Andy Murray v Stan Wawrinka LIVE: French Open first round latest scores and updates


Andy Murray‘s potentially final French Open campaign gets underway this evening with a rematch against Stan Wawrinka.

The Scot, who has hinted that he may retire in the summer, is back at Roland Garros for the first time since 2020 and looks to say farewell to a tournament where he was a defeated finalist in 2015.

He faces bad memories in facing Wawrinka who defeated him in the opening round here four years ago while also inflicting painful defeats on Murray in the semi-finals of the 2016 and 2017 editions.

Murray says it will be a “pleasure” to face Wawrinka, a 39-year-old former French Open champion and three-time grand slam winner.

He said: “It’s incredible that he’s still competing at the highest level at 39 years old and it’s great we get the opportunity to play each other again. It’s a good match for both of us. A pleasure to get to play against him in another slam.”

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Andy Murray vs Stan Wawrinka LIVE

  • Andy Murray beaten in straight sets by Stan Wawrinka in first round of French Open

  • Wawrinka claims straight set victory 6-4 6-4 6-2

  • Murray was beaten by Wawrinka in his last outing at Roland Garros back in 2020

  • This could be Murray’s final French Open campaign with the Scot expected to retire this summer

Andy Murray beaten in straight sets by Stan Wawrinka in first round of French Open

22:09 , Mike Jones

Andy Murray waved goodbye to the big stage at Roland Garros for probably the final time after a first-round defeat to Stan Wawrinka at the French Open.

The former world number one was well beaten 6-4 6-4 6-2 under the lights on Court Philippe Chatrier. It was a familiar feeling for Murray, whose last three matches on the Paris clay have now ended in defeat to his Swiss rival.

The first was the epic semi-final defeat in five brutal sets in 2017, a match which ultimately proved too much for Murray’s hip and almost forced him into retirement.

Andy Murray beaten by Stan Wawrinka in first round of French Open

Andy Murray beaten in straight sets 6-4 6-4 6-2 by Stan Wawrinka

22:04 , Mike Jones

Stan Wawrinka speaking to Eurosport: “My first words were respect for a great champion. I have loved watching him [Andy Murray] play, loved fighting against him. We’ve had a lot of fights over the last 15 years. We are not very young so we did all we could and remember all these moments.

“I love to work in front of a crowd like this. I’ve shared a lot of emotion with this crowd and they gave me a lot of energy to fight. In my head I’m still a young guy, still a kid.”

Andy Murray beaten in straight sets 6-4 6-4 6-2 by Stan Wawrinka

21:55 , Mike Jones

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Andy Murray beaten in straight sets 6-4 6-4 6-2 by Stan Wawrinka

21:53 , Mike Jones

Wawrinka has only won two matches all year until now. Andy Murray is loudly applauded as he leaves the court but he’ll know he was beaten by the better man tonight.

Is this the last time the crowd will watch him play at Roland Garros? Perhaps it is.

Andy Murray 4-6 4-6 2-6 Stan Wawrinka

21:51 , Mike Jones

It’s not going to happen. An Andy Murray miracle isn’t on the cards with this clinical and powerful Stan Wawrinka performance picking him apart with ease.

Wide serve, backhand follow up. Bread and butter for Wawrinka who leaves himself with two match points.

He only needs one. He forces Murray into the corner then pings yet another backhand down the line to clinch the game, the set and the match!

Andy Murray 4-6 4-6 2-5 Stan Wawrinka*

21:46 , Mike Jones

Murray holds! He gets a bit of his bouncy confidence back and whips a forehand winner past Wawrinka for a second hold of serve in the third set.

The Scot is firmly in the last chance saloon now and must break Wawrinka’s serve.

*Andy Murray 4-6 4-6 1-5 Stan Wawrinka

21:45 , Mike Jones

Murray is winning the battle for aces as he records his fifth of the match to move 30-0 up. A cross court forehand lands right on the sideline and Murray just sighs at how good that shot is.

The Swiss gets a point on the board. 30-15.

*Andy Murray 4-6 4-6 1-5 Stan Wawrinka

21:43 , Mike Jones

Murray may be going down but he’s still punching. Wawrinka has to fight to edge into the lead of his latest service game and a double fault brings Murray up to deuce.

Will the match swing if Murray breaks here?

He’s got given the chance. A strong serve out wide sees Murray push his return out of play before Wawrinka smashes a winner past him in the next rally.

