Tottenham fan's heartwarming encounter with Liverpool supporter in Madrid

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A grateful Liverpool fan vowed to donate £500 to charity after a Tottenham fan recovered his wallet in Madrid.

According to a Facebook post by Spurs fan Alan Bissell, the fan got in touch after the Champions League final to make the pledge.

Liverpool beat Spurs 2-0, thanks to goals from Mohamed Salah and Divock Origi, which ensured the Reds picked up their sixth European Cup.

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But it was the heartwarming story from Mr Bissell before the match which attracted attention.

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Having found a Reds supporters’ wallet, he returned it to him before kick-off. It transpired that it contained a priceless letter written by his late wife.

The full post read: “I found a wallet in the cab to the ground, it had €800 in it, but it also had the fellas details in it.

Tottenham fan Alan Bissell reported his encounter with a Liverpool fan in Madrid
Tottenham fan Alan Bissell reported his encounter with a Liverpool fan in Madrid

“I phone him up and he started crying. He lost it the night before the game, it had his driving license in it with all of his cards, but most of all a letter written to him from his wife just before she died in January.

“I told him where we was and him and two mates walked into the bar wearing their Liverpool shifts and gave me the biggest cuddle ever and brought everyone in the bar a beer.

“He text me after the game and said he’s sorry for Liverpool beating us and said he wants to donate £500 to a charity of my choice.

“‘Help for heroes’ will be getting some money Monday.”

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