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    Liverpool Will Most Likely Asquiesce..

    by Jason Jun 12, 2013 19:37
    mel n mel n Jun 13, 2013 00:08 Flag

    There is no doubt that Suarez is a great talented. He is arguably one of the most talented footballer we have had over the last 20 or so years but talented he might be, the guy is also a nut case. There is definitely something wrong with the guy upstairs, what player in his right mind bites other players (not once but twice and I am positive it will happen again). And then after Liverpool have bended over backwards to defend his indefensible actions he then turns around and issues a get me plea to a team that have not even officially said they want him. Real would be stupid to spend 40 million on a guy so volatile and so unpredictable, they already have a prima donna in Ronaldo, can they afford a nut case as well. It is obvious they are smitten with Bale and I doubt they will look to sign both. Suarez has just burnt his bridges with most LFC fans and I for one will be happy to see the back of him. Sell him I say, no player is worth this much aggravation.

    Guy also needs psychological help.

  • For calling it a day and for approving David Moyes as your heir.

    The Moyes decision I view it as a win win for Liverpool football club, first of all this ensures that the Turds will not win another title for the foreseeable future and also increases the possibilities of the Blue noses being relegated in the next year or two, especially if they go with Martinez, a guy who is about to get Wigan relegated and who thinks he is the Albert Einstein of football.

    Personally I feel that despite being a good coach, Moyes lacks that IT factor that would make him a great coach and SAF's shoes will be even harder to fill. I can not foresee him going toe to toe with the likes of Jose, Pep, Rafa and co and coming out the victor. 11 years with the Toffees and not a single trophy does not really mark him as a world beater, does it? Even Alex Mcleish has won a trophy! Mind you there will be no more Fergie time, a factor that has significantly contributed substantially to the Uniturd's titles over the years. I am also reliably informed that Howard Webb has put in a transfer request and word is that he has sent a "come and get me plea" to Mancini attaching highlights of his contribution to Uniturd's losing performance to Chelsea last week.

  • Luis must have been the most disappointed of everyone with the Zenit result and I understand why everyone is concerned that he might get itchy feet next season.

    Those were two brilliantly taken free kicks but I gotta say that for me, the second one was one of the most brilliantly executed free kicks that I have ever seen. The way it swerved, turned and trajected was just unbelievable.

    Unforunately it came back to our inability to score in the final minutes of the game. To need only one goal and have the last 30 minutes to get it having already scored 3 is too good a chance to waste. Great Liverpool teams of the past would have accomplished the task blindfolded. Unless Brendan instils a 90-plus minutes fighting spirit in the team, then this heartbreak will continue to happen. All in all I am really proud of the lads and guttered for Jamie, being the fighter that he is, I am sure he is still blaming himself for our exit.

    Well done lads!

  • I cant say that the WBA result really surprised me, just like I am sure that it did not surprise a sizable number of other fans as well. I cant even say that I was angry at the outcome, just a tad disappointed. Two years ago, having West Brom do the double on us would have been enough to get all fans riled up and demanding answers as to how such an abomination occurred, now we just meekly shrug our shoulders and accept it. That is an indication as to how low our expectations have sunk and how we have come to accept second best as part of our current DNA, which in iself is sad. In another post a fellow fan accused the Anfield crowd of having somehow failed the team versus West Brom by being passive and subdued. The cause of that is simple, they had a premonition of what was going to happen, having witnessed it a few times before. Rather than condemnation, they deserve praise for not turning against a team that shows about as much fight as QPR at times.

    This post is not about whether Brendan Rodgers should stay or go. It is about pointing out what by now should be glaringly obvious, that our manager is no genius. There is no doubt that he is a decent manager, a manager who has a plan and an idea as to how he would like his teams to play, but apart from that he is no tactical guru. There is no doubt that he is a fan of beautiful football and I am sure he spends a majority of his time making sure that every team he manages plays exactly how he wants them to play. Right now we are a team that plays very attractive football but has no substance, character or fighting spirit, we are like a very pretty but dumb girl, very impressive at first sight but soon turns out that beyond the good looks lurks a very shallow human being. Behind our pretty play there is really not much fight or character, once we have been figured out then, it is game over.