Andy Murray 4-6 4-6 1-4 Stan Wawrinka*

21:37 , Mike Jones

Murray is not a player who gives up but the wind has certainly gone out of his sails. All the tight calls are going against him but he’s plodding on and lands another steller ace.

Wawrinka pings a return of serve over the back and Murray edges ahead 30-15. The crowd are with him and applaud as Wawrinka sends another out of play.

Murray holds and gets his first game of the third set on the board.

*Andy Murray 4-6 4-6 0-4 Stan Wawrinka

21:35 , Mike Jones

Ruthless. Wawrinka serves out wide to both Murray’s forehand and backhand before striding confidently up to the net. He takes the first two points of the game with close volleys before a backhand error from Murray puts the ball into the net.

An ace sows up the game and Wawrinka is one step closer to victory.

Andy Murray 4-6 4-6 0-3 Stan Wawrinka*

21:31 , Mike Jones

The momentum is all with Wawrinka which means that the crowd are starting to pump for Andy Murray. There’s nothing happening for him though.

He’s being outmuscled and outplayed.

Wawrinka drives through another backhand and moves 0-40 up. Murray’s response is an ace to keep him in contention. Every break point needs to be saved here.

Mistake! Wawrinka’s on the back foot yet Murray whips a simple forehand into the net. That’s three in a row for Wawrinka now.

*Andy Murray 4-6 4-6 0-2 Stan Wawrinka

21:29 , Mike Jones

So good. A rapid serve from Wawrinka sees Murray struggle to ge it back. He does but leaves a volley for the Swiss who drops a backhand over the net to hold!

Wawrinka moves further in front.

Andy Murray 4-6 4-6 0-1 Stan Wawrinka*

21:26 , Mike Jones

Wawrinka is a demon on clay. A powerful forehand, blistering backhand and a willingness to get up to the net are the tools he’s utilising to fine effect.

From his own service game, Wawrinka quickly moves into a 30-0 lead but a miscued slice gets Murray on the board as the ball fails to get over the net.

Andy Murray 4-6 4-6 0-1 Stan Wawrinka*

21:24 , Mike Jones

It’s there! A backhand down the line sees Wawrinka score a winner against Murray and clinch the first game of the third set. Murray is facing a straight sets defeat now.

*Andy Murray 4-6 4-6 0-0 Stan Wawrinka

21:23 , Mike Jones

Murray’s struggles continue as Wawrinka takes the opening two points of the next game. He’s afforded a bit of luck when Wawrinka pumps one over the back of court.

The Swiss then makes a miss of returning a drop shot and brings Murray back on level terms.

The Scot needs to start landing his first serve. That’s were he’s had the most success. Wawrinka dances Murray around the court with the Scot doing his best to get them back.

Wawrinka holds his backhand and drills one down the line to set up a break point.

*Andy Murray 4-6 4-6 0-0 Stan Wawrinka

21:18 , Mike Jones

Given their history this was always going to be a difficult match for Andy Murray. He has never been the dominant force against Wawrinka on clay and things are turning out as predicted.

But Andy Murray tends to do special things, even in the twilight of his career. Can he summon one of those moments now at Roland Garros to get back into the match?

*Andy Murray 4-6 4-6 Stan Wawrinka

21:15 , Mike Jones

Murray has nowhere to go now. He’s been in this position before and knows he needs to win the next three sets to get into the second round.

It’s been a frustrating time for him as he’s had a bit of success but can’t quite stop the damage being done by Wawrinka’s power.

*Andy Murray 4-6 4-6 Stan Wawrinka

21:13 , Mike Jones

There are more faults creeping into Wawrinka’s game and Murray is putting some pressure on. He cheers a couple of rally wins but the Swiss shakes them off.

He forces Murray around the baseline and causes an error when striding up to the net. Murray goes for the lob but sends it too far.

Murray falters again after getting into the next rally and then Wawrinka pings down an ace to clinch the set. Clinical.

Andy Murray 4-6 4-5 Stan Wawrinka*

21:08 , Mike Jones

Confident and dismissive work from Andy Murray. He flies through the next game, one he serves, but is starting to win points from more rallies.

Is Stan Wawrinka beginning to slip?

*Andy Murray 4-6 3-5 Stan Wawrinka

21:06 , Mike Jones

Andy Murray is going to the drop shot more and more as he continues to see success with it.

