England vs South Africa LIVE: Cricket score and third Test updates as England chase 130 to win

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England resume Day 4 with a lead of 36 runs after reaching 154 for seven as wickets tumbled on Day 3 with seamer Ollie Robinson taking five for 49 to skittle South Africa out for 118 at The Oval.

England started fast after Day 1 was washed out due to rain, while there was no play on Day 2 in respect for Queen Elizabeth II. But the ECB opted to carry on, unlike other sports, on Saturday with a thrilling series finally set to reach its conclusion after the Proteas won the first Test, only for Brendon McCullum’s side to respond superbly and level the series with victory in the second Test.

After winning the toss and bowling South Africa out cheaply, England also struggled with the bat and had only a narrow advantage at the close. Ben Foakes was not out on 11 and Robinson was on three when the umpires brought play to a halt due to bad light with left-arm paceman Marco Jansen almost matched Robinson with the ball, taking four wickets for 34 runs. Follow all the action on day four of the third Test below:

England vs South Africa

  • BAD LIGHT STOPS PLAY! England 97/0 (17.0), Lees 32, Crawley 57 - England need 33 more to win

  • England chasing 130 runs to win

  • 50! Zak Crawley gets his first half-century of the summer. England 85/0 (15.0), Lees 26, Crawley 51

  • 50 UP! England 52/0 (11.1), Lees 23, Crawley 23 - England need 78 more to win

  • DROP! Alex Lees put down off the opening ball

  • ALL OUT! Verreynne c & b Anderson 12 (36). South Africa 169 all out (56.2). England require 130 to win

  • ALL OUT! Foakes 14 (35) c. Petersen b. Jansen, England 158 all out (36.2) - England have a first innings lead of 140 runs

BAD LIGHT STOPS PLAY! England 97/0 (17.0), Lees 32, Crawley 57 - England need 33 more to win

18:39 , Luke Baker

And yep, the umpires have determined that the light is too poor to continue. They took a reading yesterday evening when they came off, which sets the benchmark for the remainder of the Test match. It’s clearly dropped below that now.

England don’t look happy - Ben Stokes looks livid on the balcony but that is likely that for the day...

England 97/0 (17.0), Lees 32, Crawley 57 - England need 33 more to win

18:38 , Luke Baker

A Lees single off the first ball of Jansen’s over before Crawley takes one from a pull shot. Nicely-timed by Lees, as he crunches a FOUR through the covers.

Down to 33 required but the light is closing in... Umpires conferring here

England 91/0 (16.0), Lees 27, Crawley 56 - England need 39 more to win

18:34 , Luke Baker

DROP! Crawley absolutely catches another whipped shot off his pads into the leg-side, it flies to midwicket where Rickelton does well to get his hands on it but the ball hits the ground. That looks painful. Single taken.

Lees then gets a single before Crawley EDGES another one straight between the wicketkeeper and first slip. They leave it for each other, so it hits the ground and races away for FOUR. Lucky but he probably deserves some luck after the summer he’s had. Just 39 needed now.

England 85/0 (15.0), Lees 26, Crawley 51 - England need 45 more to win

18:29 , Luke Baker

An EDGE from Crawley but soft enough hands that it drops well short of the slips and races by them for FOUR runs. No-ball as well. Then another glorious cover drive for FOUR by the Kent man. This is the most convincing he’s looked for a while in England colours.

And from the next ball he brings up his 50! A stunning flick off his legs for FOUR! That’s his first half-century of the summer. Single to finish. The eight-quickest half-century for England in Tests, coming off just 36 balls.

England 71/0 (14.0), Lees 26, Crawley 38 - England need 59 more to win

18:23 , Luke Baker

Nortje was pummelled about a bit during his previous over and Crawley starts in similar fashion as he puts the opening delivery through the covers for FOUR. A no-ball as well, so actually it’s FIVE!

