On This Day in 2019: Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger takes on new role at FIFA

Arsene Wenger took on a new role as FIFA’s chief of global football development on this day in 2019.

The widely-respected former Arsenal boss had been linked with a return to coaching at Bayern Munich shortly before joining football’s world governing body.

Wenger’s position at FIFA makes him responsible for overseeing and driving the growth and development of the sport for both men and women around the world.

“I want to share what I have learned and I want to share the knowledge I have of the game I love,” the Frenchman said upon his appointment.

“Maybe one of the best positions to do that is at FIFA. I feel it is a position where I can help football to grow. Hopefully in quality and in knowledge.

“Some of the duties are to contribute to the development of both men’s and women’s football. That’s very important.”

There have been some eye-catching suggestions since Wenger took up the role, including looking at the feasibility of holding biennial World Cups as part of a consultation on the future of the men’s international calendar.

Wenger’s immediate focus is on the winter World Cup in Qatar, where he will be speaking to stakeholders over the coming weeks about a variety of matters as well as leading FIFA’s analysis of the tournament.