but he wanted to play. So, let's at least try to give him a full year and full summer off season to train..?

      Ultimately, he's going to be 3rd choice for a very long while, and in the summer if we add Ince and perhaps another body up front, or promote Yesil or Adorjan (I love that kid) then he's a future player too with a hell of alot of competition.

      Honestly, the player I have a bigger issue with, and I'm being a hypocrite because I said he was brilliant early on, and I can't figure it out anymore.. is Joe Allen. Something tells me he's completely worn out, played ALOT in a calendar year, and only 22, but I feel like he's really struggling and I don't know what role suits him best, plus 15M was hasty..

    • Today's debacle shows just how much work lies in front of anyone hoping to revitalise the fortunes of our once great club. Guys I reckon Rodgers should have promised one step forwards and many more backwards ere that happens. We are all smarting from today's humiliation as a result of continued expectation which we are still a country mile from achieving. Lower the expectation and it becomes easier to stomach upsets like today. After all, better teams than lfc currently are have fallen to lower league adrenalin fuelled onslaughts. We'll probably record a win over city so let's get patient and not carried away slinging insults at all and sundry ( psred and Jason calm down please) better days will come again. Ynwa

    • Hi Ron

      Superb post. Matches my view on the game pretty much 100%.

      It's easy to forget how inexperienced a manager BR is given the media hype around him. Let's hope he learns from his experience and goes on to be the manager we all hope he can be.

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