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  • in total agreement..another week would not have hurt.
    im not going to blame this for our very poor performance in the final but it certainly didn't help our cause knowing the manager was leaving after this game. still very proud of my club and the players for giving us a run to remember, not just boro supporters but all lovers of the beautiful game around the country should remember the glorious come backs at the riverside.

    p.s. good luck to the arsenal

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    • I totally agree, but whenever did the FA consider clubs. They were under intense media pressure to deliver a name and waiting another week was not an option for them, indeed it may have spawned more problems. But you are so right, I too am proud of my team and what they have achieved. There is nothing to be ashamed of in losing to a better team on the night although four goals was flattering. It was clear that not all individuals were firing on all cylinders, but hey, another milestone in Boro's history!