But, it may be too late for this set as Wawrinka powers his way to a 40-0 lead in his latest service game. Murray’s tactic brings him back-to-back points but a strong serve from the Swiss sends him within a game of claiming the second set.

Andy Murray 4-6 3-4 Stan Wawrinka*

21:00 , Mike Jones

‘Great stuff Andy’ comes a cry from his coaching contingent as Murray gets the cheekiest of lob shots to drop in play as Wawrinka comes up to the net again.

The Scot takes a 30-15 lead in this game and needs to close it out. He misses his first serve in the next rally and gets punished as Wawrinka unleashes on a powerful forehand return.

Smooth! Despite dropping a couple of points, Murray holds with a couple of delicate drop shots. He needs a break of serve though.

*Andy Murray 4-6 2-4 Stan Wawrinka

20:54 , Mike Jones

Wawrinka takes on a tantilsing but tricky smash which he manages to get in play. He then comes up to the net to win the next point but Murray scurries up to the drop shot and takes the point!

Wawrinka still only needs one to hold serve and secures the game with a scorching shot down the line through a backhand. Wow.

Andy Murray 4-6 2-3 Stan Wawrinka*

20:50 , Mike Jones

This is a timely reminder from Murray that he’s still going to fight to the end. A canny service game ends with a fine drop shot that leaves Wawrinka on his heels and brings the Scot another game in this set.

*Andy Murray 4-6 1-3 Stan Wawrinka

20:46 , Mike Jones

It’s a real test of Murray’s fortitude and skill now. The power from Wawrinka is unbelievable and there’s no way past it for the Scot at the minute.

Wawrinka’s service game is done dusted in no time to confirm his break of serve.

Andy Murray 4-6 1-2 Stan Wawrinka*

20:41 , Mike Jones

Break! Not what Murray needed. A backhand rally ends with Murray sending one wide of the cross court side line which gifts a shoddy game to his opponent.

An early break in the second set means Wawrinka is back in control.

*Andy Murray 4-6 1-1 Stan Wawrinka

20:36 , Mike Jones

The crowd are getting into this. Murray is chipping away at the Wawrinka serve but just as it looks as though Murray might be setting up a break the Swiss lands a first ace of the match to move ahead.

A slice from Wawrinka spins the ball away from Murray and he scuffs the next shot out wide. Wawrinka holds to 30.

Andy Murray 4-6 1-0 Stan Wawrinka*

20:32 , Mike Jones

“Let’s go, come on!” says Murray as Wawrinka drills a backhand over the back of court. He yells in excitement again as Wawrinka powers a forehand into the net.

Murray needs one point to hold serve and sends it to the backhand before sprinting to the net and winning the game with two well placed volleys.

Good start to the second set.

*Andy Murray 4-6 0-0 Stan Wawrinka

20:30 , Mike Jones

Is there a way for Andy Murray to orchestrate a win or does he need Stan Wawrinka to drop his level? That’s what the commentators are asking. Murray will believe it’s the former and he just needs to figure it out.

Murray jogs to the net but decides not to go for a volley and judges the flight of the ball perfectly as Wawrinka’s return lands wide. He follows that up with a double fault, the first of the game, and Wawrinka nudges back into the lead.


*Andy Murray 4-6 0-0 Stan Wawrinka

20:27 , Mike Jones

The very first game of the match caused Andy Murray to lose that first set. He was broken before finding his rhythm and Stan Wawrinka held his nerve to get over the line.

What does the second set have in store?

Andy Murray 4-6 Stan Wawrinka

20:26 , Mike Jones

A timely powerful serve gives Wawrinka set point number three and an equally solid serve in the next rally lands him the set. Murray twice put looping returns over the net but the second one goes wide.

Andy Murray 4-5 Stan Wawrinka*

20:24 , Mike Jones

Wawrinka will now serve to secure the opening set. The two players trade blows and points to start off the game with Murray then advancing into the court and looks to take on a forehand which he drills into the net.

Wawrinka then hooks a forehand to the back corner, sprints up to the net and chips home the volley to set up two set points.

He doesn’t take either of them! Two errors and a typical stubborn Murray mean this game goes to deuce.

Andy Murray 4-5 Stan Wawrinka*

20:19 , Mike Jones

The set may have gone for Murray but he’ll take heart from his service games. He’s been in control of them and has held a few very quickly withoutn dropping many points.

