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  • Jason Jason May 5, 2013 16:18 Flag

    Additional strikers..

    Now now Ron.. the cynicism there.. We actually have a high number of headed goals amongst teams in the top half..

    But, in addition to Benteke's aerial presence, he's FAST for a man his size. He is probably faster than Suarez in a straight dash, which isn't the case for a certain other big striker the cynics love..

    In his first season in the EPL, at age 21, he's got 19 goals, all of supreme quality, could (won't happen) go on a purple patch and come close to the Golden Boot, which the other striker will never do, and let's face it anyways, Chelsea / City and big spenders will be all over him..

    If we were to try for him, January would have been the time, now that time has come and gone and he's a fantastic striker with years of growing/maturing to come..

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    • I'm always concerned about being linked or going after players like this. He's had a fantastic season and is in fashion without doubt but all of a sudden his fee goes through the roof. It's all based on one good season.

      Unless the fee is reasonable run away in my opinion and go and find the next Benteke rather than the one commanding a £15m profit for whoever unearthed the talent

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      • I agree Colyn, you either need to go for this kind of player before he has that first sensational season, or wait till his second season to make sure he's not a flash in the pan. Not saying he is, however so many players like this can be found out after defenders have seen him a couple times.

        But if we're interested in this type of player, strong and direct, and we don't see Carroll coming back and filling those shoes because he's not got the pace or fast feet to fit into the rest of our playing system (which for those who disagree let's keep an open mind, but just say this summers' preseason is when he has to prove this either way), another to look at might be Lukaku currently at WBA, but under contract with Chelsea. No matter if Jose comes back this summer or not, there is a good chance they'll be spending big including on strikers, so there may not be room for the big Belgium back at Stamford Bridge. Now he might fancy another loan spell at WBA, where he's had regular football and seems to be enjoying himself, but while he's done well, he seems to be a bit more under the radar that Benteke so may not have such a big price tag, or wage demands, and therefore worth a punt.

        However whether its a Lukaku, a Benteke or even Carroll, if we're going for this type of player I think its likely they'll not be regular starters. Yes they'll be on for the more physical games, and Colin is right that type of direct play might have unlocked a goal against Everton on Sunday, but I think most of the time they'll be impact sub or back up in case Suarez and or Sturridge can't play, both of whom fit our starting system better. So price tag and wages will be a factor as you don't pay top shelf prices for a back up or plan B option. Besides our priority imo still has to be shoring up the back line with a replacement(s) for Carra, and if that takes a big chuck out of our transfer budget to get it right, so be it.

    • sorry Jason,but I'm still inclined to be glum I'm afraid and particularly so after yesterday. 6 nil too much to hope for but I thought we could have managed one or two. I still wish we'd had a pop for Jordan Rhoades when he was still at Huddersfield but Blackburn Rovers snapped him up. He'll be moving again in close season but I believe hes already spoken for.

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      • Ron been posting up for a move for Jordan Rhoades for months now. Hopefully we will be seeing Andy C back for the pre season and just maybe he can make a name for himself and work his way back into the starting 11 ...we certainly could have used his aggression on set pieces aganst the Blue Noses Sunday. Im with u though we have a long long way to go before we even have a shot at a top 4 slot let alone a Title tilt.