Is Chicago Bulls veteran center Nikola Vucevic a trade candidate?

Is Chicago Bulls veteran center Nikola Vucevic a trade candidate? We are hearing rumbles that the Bulls big man is going to be shopped this coming 2024 NBA offseason from the Chicago Sun-Times’ Joe Cowley, who reports that the Bulls will look to overhaul the roster significantly this summer.

“While … moving LaVine this offseason remains priority one, a source also said that Vucevic would be shopped as well,” reports Cowley. “The reality of the situation, however, is that both players could be tough to move.” Bulls fans need no reminder of the considerable cost and length of the oft-injured Chicago guard’s contract, but Vooch’s isn’t exactly a bargain given his situation either.

Currently owed $20 million for the 2024-25 season and another $21 million for the season beyond it, the 33-year-old big man is losing a step while shooting about as bad from beyond the arc (29.4%) as he ever has.

Still, there may be contenders in need of Vucevic’s services, even if they are overpriced and declining. And we expect a fair amount of ball clubs across the league to start working on their buyer’s remorse that could also come into play.

So while we do not think it likely both LaVine and Vooch are with new teams come October, it is also more probable than some fans will let themselves admit based on recent history. If, that is, the front office is serious about retooling the roster (and that’s a big if).

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire