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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Jan 18, 2007 17:56 Flag

    1-5 . And Its all gone quiet over there

    Can you here the geordies sing?
    I cant here a fookin thing

    Well and truly "bent over" by a lower league side
    I am sure that’s dented their Tyne-side pride

    The way they played was just a farce
    They got it stuck right up their #$%$.
    Then again they are used to such
    However hard they try to be butch

    Never mind lads it’s only a game,
    Please don’t hang your heads in shame.
    Don’t blame Roeder and his staff,
    for giving the whole of Teesside a laugh.

    Just accept that you were beat by a mile, and that you made us smoggies smile.

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    • the green smog comes belching from old i c i
      the smoggies rejoice but its pie in the sky
      you can,t build a season on one flukey win
      as always your dreams will end in the bin
      don,t be downhearted don,t be distraught
      blame all the tossers old jug ears has bought

      it,s time for the truth,a reality check
      your team is pathetic,in fact it,s a wreck
      your midfield,s a joke i,ve seen more runs in paint
      your forwards are lazy,energetic they ain,t
      woodgate is diferent,he knows the crack
      when you lot go down can we please have him back?
      but its pie in the sky

    • geordies are even worse this year sunderland up newcastle down good result all round boro to get better next year good start good middle even better finish its time the country realised which team is top in the north east and put pressure on the media to put us where we belong come on boro

    • Quality!!!! They have all crawled into their pokey little holes for a while............

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      • Definately not! at least we accept defeat with grace & eat humble pie when our team gets slaughtered!

        Birmingham deserved the win totally, they dug in, showed great team spirit, played really well, dominated the game and totally hammered the Toon!

        Birmingham deserved the win without any doubts, and hopefully the shocking defending from NUFC that was on display at St James Park should promt some quality defensive signings.

        In saying all that though, it could have been worse, it could have been Notts County booting us out of the Cup! I wonder who that could have happened too now? (even if it was the Carling Cup)

        You never know, Boro might get Birmingham and get wellied too! It would be nice. ;o)

    • Nice one ! Funny poem : )