Chelsea readied for imminent FFP boost as Premier League outcome revealed before transfer window

Chelsea players celebrate against Brighton

Chelsea's Premier League form is set to secure them a significant financial package at the end of the season. With just one match to go - Sunday afternoon's home clash against Bournemouth - there is plenty at stake.

Mauricio Pochettino is attempting to become the first Chelsea manager in over two years to win five consecutive league matches, as he also puts in a last bid to demonstrate just why he should be the man to lead the club forward. Some of his players are also fighting for their own futures ahead of another summer of uncertainty.

But for those at the top of the club, the decision-makers, number crunchers, and hierarchy leaders, the finances are just as important. Chelsea are seeking to ensure that a place in European competition is forthcoming next season.

Beating Brighton on Wednesday confirmed that they will almost certainly - barring a mammoth goal difference swing with Manchester United - finish seventh at worst. Given that most of the season has been spent in mid-table and bottom half, it is an achievement of sorts to have reached this stage.

Just a point on the final day will be enough to claim sixth spot, while a win could even see them rise above Tottenham and into fifth if Sheffield United were to pull off an unlikely victory at Bramall Lane. The wait to learn which UEFA competition Chelsea will play in, therefore, is also likely to go on.

Due to Manchester United's involvement in the FA Cup final, only finishing fifth would be enough to 100 percent confirm a place in the Europa League. Erik ten Hag's men are big underdogs for the game, and Chelsea will be hoping for a Manchester City victory, as they could have their qualification changed depending on the outcome.

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Sixth spot with a United FA Cup win would only be enough for the Conference League, whereas seventh in the same scenario wouldn't bring any form of European football unless United miraculously climb to sixth themselves. Got all that?

What this really means for Chelsea from a financial perspective is vital. Not only is each place in the table worth around £3.1million (taken from last season's payout) but the prize money for being in Europe alters dramatically.

The winners lat year (City) were awarded £62.3million, with Arsenal getting £59.1million. Taking that down to sixth, which is the most likely finishing spot for Chelsea, it would be £46.7million extra in the accounts. Compare that to last season when they were 12th, and it is more than £18million extra to be banked.

Crucially, with Premier League financial rules being a more important factor week-by-week, Chelsea could be about to land themselves a much-improved set of figures. In turn, due to their financial position over the last two years taking a hit with European revenue missing this season and lavish transfer spending, every little helps.

For Chelsea, even the £6million difference between finishing fifth and seventh could be crucial. What is also just as key is the prize money for each UEFA competition.

Landing a spot in the Europa League is worth an immediate £3million just for qualification in the group stages, with each win being an extra £500,000. Winning the group is worth nearly £1million more, while being in the round of 16 is worth the same.

Quarter-finalists will take home £1.5million at least from this stage, £24million more for getting to the semi-final, and a minimum of £3.9million in the final itself. The winner gets £7.3million.

While this is still a world away from the Champions League, winning the tournament would bring a minimum £15.4million cash injection as well as TV broadcast revenue and co-efficient distribution. With more group games than ever before, there is also matchday revenue to consider.

Lifting the trophy would also bring immediate qualification for the Champions League and its own luxuries for the 2025/26 season. The Conference League can hardly hold a candle to these numbers, but there is still nothing for Chelsea to turn their noses up at, given the need for additional money.

Chelsea will also not be forced to pay out the same amount in parachute payments due to Leeds and Southampton reaching the Championship play-off final. The Premier League broadcast deals also bring in a healthy chunk as well as central payments, meaning at least £100million will be on its way to the club.

After such a poor finish last year, Chelsea are set to secure significantly more this time around. And they need it. The club states that they will continue to be compliant with profitability and sustainability rules (PSRs) heading into the summer window, but business experts expect them to require significant early sales in order to stay below the threshold for allowed losses.

The margins are tight, and if the club hopes to do big business again, they will need every penny possible from the prize money.