    The fact is Brendan always has a game plan but unfortunately beyond that game plan he has nothing else, no plan B at all. Stats dont lie and stats point out that if things dont go our way from the outset, they in most cases go against us. To give examples, of the 44 goals we have scored in the Premier League, only 2 were in the last 10 minutes of the game, although we have conceded a sizable number in the last 10 minutes. We have only come from behind twice so far, drawing once and winning the other, but we have lost and drawn quite a number of games in which we have led, even a 2 goal cushion has not been enough at times. Of the games that we have gone into half time all square, we have only won ONE, drawn three and lost SEVEN. All this points to one thing, the lads are not getting any inspiration whatsoever from the gaffer when things are not going well. Compare that with how Uniturd, Reading and to a lesser extent Everton have reacted to being a goal or two behind and there is no comparison.

    Fact is, Brendan is a decent manager but that is as far as he will ever be, he is good enough not to get us relegated but I doubt that he is good enough to make us a top 4 team as his team lack the vital ingredient for success, CONSISTENCY. The fact that we have not beaten any top 10 team in 14 attempts is no coincidence either, that is the reason we are 9th, too good for the bottom teams but not good enough to better the teams in the top half. I am sure that we will beat a top half team eventually but that is just going to be the exception rather than the norm.

    Sad but true.

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    Start complaining about next week..

    by Jason Jan 19, 2013 16:32
    mel n mel n Jan 20, 2013 03:48 Flag

    Come on Jason, no need to be bitter and sarcastic, 5-0 was an outstanding result and the football was scintillating.

    We are proving to be very good at thrashing the small teams, about time we did it to the so called big teams as well ... starting with the Gunners next week.

    Well done Reds.

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    Laughable ............. FSG out!!!

    by mel n Jan 18, 2013 00:46
    mel n mel n Jan 19, 2013 03:10 Flag

    Jason, I will agree with you about Ayre, he is not the sharpest or the brightest but as stupid as he might be, the new policy he was talking about, of basic wages and perfomance related bonuses is not something that he would come up with all on his own. Maybe he used the wrong forum or said it at the wrong time, but if that is what the club is considering then as fans we should stop our fantasies of EVER winning something let alone the Premier League or being in the top four.

    I will boldly come out and call Dave a Liar for saying that Agger, Skrtel and Sterling signed their new contracts under the new terms proposed by Ayre. Basic wages means exactly that, BASIC, I know for a fact that Sterling improved his contract nearly twenty-fold (not as impressive as it sounds, seeing he was on 2K per week prior to that) and there is no way that Agger and Skrtel signed for lower (basic) wages than they were already on. The least they would have agreed to would be what they were already on with better incentives. It is easier to sell the incentives idea to a player who is already contracted to you than someone you are looking to sign. Most footballers have mercenary minded agents and there is no way you can sign a half decent player on the promises of a basic wage and good perfomance related incentives. Not with some other teams waving decent (or even crazy) money at that same player. The only players that you can get to agree to a basic wage plus incentives are the likes of Owen, Hargreaves, Saha, Ben Haim, Kieron Dyer etc. i.e desperate players who are grateful for any opportunity but hardly people who will guarantee you success.

    I hope for our sake that Ayre was talking thru his rear end and that this is not something the club intends to do. But if it is, then ............ "FSG OUT".

  • .Now managing director Ian Ayre says the club will offer lower basic wages and instead reward players with performance-related deals.

    "The attitude I’m trying to put forward when we’re negotiating with agents is that we want to do a contract which is fair for both sides," he told the Liverpool Echo.

    If anyone had any doubts as to where the current owners are taking us then the above quote should erase them. I can just imagine Cavani and co being told "listen son, we will pay you 1000 pounds per week but if we win the Premier League we will give you a bonus of 10 million pounds". What player in their right minds would refuse such a sweet offer, who cares about basic pay anyway, its all about perfomance bonuses, right?

    Just in case anyone missed my headline, I repeat...." FSG OUT !!! ". I would have said " Yanks Out" but Jason is a good guy, we don't wanna lose him.

  • mel n mel n Jan 17, 2013 23:14 Flag

    You are One hundred percent right Dave, the owners out to make money out of the club are not that bad at all, Hicks and Gillett being the best examples. Two of the finest owners that we have ever had .........

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    Suarez (#173)

    by Robert M Jan 17, 2013 16:04
    mel n mel n Jan 17, 2013 19:56 Flag

    Some truths are better left unadmitted.

