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    Taxi for Robbo

    by Sweezely Sweezely Sep 18, 2006 19:25
    A Yahoo! User Sep 19, 2006 06:46 Flag

    I was sitting on the fence with the whole Robbo issue, mainly cos i can't see who we'll get instead !! Curbs would be great but is he gonna come out of retirement for us ???
    As with last season the players have to take their part of the blame for letting us all (including Robson) down. They are so inconsistent ! Silly school boy errors all over the place, and thats even our 'best 11' ! Lets hope who ever gets it (my CV is in the post) can stop these stupid mistakes and continue to build the team into a mighty one.

  • Just got in from todays game...first half was worse than awful, second was better. Not sure what Robbo said to Carter at half time but it worked ! I mae this point last season and i'll probably make it again...STOP WITH THE BOOING !!! I don't agree with the way Koumas conducted himself but he is a WBA player now so get behind him and see if he can repay us for all we have done for him ! A muppet who sits in front of me said, 'he don't want to play for us', well Gera and Ellington both wanted to leave, but they get supported by the fans ???!! These dim wits need to stay at home cos they are driving me more insane than watching the baggies !!

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    Come on you baggies !!

    by A Yahoo! User Aug 4, 2006 18:49
    A Yahoo! User Aug 5, 2006 10:11 Flag

    Well my little blue nose friend, maybe we won't be but neither will you !

  • Only one more get up till the season starts !!! Lets get behind our boys and start this campaign off with the best support in the league ! True, we could do with another striker, but lets support the ones we have ! I went up against Real Sociedad and we played some good stuff, but the muppet fans were still having a go at Ellington. For gods sake, he plays for us !!! Lets try to give him some confidence, all he needs is a goal or two and he'll be off !

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    It's just like being in church !

    by A Yahoo! User May 8, 2006 03:11
    A Yahoo! User May 11, 2006 00:11 Flag

    Erm...proving my point, it's boing boing not bong bong !

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    Where have all the good people gone !!

    by A Yahoo! User Apr 27, 2006 19:13
    A Yahoo! User May 9, 2006 01:22 Flag

    Unlike quite a few baggies 'fans' i would still be there if we were in the conference ! Although on a day like today (its been raining since 6am ! Grey and dull !) think i would quite like to swap with you, could do with some sun !
    I am sure i will see success chelsea style for the baggies in my life time ! Hopefully anyway !
    Thanks for your comments, it makes a change to get some support from big club fans !

  • I have just returned from our final game at your shed of a ground. I ahve to say although we are already relegated, our fans put yours to shame today. Firstly you cocked up the tribute to one of your all time greats, then apart from one tiny corner of the ground your fans didn't seem to turn up till the 85th minute !! I understand it must've been tough to be losing to us, but even at 0-0 there was no support ! Fair play for nicking the point, it sums our season up. However on last point when we sing 'everton start the wave', we mean a MEXICAN wave, not for you to wave at us, i'm sure you were just being ironic or do all the clever people in Mersyside support your red rivals ????

  • Just got back from the game...more of the same, created chances, played okay,couldn't get the ball in the flaming net ! So the protests were by a minority of #$%$, i think the blame for this season should be shared - 50% players, 20% robson, 20% Peace, 10% fans (not all of us !!) In the second half the crowd livened up, surprise so did the players, we lifted them ! The idiots who shouted Earnie should be ashamed to wear their shirts, how many times HE DID NOT WANT TO PLAY FOR THIS CLUB, NEITHER DID KOUMAS !! Fans can't keep going on about it forever cos to be quiet honest they are boring genuine fans already. Boing Boing bring on next season !

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    cheer the lads on

    by A Yahoo! User Apr 30, 2006 16:56
    A Yahoo! User May 1, 2006 07:04 Flag

    Couldn't have put it better myself ! It hasn't been the best season fair enough but do people forget how far we've come ?? Boing boing and heres to a great next season ! Objectives: 1. Get promoted ??!! 2. 6 points from the wolves, have to admit it'll be god to have a blood and guts local darby !

