From Beckham to Hoskins via Corrie: football in films and TV – quiz

  1. Which TV and film star's father was a scout who helped find Wes Brown and Paul Scholes for Manchester United?

    1. Christopher Ecclestone

    2. Ian McShane

    3. Joanne Whalley

    4. Nigel Pivaro

  2. In the 1996 film When Saturday Comes, Sean Bean's Sheffield United team is captained by which former player?

    1. Tony Currie

    2. Keith Edwards

    3. Simon Stainrod

    4. Mel Sterland

  3. The 2006 film Goal was scripted by the writers of which popular 1980s TV series?

    1. Boon

    2. Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

    3. Boys From The Blackstuff

    4. Dempsey and Makepeace

  4. What is the name of the local football team in Coronation Street?

    1. Weatherfield County

    2. Denton Athletic

    3. Fulchester United

    4. Timperley Big Shorts

  5. One of the late Bob Hoskins' final screen roles was in a 2011 film centred on which famous match?

    1. The 1966 World Cup final

    2. Carlisle v Plymouth Argyle 1999

    3. Liverpool v Milan 2005

    4. Liverpool v Arsenal 1989

  6. The football action in The Damned United was filmed at which lower league ground?

    1. Millmoor

    2. Saltergate

    3. Griffin Park

    4. Bloomfield Road

  7. In which 2000s football film does Alan Shearer have his car stolen?

    1. Purely Belter

    2. Bend It Like Beckham

    3. Mike Bassett: England Manager

    4. There's Only One Jimmy Grimble

  8. In the 1995 hooligan classic I.D, what is the name of the ground that Shadwell Town play at?

    1. The Kennel

    2. The Gumbo

    3. The Rock

    4. The Crown

  9. David Beckham has appeared in two cameos in films from which director?

    1. Michael Bay

    2. Dexter Fletcher

    3. Martin Scorsese

    4. Guy Ritchie

  10. Ken Loach, director of Kes and Looking For Eric, made a 1968 BBC documentary drama about the relationship between fans and players of which club?

    1. Bath City

    2. Sunderland

    3. Notts County

    4. Everton


1:B - Harry McShane was also a player with United, winning a league title under Matt Busby in 1951-52. Son Ian, a keen footballer, starred in the 1979 football flick Yesterday's Hero, loosely based on George Best. , 2:D - Sterland, who had played for both Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds, was managing non-league Boston at the time. , 3:B - Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais also wrote The Likely Lads, Lovejoy and Porridge and began the adventures of Santiago Muñez at their beloved Newcastle United. , 4:A - David Barlow, brother of Ken, made his name as a youngster at County before landing a move to an unspecified second division team in London in 1961. , 5:C - Will is the story of a young public schoolboy's epic quest to see his beloved Reds play in the final in Istanbul. , 6:B - Chesterfield's former ground, which closed in 2010, was chosen as it had not received any significant renovations since the 1960s, and stood in for Elland Road and the Baseball Ground. , 7:A - Shearer, who also makes an appearance in Goal, has a cameo role in the tale of two young Geordies trying desperately to find the cash for a Newcastle United season ticket. , 8:A - As the fearsome terrace song goes: "We are Shadwell, the Kennel is our place, Shadwell never never never shall lose face." , 9:D - Becks appeared in his pal's remakes of the Man From U.N.C.L.E and King Arthur. In the latter, his character's name was Trigger. , 10:D - The Golden Vision used the nickname of the legendary Toffees forward Alex Young and was co-written by future TV-am newsreader Gordon Honeycombe.


  1. 5 and above.

    Not bad but more Mike Bassett than Martin Scorsese.

  2. 8 and above.

    Well done. Barry Norman would have been embarrassed in your company.

  3. 9 and above.

    Well done. Barry Norman would have been embarrassed in your company.

  4. 1 and above.

    You weren't watching closely enough.

  5. 0 and above.

    Oh dear.

  6. 6 and above.

    Not bad but more Mike Bassett than Martin Scorsese.