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  • i can't remember a team that won the title in previous season and immediately written off as no-hopers in premier league history. i'd have them as 4th at best based on what i saw against championship fodder wigan athletic

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    Posted by Govinda • Aug 1, 2013 15:14
    Re: Frustration

    "And the team beaten by Blackburn and Bradford before squeaking into the Champions League has stood still."

    TWO days later, Govinda's back to spam the board but under a different guise - Gunner.

    Posted by Gunner • Aug 3, 2013 11:53
    Re: Arsenals Embarassing Summer

    "And the team beaten by Blackburn and Bradford before squeaking into the Champions League has stood still."

    You got to laugh at amateurish serial ID faker Govinda for mistakenly outted himself.


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    Be careful what you wish for

    by A Yahoo! User Jul 20, 2013 13:12

    What's most troubling is Neville looked at his notepad with a baffled look on his face, as if they’re instructions for a self-assembly chest of drawers. lol. surely that cutting edge experience could be crucial for a team that will have to adjust to Fergies departure from the scene.

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    by A Yahoo! User Jul 14, 2013 21:05

    Im not suprised Thiago picks Bayern over United as most players would do the same. Besides who wants to play with our craps, aka Welbeck, Cleverly et al. Rooney questioned Uniteds inability to attract top players a few seasons ago, he may be wrong to have said that publicly, but I think there’s some truth to what he said.

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    Rooney not for sale?

    by A Yahoo! User Jul 5, 2013 17:44

    Moyes said Rooney wouldn't be sold in 2004. Result: sold. What changes here? Your perspective could well be true. However, I just feel it hinges on how much Wayne wants to stay to be honest. We shall see though. For now, I'm not convinced until Wayne says something himself.

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    Rooney not for sale?

    by A Yahoo! User Jul 5, 2013 17:44

    Personally I wouldn't care if Rooney stayed or left tbh.
    The club should always come first. However, is keeping a player that doesn't want to be there really what's best for the club? I think not.

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    Rooney not for sale?

    by A Yahoo! User Jul 5, 2013 17:44

    Eric, Sir Alex Ferguson revealed that Rooney made his second transfer request in three years near the end of last season. That would suggest that the boy clearly has tired of United in my view.

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    Rooney to choose between Chelsea and Arsenal

    by Dan Jun 11, 2013 12:34

    Rooney to choose between Chelsea and Arsenal
    Posted on June 11, 2013 by Farjad Iftekhar

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  • Speculations over the future of Wayne Rooney continues and it looks more likely that the England international will leave Manchester United this summer for a new challenge. As far as things are going on now, Rooney has to choose between Chelsea and Arsenal.

    The tensions between David Moyes and Rooney are inevitable and for now there seems no solution but departure of former Everton star. Both London clubs are looking to sign Wayne who is one of United’s most important players.

    Arsene Wenger will have funds to play with this time around and knows that Arsenal badly missed a top quality striker last season. Rooney scored 12 goals and provided 10 assists in the league last season and his flexibility is one aspect that any team will benefit from.

    Gazidis recently claimed that Arsenal are financially very strong and are capable of signing big names this summer.

    It is understandable that Arsenal can pay the asking price for Rooney, but the main obstacle in this scenario will be his 250k a week salary. The pay structure of gunners does not really support that high a sum and that can possibly create a divide between the squad.

    On the other hand, Chelsea can afford to pay these wages. Mourinho has been a long term admirer of Wayne Rooney and once again the Portuguese praised the England international without giving any clear indication of moving for the player.

    The Blues are also searching for a worldclass forward. The last time a striker scored 20 league goals for them was way back in 2010, Didier Drogba scored 29 in that title winning campaign for Chelsea.

    French giants, PSG have also shown keen interest in hiring the services of Rooney but the player may as well want to stay in his homeland. Chelsea for now are reportedly after Napoli’s top scorer Edinson Cavani as well but are surely monitoring Rooney’s situation.

    For now, Chelsea seem a better option for Rooney as they have a better squad as compared to Arsenal and the arrival of Jose Mourinho has amplified the

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    Townsend....betting charge?

    by Jlock May 24, 2013 15:43

    100k bet placed on spurs not qualifying for CL (allegedly)?

  • Ronaldo, Wilshere, Fabregas and now Bale to United.
    Can things get any more ridiculous?

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    Moyes' record against Mancini

    by A Yahoo! User May 10, 2013 01:19

    Added to his poor record at Anfield, Moyes has never won a game at Arsenal either. His team choked under pressure at relegation strugglers Sunderland recently in the race for CL qualifications. I think we should have gone for someone with more experience at the top level.

