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  • viwer viwer Mar 1, 2007 22:17 Flag

    WHO units mobilised for Newcatsle -M'Boro game

    DID you hear about when the lads mother took him to the doctor?

    The doctor said "What you feeding him?"
    His mother said"
    "Well when e gets up he eats the left-overs from me carry out from the night before - then he goes to the shops and when he gets back aah give im a loaf o bread and 2 tins of beans and the mars bars ees swiped from the newsagents

    " at 10 o clock me friend comes back from shoplifting at Netto on Shields Road and gives him a couple of pies nad some sweets and crisps and a couple of bottles of Red Bull'

    "at 12 oclock aah get im some gravy and chips and and 2 cans Coke (Diet Coke because the real stuff is fattening)

    "2 O clock aah tek im past Greggs and we scounge a couple of Stottie cakes"

    " at 4 clock aah give him a snack what me sister givs iz from leftovers of er dinner"

    "Half past 5 he has 2 bottle o Sprite. double cheesburgers and half a pound of icecream"'

    "At 6 ocl....""

    THE DOCTOR SAID" Hang on a minute! - take he trousers and underpants down"
    His mother done it -

    THE DOCTOR turned the kid around and pointed at his bum and said
    "There's his trouble! He only got 1 F*******g Arse!"