Crawley seeing it well out there and only some good fielding prevents another boundary as again he punches hard into the covers. Just a single thanks to the diving stop.

The runs required drop below 60...

England 65/0 (13.0), Lees 26, Crawley 33 - England need 65 more to win

18:19 , Luke Baker

The fact we’ve just had drinks shows you how long there should be left in the day but just like yesterday, the light will likely curtail this day.

Crawley pulls superbly through square leg for FOUR runs and it’s the same shot from the following ball but just a single as he finds a man on the boundary this time. England halfway to the target.

50 UP! England 60/0 (12.0), Lees 26, Crawley 28 - England need 70 more to win

18:14 , Luke Baker

It hasn’t always been pretty but that’s 50 UP for these two under-fire England openers as FOUR leg-byes come on a deflection past the keeper.

Two off the following ball and then a single to bring Crawley on strike, who crunches a stunning FOUR through the covers. That’s where Crawley is at his best.

Nortje went for 12 off the over in the end thanks to a single off the final ball. That’s also DRINKS!

England 48/0 (11.0), Lees 23, Crawley 23 - England need 82 more to win

18:07 , Luke Baker

Rabada still keeping things tight as he forces Lees to fence a couple of deliveries away. A single off the final ball is all England can manage.

England 47/0 (10.0), Lees 22, Crawley 23 - England need 83 more to win

18:03 , Luke Baker

Anrich Nortje into the attack and Lees welcomes him with a punch into the covers for two. Then a lovely shot from Lees as he angles the ball through the cordon for FOUR. Very clever and the first boundary in a while for this pair. Single off the final ball to finish things off.

England 40/0 (9.0), Lees 15, Crawley 23 - England need 90 more to win

17:58 , Luke Baker

It’s still Rabada from this end and he’s pretty tight. A leg bye is the only run and the over ends with a huge swing and miss from Crawley.

England 39/0 (8.0), Lees 15, Crawley 23 - England need 91 more to win

17:55 , Luke Baker

Crawley nicely drops one into the covers for a single, that is also a no-ball. Lees then endures a couple of cries of “CATCH IT” when the ball squirts into the air off edges of his bat but they don’t drop within range of fielders. He takes a single to finish the over.

England 36/0 (7.0), Lees 14, Crawley 22 - England need 94 more to win

17:52 , Luke Baker

You do wonder how different things would be if Lees had been held in the slips by Jansen off the first ball of the innings...

Again, a first-ball single from Crawley before Lees is watchful for the remainder. The light may stop England reaching the total before the end of the day although it is brighter than yesterday at this time.

England 34/0 (6.0), Lees 14, Crawley 21 - England need 95 more to win

17:49 , Luke Baker

Crawley clips the first ball off his legs for a single before Lees sees out the rest of Jansen’s over. Things have settled into more of a traditional Tes match rhythm following that frenetic start to the innings.

England 34/0 (5.0), Lees 14, Crawley 20 - England need 96 more to win

17:43 , Luke Baker

A much calmer over as Rabada largely finds his line and length but the England openers take three singles.

England 31/0 (4.0), Lees 13, Crawley 18 - England need 99 more to win

17:38 , Luke Baker

Jansen runs in and Lees chips one down the ground for two. He then takes an ungainly swing, a sort of pull that squirts off a top edge, Maharaj going backwards at mid-off and dives for it with one hand but it flies just beyond him and falls safely on the ground! Lees living dangerously...

An inside edge single from Crawley and the target is now into double figures.

England 27/0 (3.0), Lees 10, Crawley 17 - England need 103 more to win

17:35 , Luke Baker

Lees clips a single off his pads before Crawley times a stunning shot through the points region for FOUR runs at the top of the bounce. The very next ball, perfect timing again as an on-drive is punched down the ground off the back foot for FOUR more. Maybe Crawley being freed up by attacking this small total?

A couple of singles to finish the over. England 27-0 after three overs! Now just 103 more needed!