    For example whilst it is common knowledge that just about everyone does it, you cant go around holding interviews extolling the virtues of playing with oneself.

    Really Suarez should have known better.

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    Gazumped by Southampton again.

    by mel n Jan 16, 2013 07:26
    mel n mel n Jan 16, 2013 19:52 Flag

    You completely miss my point Dave, as I said I have no idea who Forren is and for all I know he might be a donkey wearing football boots, my point is that we are now being outbid by the likes of Southampton, a team that was in the third tier of English football 2 years ago and are not owned by an Arab sheik or Russian billionaire gangster.

    I am not debating on the merits of the players we missed out on as Hobsey has decided to focus on but the manner that we were beaten to those signings. It seems now that we can not compete with anyone over players no matter how small the difference in what the other team is offering. Our powers that be seem to think that a player will forego everyone just to come to us, those days are now fast dwindling away, our being mid table is making sure of that. We can not expect to always buy players that we are the only ones interested in as the most likely scenario is that the particular player is not that good anyway if nobody else is interested in him. As for Hobsey's assessment of the targets we missed out on, Robert's take on it is spot on, it does sound like sour grapes.

  • First it was Gaston Ramirez and now its Vegard Forren. If the news that Southampton are about to sign Liverpool target Forren is true, then we should be worried, very worried indeed.

    I have no idea who Forren is but if its true that we are interested in him and he ends up at St Marys instead, then we should stop deluding ourselves that we are a top club and accept what we have now become, mid table at best. It pains me when we lose out to the likes of Man U, Man C, Chelsea and Arsenal, or even to Spurs and I can live with that, but the Saints, really? First Sylfi, then Dempsey and now Forren, I would not be surprised if we lose out on Ince as well, a player that we even have a discount option on. I can understand and grudgingly accept financial prudency but we now have gone past that stage, Liverpool have officially become penny pinchers who will only settle for bargains to try and take them to the top. It appears that the capture of Assaidi for 2.4 million is now going to be the norm rather than the exception and that the only reason we got Sturridge was because nobody else wanted him. I would not be surprised if Joe Allen is the last player valued at 15 million or more that we will see in a long time. In the mean time it is the bargain sales for us in the hope of unearthing another Michu.

    Maybe Armchair is right, what we need is a sheik or Russian billionaire gangster to buy us in order to become relevant again.

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    benitez at it again! nothing new.

    by Layla Jan 2, 2013 21:39

    If you cant rest a player against bottom place QPR (with only one win to their name) at home then you will NEVER rest him.

    Chelsea have Marin, Oscar, Moses, Hazard and Torres as replacements and fail to win and the person to blame is Rafa, really? I guess he is the first manager to rest a player. Sir Alex rested Van Persie against West Brom the other day (with Wayne Rooney absent), I guess he was cuckoo too.

    I can understand if we dont rest Suarez, its because we dont have good enough players to ensure us a victory and also for the simple reason that Luis would sulk the whole time anyway.

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    Why Rodgers needs to be sacked now..

    by Jason Dec 27, 2012 19:22
    mel n mel n Dec 28, 2012 05:25 Flag

    We may play the prettiest brand of football the world has ever seen but the bottom line is that if we dont put the ball in the back of the net then it has all been in vain. We are all in agreement that Stoke are a hard team to beat, that they play the worst possible football that one would ever hope their team to play, however they are not losing. Our team plays beautifully most of the time but compared to Stoke we are easy beats. I agree with Enrique when he says the team needs a fighting spirit and that can only come from the manager (i.e Brendan), it is his job to instil a fighting mentality within the team. Right now when we go a goal down there is hardly any fighting spirit displayed by the players and when we take the lead we display a vulnerability that suggests we can concede at any time. We had to hang on to 1-0 victories at home against Reading and Southampton with a few nervous moments towards the end of those games. As I said earlier we are never sure which Liverpool team will turn up for any given game. Liverpool is well known for displaying a never say die attitude (Instanbul and Cardiff being prime examples), this current team does not have the fight of the Liverpool that we are used to. Yes they play pretty but they are as fragile as china glass, a 1-0 or even 2-0 lead is not enough to guarantee us a victory whilst a 1-0 deficit always seems like a mountain to climb.

    I am not saying Brendan needs to be sacked, I am just saying the buck should stop with him. We have the same number of points now from the same number of games as when Roy got fired but because Brendan has us playing pretty, people ignore that fact. I for one dont see any progress, just a change in the style of play.