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    It's Moyes

    by Eric Cantona May 9, 2013 16:28

    I'm sorry to say but Moyes is average; United needs someone with strong European experience and with charisma; Moyes has neither. He served a long apprenticeship at a mediocre club, is that the sort of criteria required to become the manager of the greatest club in the world now?

  • When the fixtures were released today’s game was considered to be a potential title decider and few amongst fans of either team would have expected Chelsea to travel to Old Trafford with United already crowned champions. Good job United didn’t indeed need a result for their performance was as abysmal as they have produced throughout this campaign.

    This season’s fifth contest between the two sides was as dire and depressing to watch as their last meeting. The first three fixtures between United and Chelsea this season had produced 18 goals and chances aplenty, Easter Monday’s FA Cup replay and today’s match registered a grand total of two goals combined.

    The draw at Arsenal last week derailed United’s chances to better Chelsea’s record of 95 points in the Premier League and Fergie, who clearly hasn’t forgiven Spurs for beating us earlier in the season, decided to hand Tottenham a lesson by putting Chelsea in the box seat in the race for the Champions League.

    That is the only plausible reason behind the decision to field a midfield including Jones, Cleverley and Anderson, with Valencia and Giggs tasked with supporting RVP, while Lindeegard replaced De Gea in goal and Vidic returned to partner Jonny Evans in the back four.

    United’s midfield was Andersoned from the start as the Brazilian did his best to make sure Michael Carrick’s absence was felt by everybody at Old Trafford by misplacing virtually every second pass and providing the usual dynamism akin to the one showed by an abandoned washing machine that we have become accustomed to associate with him.

    In fairness, Anderson’s job was made a lot easier by Cleverley who seems to be regressing into his shell after a positive campaign, something that United should ponder by the time the transfer window opens. It was to little surprise that, with 13 minutes gone, Oscar was allowed to run 30-40 yards unchallenged before unleashing a swerving shot that Lindegaard deflected onto the post before collecting the rebound.

    United’s first sign of life came towards the end of the first half as Ryan Giggs produced a sumptuous ball for Robin Van Persie but the Dutchman, having found space behind Ivanovic, could only steer the ball wide of the post. RVP was at the centre of attention shortly after as he headed Nemanja Vidic’s cross into Petr Cech’s arms.

    The second half offered pretty much the same dull menu, with Chelsea looking slightly more threatening as they sought to keep alive their Champions League quest, despite Rafa’s decision to place all his eggs in an Europa League-shaped basket.

    The Europa League is at the moment cause of serious indignation in South West London giving the shocking prices that UEFA have slapped on the tickets for the final but, considering the turnout in the away end today, Chelsea fans seem more than comfortable to watch football in a pub or at home – places where some of the current match-goers that currently infest Old Trafford should return to as quickly as possible.

    Rooney and Buttner replaced Anderson and Cleverley in a late, half-hearted, attempt to muster something that could at least vaguely resemble a chance – United failed to score at Old Trafford first time after finding the net in 66 Premier League games – but it was the visitors who struck when Mata curled his effort past Lindegaard and into the back of the net.

    United, though, were not quite finished and, after being shouldered and elbowed by David Luiz – who had just escaped with a yellow after conducting a personal crusade against Howard Webb – Rafael treated his country-men to a robust and wonderfully delivered kick to the shin, earning himself a red card in the process.

    It was the only time the champions had looked alive in 90 minutes.

    Dan (@MUFC_dan87)


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    Paolo Di Canio

    by John Apr 2, 2013 19:40

    he has played in this country for years, caused controversy with his mad antics, managed at swindon for a period and only now do the press decide to whip up a storm about a minor comment which was heavily distorted by more press and jumped on by a cowardly MP more concerned with his own selfish image than the club. British Press doing what they do best...spouting garbage

  • Fergie picked a team to smother not create and was punished for it. Cech's save aside, Chelsea were well worth the win.

    Not quite worked out how Tom Cleverley gets in the Utd team let alone the England team. He doesn't appear to offer anything.

    Nani was shocking again. Time to get rid....

    Almost sad to see Utd's season go out with a whimper rather than with a bang....

  • "It is understood that the Gunners had agreed to hand over a £2 million loan fee, plus pay most of Sahin's wages, only for Liverpool to trump that by promising a £5 million fee and to cover all salary and relocation costs."

    "Liverpool have also promised Sahin regular playing time, which Arsenal refused to match."

    does this latest deal remind people the way dalgish wasted the club's money on average signings;henderson, carroll and charlie adams?