England 16/0 (2.0), Lees 8, Crawley 8 - England need 114 more to win

17:32 , Luke Baker

Blimey, this is an eventful over!

There is undoubtedly a classy cricketer in Zak Crawley and he shows such infuriating flashes of it among the problems. A gorgeous drive down the ground for FOUR off the first ball of Marco Jansen.

Then it’s a huge RUN-OUT chance! England take the sharpest of singles into the off-side, it’s a direct hit from Rickelton and Lees is in trouble at the striker’s end. Replays show he’s juuuuust in however. Not great bat grounding technique as his bat was well past the line before being grounded but he gets away with it.

Then a big APPEAL for Lees caught in the slips and a REVIEW from South Africa but not even close to hitting the bat, clearly thigh pad. NOT OUT call on the field stands.

Lees then pummels an on-drive down the ground for FOUR before a single to leg from the final ball. Ten runs, a tight run-out call and a review for caught in the slips from that over!

DROP! England 6/0 (1.0), Lees 3, Crawley 3 - England need 124 more to win

17:25 , Luke Baker

WOW - WHAT A START! First ball of the innings, Kagiso Rabada into Alex Lees and it’s DROPPED. Rabada induced the edge from Lees, it went fast to third slip, where Marco Jansen dived to his left but the ball hits his wrists and goes down. Races towards the boundary for three.

South Africa can’t afford to miss chances like that defending such a small total

Later in the over, Zak Crawley gets three of his own as he steers a bouncing ball into the off-side past point. Already six of the 130 runs required on the board...

England vs South Africa

17:15 , Luke Baker

So, England need 130 runs to win this Test match. Will they get that in the next 90 mins or so of play this evening?

Chances are they’ll ask their (out-of-form) top order to throw the bat at it, so could that provide some chances for South Africa? Alex Lees and Zak Crawley will be out at 5.21pm to start the innings.

WICKET! Kyle Verreynne c & b Anderson 12 (36). South Africa 169 all out (56.2).

17:13 , Luke Baker

And that’s that. Jimmy Anderson has a second WICKET as Verreyne top-edges a wild slash straight up in the air and Anderson himself gets under it for the caught & bowled.

South Africa all out for 169 and England need 130 runs to win this Test match and the series. There will be fireworks this evening you’d think!

South Africa 169/9 (56.0), Nortje 0, Verreyne 12 - SA lead by 129 runs

17:10 , Luke Baker

Anrich Nortje the final man in. Broad pumping up the crowd and asking for more noise! Nortje leaves a couple and plays a defensive stroke to see out the remainder of the over.

WICKET! Keshav Maharaj b Broad 18 (24). South Africa 169/9 (55.3).

17:07 , Luke Baker

Another breakthrough for England and it’s a WICKET for Stuart Broad. Outstanding delivery as he gets one to seam and it clips the top of the stumps - clean bowled! Great stuff and South Africa in more trouble

South Africa 168/8 (55.0), Maharaj 18, Verreyne 11 - SA lead by 128 runs

17:04 , Luke Baker

Anderson does indeed switch ends and concedes four off the over. A couple of early singles before two off the final ball from Maharaj.

South Africa 164/8 (54.0), Maharaj 15, Verreyne 10 - SA lead by 124 runs

16:58 , Luke Baker

Stuart Broad into the attack and you have to assume a switch of ends for Jimmy Anderson will be upcoming.

Great fielding in the deep from Alex Lees as Maharaj forces one down to fine leg as the England opener slides across to prevent the boundary. Three runs there and four off the over.

South Africa 160/8 (53.0), Maharaj 12, Verreyne 9 - SA lead by 120 runs

16:53 , Luke Baker

Stokes still steaming in, admirable from the England skipper. Forces a Maharaj inside edge from the opening ball of the over but when he drifts down the leg side he’s flicked for FOUR off the hips.

Another full-toss loosener is squirted away for two into the on-side. Stokes looking slightly laboured - maybe time for a change?