I don’t think this will be a match of many breaks, can Murray get one and extend this set?

He holds serve to love.

*Andy Murray 3-5 Stan Wawrinka

20:15 , Mike Jones

That’s just not on. Wawrinka nonchalantly dispatches a backhand down the line to give Murray no chance of making the return. He then slices a spinning shot to Murray’s backhand which drops short of the net.

From 0-15 down, Wawrinka takes the next three points.

Make that four. A perfect serve and volley takes Wawrinka within a game of the opening set.

Andy Murray 3-4 Stan Wawrinka*

20:12 , Mike Jones

Superb from Murray! From 40-0 down he manages to save three break points and hold serve on the second deuce attempt. The main reason comes from landing that first serve.

It puts him in control of the rally and from there the Scot can force an error to win the point. This set is still alive.

*Andy Murray 2-4 Stan Wawrinka

20:09 , Mike Jones

That is a tough service game for Murray. Not enough first serves are landing and Wawrinka is taking advantage. He’s putting Murray under pressure on every point and has won the first three.

Murray punches back and forces a couple of errors before another fine serve sees Wawrinka nail one over the back. Deuce!

*Andy Murray 2-4 Stan Wawrinka

20:06 , Mike Jones

A noticeable plan from Wawrinka is to get up to the net as often as possible. He’s won eight of his 10 such efforts so far.

Murray looks to emulate him but Wawrinka nails a backhand passing winner down the line, Murray stretches but can’t get there, and the Swiss takes a 30-0 lead in this game.

*Andy Murray 2-4 Stan Wawrinka

20:04 , Mike Jones

Murray fights his way to deuce with a couple of counter punching hits and has seemingly changed up his methodology. He’s looking to come forward and attack rather than get forced deep.

This switch yields some success but not enough to stop Wawrinka taking the game.

Andy Murray 2-3 Stan Wawrinka*

20:00 , Mike Jones

Murray can only stay in rallies against the serve and chip away at points, helpfully if the Swiss makes a couple of errors. That’s the case in this game with Murray taking a 30-0 lead.

Wawrinka responds with a drilling forehand that leaves Murray scrambling for a return that doesn’t get over the net. The Swiss is falling back on power and it works.

Murray is hurried and forced behind the baseline meaning he fails again to get a scurrying forehand over the net.


Andy Murray 2-3 Stan Wawrinka*

19:56 , Mike Jones

Murray’s biggest threat is from his serve. He’s already notched up three aces and he changed his racket supplier to give him more power in this area.

A fine service game from the Scot sees him hold serve quickly, dropping just one point, but he’s still playing catch-up in this set.

*Andy Murray 1-3 Stan Wawrinka

19:53 , Mike Jones

He can’t take them! Not through fault of his own but the accuracy and power of Wawrinka who targets his wide forehand side.

The Swiss goes quickly up the gears, moves through deuce and then the win with a serve and volley. Murray gets the ball back but can’t drop his lob in play.

Andy Murray 1-2 Stan Wawrinka*

19:51 , Mike Jones

Nearly! Murray’s defensive work is getting better If he can start to absorb some of Wawrinka’s power then there’s a way back into this match for him.

A long rally ends with a scuffed return from Murray after the ball hits the edge of his racket. Murray flicks over a spinning drop shot to take another point before Wawrinka fizzes a cross court forehand over the sideline.

Two break points here for the Scot...

Andy Murray 1-2 Stan Wawrinka*

19:49 , Mike Jones

The court is nearly full now as fans continue to make their way to their seats. These will be the more knowledgable types who realise these headlines matches with Andy Murray tend to go on for a while.

Andy Murray 1-2 Stan Wawrinka*

19:47 , Mike Jones

Boom! A much needed win for Murray gets him on the board and his serves, straight down the middle, leave Wawrinka struggling for the returns.

Can Murray get a break of his own now?

*Andy Murray 0-2 Stan Wawrinka

19:46 , Mike Jones

Better from Murray! He starts off this third game with an ace and then adds a second point after Wawrinka fails to return the next serve.

Whenever he gets drawn into a long rally though, Murray is being bullied by Wawrinka’s power.

*Andy Murray 0-2 Stan Wawrinka

19:44 , Mike Jones

Murray finds the net to bring Wawrinka within a point of holding his break but wins the next rally after a backhand flies wide from the Swiss.

