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  • Jason Jason Feb 5, 2013 14:30 Flag

    Final nail in Reina's coffin?


    For what it's worth, I said he did play much better at Arsenal.

    As for the other issues, despite being one of my favorite players, he's been in bad form an dropped as a wakeup call, but in that play, Skrtel is chasing down the much faster, skilled Aguero, and has him in a decent position to where that ridiculous shot goes well over him, Reina and into the net. Nobdoy was stopping that besides the goalie, who wasn't in his net. Skrtel didn't start the match, so that's his punishment already. He actually comes out of CB to the left at the same time does Reina, and raises his hands in confusion and retreats to the goal to cover it, with no chance.. He's got no choice there and in "no man's land".. replay below..

    I agree on the Agger part, though seeing him stretched at full length, it was a pin point cross, and he just didn't mark Dzeko's run, but if we're going to point him out, then we have to ask why did Glen let Silva inside of him so easily, and highlighted many times on the tv and replays here, Carra was caught at the top the of the box, and obvisously does not have the type of pace to regain that ground so quickly to stop it either. First goal, good play by City, bad defending by Liverpool.

    Second goal, we can play Skrtel, doesn't matter how much I like the guy, because there wasn't anything he could do, and if he's part of the blame, then Agger is too, jogging back.

    I think this is giving all too many other players alot more to do, with something that they couldn't prevent without a foul, or basically where it shouldn't be in question.. With Skrtel rushing out, raising his arms in confusion, and trying to retreat, I don't know what more he can do?