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  • Red_Till_Im_Dead Red_Till_Im_Dead Apr 25, 2013 11:27 Flag


    What really bothers me is immediately after the bite he staggers of like he has been injured and is looking for sympathy, like a little boy who was just been caught up to no good, If me, you of whoever bit someone then you would be arrested, if you did it at work you would be fired and arrested.
    If he played for Manchester United the Liverpool fans would say he should never play again, as you all go on about Ferdinand missing a drugs test that he returned to do the same day and passed.
    Stop comparing the Defoe incident to this, they are 2 different incidents, and yes Defoe got off light, but that does not mean every player from then on should get of light for such things, the Defoe judgement was the wrong one not this one in my opinion.

    The guy is a serial offender, in his short time at Liverpool he has stamped on players, said racist comments about a player, is a serial diver & done the worst dive we have ever seen & proudly admitted later that he dived, he has bitten a player and we all know he has done this before, I personally think he is a disgrace, skilful but disgraceful too.

    • You're miles off Red. the Defoe incident is a precedent to this one as was Suarez's first chomp in Holland. How are they different, they both decided to take a chomp at the guy next door. What gripes me most is the complete inconsistency of it all.

      I thought Cantona was a disgrace as well. I think the lady sat next to the guy that got a boot full also thought the same.

      Of course non eof United's players are serial offenders. Scholes has only ever made one bad tackle in his life, Rooney has only ever been with one prostitute, Giggs is completely trustworthy and Keane never tried to end another players career. His book was obviously a work of fiction.

      We know Suarez is bad. but your lot aren't exactly squeaky clean either. As I said the it's the inconsistency that gripes me.