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    Robson Out?

    by Will Apr 12, 2006 22:54
    A Yahoo! User Apr 28, 2006 19:39 Flag

    I was beginning to think there were few sensible baggies fans left ! You have restored my faith ! We can't just blame Robson for this season, the players have to take a huge amount of responsibility too for there inconsistency and sometimes lack of fight and passion ! I totally agree with you, give him 6 months then get rid if needs be.

  • I have been reading another site called team talk, i much prefer the fans on this one ! They are all calling for protests on Monday at the game, white flag waving, turning our backs when the players run out ! I had to turn off the WM phone in last week as i nearly crashed shouting at the radio, 'i've ben a seaon ticket holder since i was 6, i'm not getting one if Robson is still manager next season !'. All i have to say to these boo boys is #$%$ off and watch another team then ! I am as gutted about this season as the next fan, but lets get it into perspective, no one has died, there's always next season and what about the players getting some blame too...it's them that actually under performed on the pitch !

  • A Yahoo! User Apr 26, 2006 22:51 Flag

    That is true ..if there wasn't suh a stupid amount of cash flying round the football world then maybe players would pla for clubs they gave a #$%$ about as opposed to wh culd pay them the most money ! Paul Robinson has apologised to the fans for the Newcastle game, well maybe the players should put ther hands in their pockets and give the ticket money back to the fans who travelled there !

  • A Yahoo! User Apr 25, 2006 22:49 Flag

    Thanks for your comments, it's nice to know we'll be missed in the prem ! Hopefully we will boing back but it is quite hard to feel optimistic at the mo ! The close season will cheer me up i'm sure especially if we win the wortld cup ! Bring on the championship ! Keep the faith !

  • A Yahoo! User Apr 25, 2006 19:02 Flag

    True, true...would be even better if next season you lovely souls joined us then we would have 3 proper derbys !
    Seriously though..there isn't really a bright side to this season !!

  • A Yahoo! User Apr 21, 2006 07:16 Flag

    I agree we should've spent more or spent more wisely but at least we aren't in the same boat as our dingle friends ! They will probably have to sell most of their first team to balance the books after failing to get promotion, again ! Do you think we will hang on to our best players if we go down ??

  • A Yahoo! User Apr 21, 2006 07:14 Flag

    It would be a triumphiant day to see blue and villa go down i do agree with you, but i really can't see it unfortunately ! How on earth can blus manage 3 points from blackburn ! Don't worry i will be there cheering our baggies boys on as usual on Saturday ! It's a funny old game anything could happen ! BOING BOING !!

  • A Yahoo! User Apr 21, 2006 07:11 Flag

    Don't waste all your tears on us chuck cos most people with a brain think you will be joining us in the championship soon....save your blubbing for your own team ! We will boing back !!

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    News Flash, POMMEY STAY UP.

    by A Yahoo! User Apr 15, 2006 23:59
    A Yahoo! User Apr 18, 2006 06:07 Flag

    Erm... thinks it's POMPEY not POMMEY !! Although i am a baggies fan and it'll probably be us and Blues that go down, if you're gonna try to be funny at least spell it right !

  • I have just returned from our 'must win' home game against Bolton, i generally keep the faith and try to stay positive. However after that game i do believe we are down, much as it pains me to say it ! We are not good enough for the prem, worse still i think some of the players have realised this too. Whether Robson is totally to blame i'm not sure, he picked the right team tonight but then didn't play them the right way and changed it too late ! My biggest wish was that they could've (by some miracle) scored the winner in the last few minutes when half the 'supporters' had gone. Three good things about the championship: 1, easier to get tickets cos all part time fans will stay away 2, more goals hopefuly 3, 6 points off the wolves !!

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    Robson Out?

    by Will Apr 12, 2006 22:54
    A Yahoo! User Apr 14, 2006 02:15 Flag

    By best striker i assume you mean Mr Earnshaw ? He was possibly one of the laziest players we have had in recent years and obviously didn't want to play for the club ! Robson has to have some of the blame for this season i agree with you on that but it must be difficult when he has a team that are so bloody inconsistent ! His best 11 one week turn out to be a nightmare the next ! Bring back Gary Megson my #$%$ !!