Wawrinka is too good and powerful though. Murray is forced deeper and deeper but can do nothing to stop his opponent winning with a simple volley at the net.

Andy Murray 0-1 Stan Wawrinka*

19:42 , Mike Jones

Wawrinka’s cross court forehand, which he hoped would be a winning stroke, lands wide and gifts Murray a point. He gets it back in the next rally with a smart whip that wrongfoots Murray as he looks to sprint back to the centre of court.

Wawrinka’s power is fully on display. He finishes with a strong forehand down the line but it was another powerful backhand that sent Murray on the defensive.

Wawrinka 30-15 Murray.

Andy Murray 0-1 Stan Wawrinka*

19:40 , Mike Jones

Oh wow! A searing backhand from Wawrinka lands the ball right on the baseline and Murray’s stretching return doesn’t get over the net.

It’s an early break for the Swiss player. This could be a long night for Murray if he doesn’t get into a rhythm.

*Andy Murray 0-0 Stan Wawrinka

19:38 , Mike Jones

Deuce! Wawrinka attempts to latch onto a second serve from Murray but puts it wide of the sideline. Murray’s next serve is right on the centre line and forces a defensive return from Wawrinka.

The Swiss sticks in the rally as Murray looks for a way past him. A two-handed backhand is sent over the back and Wawrinka has a second break point.

Murray saves this one too with a fine backhand volley.

*Andy Murray 0-0 Stan Wawrinka

19:36 , Mike Jones

Bang! Murray whips a forehand back across court and forces Wawrinka to concede the point as his shot is rapid. The Swiss watches the ball goes past with an acknowledgement of the shot.

He’s not too fazed and another error from Murray sets up the first break point...

*Andy Murray 0-0 Stan Wawrinka

19:34 , Mike Jones

Wawrinka responds. He’s a clean ball striker and takes the next point with a powerful stroke past Murray from the back of the court.

Murray tries to employ show spin with a couple of backhand slices in the next rally but Wawrinka rides them and forces an error from the Scot.

Murray 15-30 Wawrinka.

*Andy Murray 0-0 Stan Wawrinka

19:33 , Mike Jones

Murray has the first serve for the first game in the first set. He sends his first effort into the net before a regulation second serve is flicked back by Wawrinka.

Murray controls the rally and sets up a powerful forehand to the back corner which brings him the first point of the match too. That’s a confident start.

Andy Murray v Stan Wawrinka

19:31 , Mike Jones

Andy Murray defeated Stan Wawrinka when the teo last met in 2022 but that was on a hard court in Cincinnati and was a very close contest.

Wawrinka has had a few surgeries since 2017 and never really got back to his best. Will he have enough to beat Murray tonight?

Andy Murray v Stan Wawrinka

19:28 , Mike Jones

Stan Wawrinka has a 5-1 wins-to-loss record against Andy Murray on clay courts. Both men are three times grand slam winners and have put in some fabulous matches throughout their careers.

Expect this to be another strong one.

Andy Murray v Stan Wawrinka

19:26 , Mike Jones

Here comes Stan Wawrinka who looks pretty confident and relaxed. Andy Murray strides out wearing headphones as the the court is rocking.

The atmosphere for this one is superb. It’s a first round match and feels like a final.

Andy Murray v Stan Wawrinka

19:21 , Mike Jones

It won’t be long now before this night session gets started. Stan Wawrinka is 39 years old and Murray is 37. The longevity of these two athletes is crazy.

Wawrinka has the edge on clay but Murray does not know how to quit so will take this match as deep as possible.

Andy Murray v Stan Wawrinka

19:14 , Mike Jones

Andy Murray has hinted at his potential retirement this summer which means that this could be his last ever campaign at the French Open.

Murray has a poor record against Stan Wawrinka but he’s a born winner and will hope to get through this first round tie tonight.

Jack Draper crashes out of French Open to world number 176 Jesper De Jong

19:10 , Mike Jones

British number two Jack Draper suffered his worst Tour level defeat in his longest ever match as he crashed out in the first round on day one of the French Open.

The 22-year-old was a hot favourite to see off Dutch qualifier Jesper De Jong, a player ranked 137 places beneath him at 176 in the world, but he was beaten in five sets over four hours and six minutes.

Draper looked like he would be out in time for Sunday lunch in Paris after he slipped 2-0 behind.

