Bride-to-be accused of ‘tearing a family apart’ over her wedding dress choice

A woman’s wedding dress choice has her whole family at each other’s throats.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. The bride-to-be wanted to wear a replica of the dress from the 1905 painting “Ophelia” by John William Waterhouse. She couldn’t find it anymore so is sewing it herself. But when her family found out she wasn’t wearing a white wedding dress, they lost it.

“Nowhere carries exact dress I’ve always dreamt of: Ophelia’s dress from Waterhouse’s painting,” the bride-to-be said. “It’s a gorgeous, blue, pre-Raphaelite gown with gold embroidery and a red underdress just peeking through at the sleeves and hem. I already sew most of my clothes, so I’m making this myself. It’ll be challenging, but I’m confident. The problem is: Wedding shopping is a big thing in my family. So everyone got upset with me for breaking a beloved family tradition. They weren’t interested in my compromises. When they found out the dress is blue and (gasp) red, s*** hit the fan. A Christian bride NEEDS to be married in virginal white, or people will think she’s a whore.”

She didn’t want to change her dress, but everyone in the family seemed to have an opinion about it.

“My mum keeps leaving crying voicemails,” the Reddit poster said. “Now she, her siblings, my dad, and maternal grandparents say they won’t come. Now everyone’s fighting with everyone else, and my dad keeps asking it if it’s worth tearing a family apart for a dress that I’ll only wear for one day. The guilt trips are starting to break me down and get to me. Honestly, the whole thing is destroying my joy of the wedding and making me want to just elope.”

Reddit users thought the bride was being reasonable.

“That’s their problem,” one user wrote.

“It’s literally none of their business,” another said.

“Your wedding day is for YOU and your fiance,” a person said.