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  • kht20 kht20 Feb 24, 2006 17:14 Flag

    Arrivadercci Roma???

    I thought I had better add in case Toon supporters especially smoggy_white_sock thought Arrivadercci was a bus company..... it is Italian for Goodbye.

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    • Dont you mean "Arrivederci?"

      Typical thick smoggy #$%$, thinks he knows Italian yet can get the spelling right twice in a row!

      Just for the record kht20, I lived in Turin for a few months back in the mid-90s, and I can probably speak more understandable italian, than you possibly can speak understandable english.


      I dont know that much about bus companys though, I didnt think you had buses on the road down in Boro? I thought its what you smackheads all lived in?

      A car park full of buses? thats Grangetown isnt it? or 'shanty' town or whatever you 'bag'eads' call the place?

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      • Hmmm...... hate filled bigotry.... trying so hard to sound worldly and intelligent...why I do believe that Mr Smoggy white socks could be our old friend and human afterbirth Geordie bloke... so glad you speak a bit of Italian. I also lived in Turin ……so now I can take the piss out of you in another language....

        Siete intelligenti con la vostra comprensione di base dell'italiano.
        Un'abilità sprecata per un pezzo ignara di merda come voi.
        Immagino che eravate buttato fuori dall'Italia per avere sesso con gli animali. Siete un clown omosessuale represso con tutto lo spirito di fascino ed intelligenza di macchia della merda del scimmia.

        which roughly tranlated means;

        You are so clever with your basic understanding of Italian.
        It is unfortunately a skill wasted on an ignorant piece of shit like you.
        I imagine that you were thrown out of Italy for having sex with animals. You are clearly a repressed homosexual clown with all the charm wit and intelligence of a monkeys skidmark