Jack Draper crashes out of French Open to world number 176 Jesper De Jong

‘Low expectations and high hopes’ for Novak Djokovic at French Open

19:05 , Mike Jones

Novak Djokovic says he feels “embarrassed” at how low his expectations are at this year’s French Open.

The world number one, 24-time grand slam winner and defending champion has endured a turbulent build-up to Roland Garros.

He has yet to win a title all season, or even reach a final, and suffered recent defeats to Alejandro Tabilo – after being hit on the head by a spectator’s water bottle – and Tomas Machac.

‘Low expectations and high hopes’ for Novak Djokovic at French Open

Carlos Alcaraz banishes injury fears with dominant opening win at Roland Garros

19:00 , Mike Jones

Carlos Alcaraz shrugged off any injury fears as he tamed JJ Wolf to roar into the second round of the French Open.

The Spanish world number three’s participation at Roland Garros was in doubt after he pulled out of the Italian Open earlier this month due to an issue with his forearm.

But the two-time major winner was in no obvious discomfort as he bared his teeth by dropping just four games against American Wolf.

Carlos Alcaraz banishes injury fears with dominant opening win at Roland Garros

Naomi Osaka overcomes nerves to get off to winning start at French Open

18:55 , Mike Jones

Naomi Osaka overcame a bout of nerves to get off to a winning start at the French Open.

The former world number one from Japan needed a deciding set to beat Lucia Bronzetti in the opening match on Court Philippe Chatrier.

Osaka seemed in line for a quick morning’s work when she breezed through the opening set.

Naomi Osaka overcomes nerves to get off to winning start at French Open

French Open scrap farewell after Rafael Nadal says 2024 may not be his last

18:50 , Mike Jones

French Open organisers have scrapped a planned farewell ceremony for Rafael Nadal after the 14-time champion revealed he may not quit this year after all.

The Spaniard, who turns 38 next week, was expected to retire at the end of the current season but said on Saturday that he was not certain that this year’s tournament would be his last.

“If I have to tell you it’s 100 per cent my last Roland Garros, sorry, but I will not, because I cannot predict what’s going on,” he said.

French Open scrap farewell after Rafael Nadal says 2024 may not be his last

Rafael Nadal, the French Open and the uncertainty of the King’s last stand

18:45 , Mike Jones

The voice of Roland Garros, Marc Maury, is preparing for his big moment for what could be the final time. As the master of ceremonies on Court Philippe-Chatrier, the largest of the show courts at the French Open, part of Maury’s duties during the tournament is introducing the players as they make their way out on court. Most of the time, this is a straightforward assignment; many of the names slip by over the chatter of the afternoon crowds.

But when it comes to Rafael Nadal, Maury’s role is transformed into a performance; a goosebumps moment as his announcement builds to a powerful crescendo. As for all former winners, Maury does not just announce the number of French Open titles they have won, but enumerates the years as well. Maury’s voice is deep as it begins to rumble: “Champion de Roland Garros en deux mille cinq, deux mille six, deux mille sept, deux mille huit…”

Rafael Nadal, the French Open and the uncertainty of the King’s last stand

Is the French Open on TV? Where to watch

18:40 , Mike Jones

You can watch the French Open live on Discovery+ and Eurosport in the UK.

The action will be broadcast on Eurosport’s TV channels, or fans can tune into Discovery+ to stream the tournament, where an Entertainment & Sport pass is available for either £6.99/month or £59.99/year.

Watch every moment of Roland-Garros LIVE and exclusive on discovery+, Eurosport and Eurosport App

What time is Andy Murray vs Stan Wawrinka?

18:35 , Mike Jones

The match has been selected for the night session on Court Philippe-Chatrier, which means it will not start until after 7:15pm BST (UK time) on Sunday 26 May. It could start slightly later depending on the previous matches, with three scheduled for the afternoon session.

Good evening!

18:27 , Mike Jones

Welcome to The Independent’s coverage of tonight’s French Open action as Andy Murray returns to Roland Garros for the first time since 2020.

He faces a difficult first round match against Switzerland’s Stan Wawrinka with the 39-year-old having fond memories of facing Murray at this tournament.

Wawrinka defeated the Scot in his last outing here four years ago and will be looking to do the same tonight. The action gets underway around 7.15pm and we’ll have the latest updates from throughout the evening so stick with us.