'The city of open arms' - Jurgen Klopp writes open letter to the ECHO for the people of Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp's nine years in charge of Liverpool comes to an end tomorrow when he steps out at Anfield for the final time.

The German has brought the glory days back to Anfield with eight major trophies lifted and countless brilliant performances from his Liverpool side.

But his impact has gone beyond football, with Klopp embracing life on Merseyside since arriving in 2015. And in an exclusive open letter written to the ECHO's readers, Klopp explains his love and expresses his gratitude to the city he has called home for nine years.

Dear Echo reader,

Before I came to Liverpool I had never written a letter to a newspaper in my life. Now I am writing my second letter to the Liverpool Echo which probably tells you a few things.

The first is I am probably now at 'that age'. The second is that this is a newspaper that plays a big role in this city. The third is that it is a great way for me to speak to as many people who live here as possible.

The most important reason, though, is that it is time for me to say Goodbye. I know that this is no longer news but it is important that I say it to you.

For me, Liverpool is the city of open arms. A place that welcomes you like a son and does not care where you come from. It just wants you to be part of it and I could not be prouder that you allowed me to have that incredible privilege.

A city that gives this kind of welcome deserves at the very least a proper farewell.

There is so much I could say right now and there are so many special moments I could talk about. On and off the pitch we have created memories between us that will live with me for ever.

But when I think of this city and its wonderful people, the biggest lesson I will take with me is that giving up is definitely not in the Scouse dictionary.

If you are from here, the chances are that you are not just ready to fight, you actually want to fight. Not only that, the way you stand together, in all kinds of circumstances, means that even when the odds are against you it is still possible to win.

I love this more than I could ever say.

This is why one of my proudest moments was being given the freedom of Liverpool. To receive that honour on a night when the leaders of the city spoke of me, a boy from the Black Forest, as if I was one of their own is one of the greatest privileges of my life.

The same goes for the homecoming parades. Wow.

Sharing moments of success with the people could only ever be special no matter what club you are at but the way that Liverpool does it takes it to a whole new level. That is even like this the day after a big disappointment – as happened in 2022 – makes it even more extraordinary.

On top of this, I have loved that this is a city of football. No matter where you go in Liverpool and no matter who you speak to, the people want to talk about football. Not just chat either. Every single word comes with a passion and a love for the game.

Of course, I am of the Red side and always will be now but I know from experience that the same is absolutely true of the Blue side. Living close to the River Mersey clearly has this effect on people.

Tomorrow will be the last time that I manage Liverpool FC and it will be an occasion when we will once again look to do our supporters proud but it will also be an opportunity to remember the times that we have had together.

For me, all of those memories will come with love and with thanks for the time I have had here. Liverpool is a city that we lived in and worked in but it is also a place that we fell in love with. We owe it so much.

All that remains for me now is to wish all of you the very best for the future. Liverpool deserves that. YOU deserve that.

Thank you. Thank you for everything. Thank you Luv.

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