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  • Typical 23 year old Guisborough d*ckhead, good at running his gob off like all Teesiders but cant come up with an intelligent enough answer back.

    You must have ran out of sheep to sh*g then???? Hows your inbred little 'village' full of blokes that thinks they are nails doing then? Still trying to intimidate people going for a quiet drink with their girlfriends when there a group of about ten of you? just to end up standing there filling your pants when your confronted by one man!??!! ha ha ha ha I pity you lot.......soft.

    Wait until the end of the season before you shout on about where Boro will finish smoggie scum..........your not exactly safe as houses when it comes to getting relagated either, you wouldnt know where to put yourself if Newcastle & Sunderland have more success this season.

    So we (the Geordies & proper North Easterners) got put out of Europe?, no big deal most of us saw that coming, the team that put us out wanted it more and would certainly have demolished your minor team by a far greater amount of goals, the spaniards played well so I give them credit for that.

    You lot will show your 'european' quality again and come nowhere close to winning either, I shall be watching them play and laughing when they make more lack lustre performances on channel 5, not sure if I'll join in singing with all your dead original songs though?

    Has Middlesbrough ACTUALLY got any songs of regional history? Perhaps I could create some for you - Lets all go down linthorpe Road.......& grab a 5 bag!!! (to the tune of lets all go down the Strand....grab a banana!) or Creeping along the West Dyke Road.....sneaking into Redcar Races! (be like the Mackems and rip the Blaydon Races tune off!)

    F*ck me, I'm so good at this, I might even get your crap hole of an area on the map.

    Personally, I think letting Craig Bellamy go was not the best move, I know he was brilliant on the pitch but very disruptive off it and he just wouldnt learn....so Souness sent him packing.....stupid, but I can see his reasons, nobody is bigger than the club as Souness himself will find out.

    Funnily enough a large majority of Geordies want him (Souness)out now of St James Park or do you think we all love the scotch c*nt?

    We dont rate Viduka either, we dont want him, hes good enough for your sh*te team though, you lot can keep paying a high salary to a bloke whos on the treatment table more than the pitch.....we'd just heckle the fat c*nt from the stands and make his life a misery.........thats a 52,000 people attendance aswell......whats the Riversides average gate? did they drop your ticket prices aswell since your all dole wallers?

    As for The City of Newcastle upon Tyne.....

    ......if your gonna go on about the Quayside then I'll just point out that if your refering to the nightlife aspects of Gatesheads side of the Quayside, then theres only The Tuxedo Princess, Baja Beach Club and Buffalo Joes, which are all enjoyable places.....

    .....the Newcastle sides got most of the good bars a few clubs and lots of restaraunts, so obviously you've never left your 'village' and been UP there.

    Newcastle is a Thriving City full of life and excitement........as for Guisborough?? ha ha ha ha ha f*cking hell son, curtain twitching is about as good as it gets and chasing sheep.....

    .....now you'll be spending the rest of the week peddling your dynamo to get enough electricity to answer back!!!

    Hail Hail the Hillbilly Jon.

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    • Nice rant Mr Geordie man. Hmmmmm. 52,000 fans and still you can't finish higher than a little town like Middlesbrough. Ah, but that's because unlike our chairman, yours is a money grabbing self appreciating geordie that, by his own admission, sells the people of Newcastle utter #$%$, poor quality #$%$ to boot. Not even good #$%$ like you find pumped off the coast of Redcar.

      You seem to appreciate yourself and your witty banter as much as freddy shepperd does himself - so go along little sheep, bleating back to you stadium and sing your culturally valid songs with you loyal and oh so voiceifurous fans and your shepperd.

      At Boro well take what ever comes our way, we won't bleat about us being one of the big guns or about how we are too good to go down - we'll start the season optimistic about our chances of having a reasonable season. Every game in Europe will be a bonus for us not an expected right. If we go out we'll do it with some grace - not like a load of whining nobs. When we go out we'll take it on the chin and not try to deflect the #$%$ on to other team.

      In bred? Hmmmmm. Well it is true that my mother was married to my father - how sick is that. My parents were married to each other eeeeewwwwwwww. Got to be honest about the sheep too. Never ever saw one growing up in Redcar infact the first time I heard about sheep shagging was from a Geordie?!? So something else you may have in comon with the welsh, sheep and #$%$ accent.

      As for the City of Newcastle, not a lot to say on that one. Never been, never will go. I certainly won't suggest songs you might want to sing about it, never wanted to take the time or effort to find out what places might be worthy of a song.

      I'm sure you think electricity is something exclusive to THE BIG CITY AND ITS ENLIGHTEND FOLK, but no, we all get electricity. I do beleive in London, however, they still travel around by horse and carriage and eat jellied eel.

      Viduka. Played well for Leeds, been a bag of #$%$ for us so far, talk about stating the obvious!

      As for Sunderland. Who gives a f#ck what they do? Do you? I don't! I couldn't care less where you finish, you are not that important to me or the majority of Boro fans. Why do you think you are? Delusions of grandeur? The answer isn't necessarily black and white.

      Craig Bellamy is a Blackburn player, he used to play for Newcastle....oooppppssss, stating the bloody obvious again. Good player, bad attitude, you managed to hit that one right on the head. Ultimately Souness will do what he always does.....promise much, deliver little and spend lots.

      You really seem to be a rational man who can analyze a situation, state what he sees, the go completely to peices at the merest sight of black and white stripes. I once saw a geordie in Blackpool cheering a stick of black and white rock while his mate was clapping an inflatable Zebra for blowing aimlessly in the wind a bit like Ameobi.

