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  • Je ne gloatez pas mon ami, probably coz we`re too busy bailing out the lifeboats. It brings to mind a line from an old song C.J. . I`ll get over this of course I will
    I`ll pretend my ship ain`t sinking
    I`ll get over this of course I will
    I`m the king of wishfull thinking !
    I can`t believe how thick "Mike the fan" has proven himself to be.All he had to do was look at the way that other successfull clubs are run and copy that ( O.K. exclude Chelski from that )Everywhere else the man whose head is on the block gets to sign the players of HIS choice instead of having players thrust upon him by a nasty, vertically challenged, cockney barrow boy..................How the F**K was that ever ganna work ?