Baby buffalo ‘shows elephant who’s boss’ in amusing chase

On Thursday we shared footage from South Africa showing a small crab in battle posture against a wary lion.

Tiny versus mighty appears to be a theme because the accompanying footage shows a courageous baby buffalo chasing a large elephant.

The footage was shared Thursday by Kruger Sightings, in reference to Kruger National Park, along with the X description: “Baby buffalo shows the elephant who’s boss!”

As viewers can see, momma buffalo is close behind baby buffalo, obviously concerned for its safety.

The elephant, running backwards while facing baby buffalo, seems to be trying to avoid contact and trumpets its sentiment as the encounter mercifully concludes.

In the safari vehicle, a tourist is heard proudly boasting that she captured the scene on video.

Also on Thursday, we shared footage from India showing two men outside of a moving vehicle running from an angry elephant.

That footage is neither cute nor amusing, however, as it shows one of the men falling and being kicked by the elephant.

Story originally appeared on For The Win