Chelsea Fan View: Should they stay or should they go?

Chelsea blogger Amy Christophers issues her list of players she'd like to remain at Stamford Bridge - and the ones she'd like to see cashed in on

Chelsea Fan View: Should they stay or should they go?

With the disappointments of last season still very fresh in the memory - both on and off the pitch (Dr Eva for a start) - I for one am looking forward to a fresh start. We have just signed one of the Premier League  champions' top players and I believe there's not too much we 'Kante' achieve!

Please excuse the awful pun...

I think we need a good old shake-up at the Bridge - out with the old and in with the new.

In my last blog I spoke about who I would like to see come to SW1 but now let's discuss who has outstayed their welcome.

There are rumours flying around about Cesc Fabregas having dinner with Jose Mourinho at his house, implying a move to Manchester United. I'm not sure whether to believe this or not as it was said he was part of the "anti Jose" movement last season so unless they've kissed and made up I don't see that one happening.

But you can never be sure in this game - that's why we all love it so much.

But of the other big names here's what I think...

Diego Costa: GO - too costly for us when he can't keep that temper under control! 

Jon Mikel Obi:  STAY - he never complains about being on the bench.


Oscar: GO - cash in on a major disappointment last season but who is still a big enough name to command a big fee.

Eden Hazard: GO - a great player and was one of my faves until his dodgy attitude last season. Couldn't score then as soon as Jose leaves it was "hi back of the net!"

All the players involved in the saga with Jose should leave. They get paid to play for their club and fans and last season they didn't care about our feelings - they just wanted one over on the manager. 

Nemanja Matic: Aimlessly runs into opposition defences and loses possession. His shots are more often near corner flag than the goal.


Thibault Courtois: STAY - suffered last season with confidence but undoubtedly a great keeper and one to keep.

Juan Cuadrado: GO - does anyone have anything positive to say about him?

Baba Rehman: STAY -the left back position is a big worry. He won't be sold though but we definitely need a replacement for him.


Branislav Ivanovic: GO - another big disappointment last season. I'd sell.

Cesc Fabregas: UNDECIDED...

Jose was always so good with the cash and made the transfer window a little more exciting and we will miss that.

Time will tell if Conte can live up to our expectations but so far so good.

Let me know who you'd like replace, in the comments below or on my Twitter @thatsportsspice