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    Why Rodgers needs to be sacked now..

    by Jason Dec 27, 2012 19:22
    mel n mel n Dec 27, 2012 20:49 Flag

    I hate to be a wet blanket Jason but the Stoke defeat is not an isolated incident. Two weeks ago we lost 3-1 at home to Aston Villa who since then have lost by an aggregate score of 12-0 to Chelsea and Spurs.

    I admire the football that Brendan is trying to implement but the fact remains, his record is the same as when Roy got fired 2 years ago. This team has no character or identity, you never know which Liverpool is going to show up, is it the one that walloped Fulham 4-0 or the dismal one against Stoke. We hardly ever come from behind to win, unless you count the West Ham game where we actually led then let that lead slip. We have been 2-0 up versus City and Everton but still failed to win those games, we could not hold on to that lead at Stoke for more than THREE minutes, we led against M U and still lost, just to quote a few examples. When we go a goal behind the players just seem to wither and hide, there is no confidence that they will come back and even when we are leading, we are always on tenterhooks not sure if we are going to maintain our lead.

    Unless this team assumes an identity, then they will continue to be this Jekyll and Hide team and I doubt if we will progress much.

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    Downing as a defender!!!

    by LFC_Armchair_Supporter Dec 15, 2012 15:54
    mel n mel n Dec 16, 2012 20:21 Flag

    I knew the game was up when with us 2-0 down, Joe Cole came on to salvage something for us. Joe Cole really Brendan?

    Anyway to cut the long story short, Joe did not disappoint as he promptly gifted the ball to Villa for Benteke to make it 3-1.

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    Raise Your Hands..

    by Jason Dec 9, 2012 18:16

    I love the way we bullying these "small teams" even away from home. Possession against the Hammers was 69 - 31 in our favour, quite impressive, now if we can find a lethal finisher in January to turn this dominance into goals!

    Not wanting to pre-empt or jinx anything, but I am looking forward to our next 5 games with optimism. Fourth place is there for the taking if we want it.

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    Daniel Sturridge - done deal?

    by Hobitez Dec 6, 2012 10:42

    I would take Sturridge over Fabio Borini every day of the week.

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    Raheem Sterling vs Brendan Rodgers.

    by mel n Dec 1, 2012 00:58

    What does being worth 50k really mean? Is Joe Cole worth 90K per week, is Samuel Eto'o really worth 350K per week? Definitely not, but that has not stopped us and Anzhi from paying those ridiculous amounts. Is Ronaldo worth 80 million pounds? Who decides who is worth what except the market of supply and demand. We may all feel that Sterling is worth only 20K but if just one other team feel he is worth more then what we think and feel is irrelevant, that other team will get him.

    Yes he may turn out to be a flop (he will not be the first) or he may become.the best thing since Ryan Giggs, that however does not change the fact that he is currently on 2000K and his manager has shown tremendous faith in him by playing him each and every week and the England manager thinks he has the potential to be one of the best even though he is 17. Not to mention the fact that there are vultures circling and probably stoking the fires and encouraging his agent not to sign for anything lower. It is not about his attitude and how he played on Saturday but on his talent and at the moment he and his agent hold all the aces.

    As I mentioned in my earlier post this is something that could have been avoided with the aid of a little thing called common sense.

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    Raheem Sterling vs Brendan Rodgers.

    by mel n Dec 1, 2012 00:58

    Agree with you Colin, I would not be surprised if he ended up with City or Spurs. Spurs especially are very good at seducing youngsters to come play for them.

    What I cant fathom is how you can show the whole world how good your player on 2000k is. Surely has nobody ever heard of patent law within Liverpool FC. Now the lad's agent has clubs whispering in his ear how much they are willing to pay Sterling and I guarantee you it is much more than we can afford. Having to bid for your own player is just plain stupid. Worst thing is that we cant even cash up on him and sell him for say 10-15 million pounds which is just about what he is worth at this moment.

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    Suarez Banned..

    by Jason Dec 1, 2012 16:49

    Well said Anthony, Sterling and Shelvey can easily replace Suarez alright, seeing like they have been banging in the goals like crazy this season. Between the two of them I might be wrong but I think they have a massive total of 1 or 2 goals! Now that is what I call prolific, the FA can ban Suarez for another 8 games and we would not mind or care.