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      • ha ha ha ha

        That was quite a speech, but you should really brush your teeth cause that stunk of sh*te! (winks)

        Trying to have correct punctuation and answer me back in a statement that isnt two sentences long does not mean anything to me, but I laughed at your reply, not because its witty or clever...just because its so heartless.

        We could go on arguing for weeks and I'd outwit you everytime, basically your argument against me is flawed, you slate me and Geordies but you've NEVER BEEN to Newcastle? want to go to Newcastle? sing songs about Newcastle? so exactly do you know then??? apart from a bit of hearsay?

        I know all about Teeside, I lived amoungst your sh*te for a while and I'll pass my judgement on experience especially from a small minded area of retarded people that hate Geordies! why? because of football?! how f*cking shallow............and jealousy aswell.

        Your lot wouldnt be treated like that in Newcastle because we're not as narrow minded and we're better cultured, we have some banter against the Mackams but we dont loathe them to a point where we'd attack them in public unless it was some pre-arranged football hooligism clash.

        ....I loved the welsh comparisons (the welsh are actually desended from the people of Northumberland who relocated when the Romans invaded so your nearly right), that you heard about sheep shagging from a Geordie, mentioning Fat Freddie Shep our t*sser chairman, assumptions about how humble your numb fans are, black & white remarks being 'over-used' and the Blackpool tale.......quite good 2/10 maybes 3 for being a bit more literate than your buddies.

        Sunderland were mentioned as our 'True Derby' Match and funnily enough alot of the Mackams feel the same way about the Teesiders as the Geordies do, that Middlesbrough should not really counted as the North East.

        Funnily enough I'd rather the Mackems stay up, Derby games are good for the proper North East, you just cant beat the atmosphere of a 'proper' Derby game!!! When Leeds are promoted or your relagated you'll experience them again.

        And of course I appreciate myself and my witty banter and so does a f*ck load of people I know, essentially I'm a fun loving guy and it looks like I've rubbed you up the wrong way.

        So there you go sonny, theres your dummy - put it back in your mouth before you spit it out again!!!


    • alreet!!

      typical??!?!? try getting your facts right SON!!! firstly im not 23, (check out the profile!) obviously they dont teach f@cking maths in newcastle schools anymore, secondly I'm an original geordie who moved to get out of the shithole that is newcastle. What has newcastle got exactly?? terraced houses, a nice bridge (if your into that type of thing!!), the metro?!? hmmm...original that...london or paris or new york have them,....but newcastle?? doesnt quite have the same ring to it does it?!?!, beggars on every corner asking for a bite of your burger??!?!.

      Guisbrough may be full of sheep shaggers and inbreds, but it has countryside, fresh air, ancient ruins and lots of pubs for entertainment.

      How was the first day of the season then?? boro played the european champions and drew, didnt you play the second best side in the league and get hammered 2-0? hmmm...funny that, you slag boro off but we are still above you in the league and still the top team in the north east, who can boast european cup football this season!!!

      hail hail hillbilly john, who saw the light and declared his undying hatred for the geordies,.......up the boro!!!!

      enjoy your relegation battle with sunderland.......howay the maccams!!!

      love ,hugs and lots of inbred feeling go out to you my friend......i pity you.

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      • ha ha ha ha Look!! Its pauls BUMCHUM!!!

        Your profile details state you are 23 years old SON, so you cant blame me for stating the wrong details when its your error that caused them.

        Perhaps if you were intelligent enough to update your profile and provide correct information it might help SON?

        (you like the 'SON' touch? made me laugh when you used it)

        A Geordie 'turncoat'- couldnt take City Life I take it?

        Enjoy your ancient ruins etc, the whole areas a ruin as far as I'm concerned.

        Was that all you could come up with for slagging Newcastle off? 'Terraced Houses, Bridges & the Metro?' Funnily enough I've never encountered a begger asking for a bite of my burger to this day - perhaps you look a soft touch and attract them?

        Possibly why you moved to Guisborough?

        Love the footy argument 'SON' First game of the season and your already prattling on about a relegation battle with Sunderland - pathetic.

        Newcastle fans want a bad start, we want Souness sacked ASAP!!!! I'm expecting the next 4 or 5 matches to be defeats!

        Arsenal deserved the 3 points or so the ref thought when he awarded a dodgy penalty, and the Toon always go to pieces in the last 10 minutes, so it was expected.

        Granted Boro ground out a point at home to Liverpool but had Gerrards finishing been a bit better you'd have lost 4 - 0 easily, perhaps more? Liverpool dominated the game which is terrible considering they were the 'away' team.

        The season is young and fresh and theres gonna be plenty of time to ridicule Boro later, wait and see! (winks)

    • listen you geordie half whit, All a geordie is is a confused and lost jock. So climb up your arse again and play with your children

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      • Geordies confused Jocks???? ha ha ha ha Silly C*nt!

        Do you know why a Geordie is called and is known as a Geordie bty601998?

        Its because we backed King George(England) and told Bonnie Prince Charlie (Scotland) to f*ck off many, many moons ago!!! so theres no confusion there, plus Scotlands nowhere near Newcastle, check out www.multimap.com and look, thats providing you can read a map though??!?!

        I cant climb up me own arse, can you like? You must be soooooooooooooo clever, I'm sooooooo jealous! (",)

        As for playing with children??? I gather your being crude there!

        Your getting confused with the Cleveland Child Abuse scandals fella, that was in TEESIDE where the BORO is.

        The place where girls of 13 have a couple of kids well before their time, because the grown men insist on poking them before they are legal, usually their Dads aswell.

        Then the rest of Teeside pays them a £1 to have a shot.

        ..........so is that it??? was that your best shot then bty601998? Do you wear fake branded clothes, have a £2 haircut and wear white socks then? - Like every inbred 'rat faced' skinny & scrawny Teeside tosspot?