South Africa 154/8 (52.0), Maharaj 6, Verreyne 9 - SA lead by 114 runs

16:50 , Luke Baker

Solid from Anderson as he concedes just a single from the over. Can Maharaj and Verreyne produce some heroics to somehow salvage things for South Africa?

South Africa 153/8 (51.0), Maharaj 6, Verreyne 9 - SA lead by 113 runs

16:45 , Luke Baker

Wow, Ben Stokes continuing. He’s only got one knee remember, and I assumed Stuart Broad would be into the attack. Galvanised by that wicket perhaps.

Maharaj crunches a FOUR through extra cover when the England skipper strays too wide and takes a single later in the over

South Africa 148/8 (50.0), Maharaj 1, Verreyne 9 - SA lead by 108 runs

16:42 , Luke Baker

England won’t want to hang about now. Jimmy Anderson into the attack post-tea. Can he get a quick breakthrough? Verreyne slices a single and that means new man Keshav Maharaj is on strike.

APPEAL for lbw from the first delivery he faces but it’s slipping down leg side and the umpire shakes his head. A single follows and Verreyne see out the remainder of the over.

WICKET! Kagiso Rabada c Brook b Stokes 0 (2). South Africa 146/8 (49.0).

16:37 , Luke Baker

And that is some start. A WICKET with the final ball of his spell. Kagiso Rabada on strike, the ball pitches in the footholes, takes an edge and is caught by Harry Brook at slip.

A question whether it’s a bumped ball at the point of contact but replays show it’s clean and that’s brilliant by England!

England vs South Africa

16:35 , Luke Baker

Ok, we’re ready to resume at The Oval. Can England finish off South Africa and take a crack at this score tonight? Two balls of Ben Stoke’s over left to start us off.

TEA! South Africa 146/7 (48.4), Maharaj 0, Verreyne 8 - SA lead by 106 runs

16:16 , Luke Baker

And that’s also TEA! Another good session for England who are in control of this match. A couple more quick wickets after the break and it’s conceivable they could even finish this today.

That might be getting ahead of ourselves but they’re certainly in good shape.

WICKET! Marco Jansen b Stokes 4 (16). South Africa 146/7 (48.4).

16:14 , Luke Baker

Last over before tea and Stokes, despite hobbling about a bit with his knee and looking absolutely knackered, grabs the ball for one final effort.

And it pays dividends as the skipper takes a WICKET! And it’s not a no-ball this time! He bowls a perfect inswinger that nips between bat and pad, smashing into leg stump. Clean bowled - brilliant stuff.

South Africa 146/6 (48.0), Jansen 4, Verreyne 8 - SA lead by 106 runs

16:09 , Luke Baker

This over is another lively one! First ball from Robinson and Verreyne top-edges a pull shot that flies for SIX! I say ‘flies’, it landed directly on the rope and fine leg couldn’t get round to it.

The following delivery goes to one of the close fielders who takes a shy at the stumps and Verreyne has to take evasive action, Matrix-style, to get out of the way of the ball! No damage done and smiles all round.

NOT OUT! South Africa 140/6 (47.0), Jansen 4, Verreyne 2 - SA lead by 100 runs

16:05 , Luke Baker

Oh dear, Ben Stokes... He gets one swinging away from Jansen and he edges to fourth slip where it’s well-taken by Ollie Pope and would be a wicket but Stokes has overstepped for a no-ball... NOT OUT!

Stokes has a well-documented history of taking wickets with no-balls and this is another. He’s starting to look shattered, has he got one more over in him?

South Africa 139/6 (46.0), Jansen 4, Verreyne 2 - SA lead by 99 runs

16:01 , Luke Baker

A maiden over for Robinson, who is absolutely nailing his line and length at the moment. Should be time for three more overs before tea.

South Africa 139/6 (45.0), Jansen 4, Verreyne 2 - SA lead by 99 runs

15:57 , Luke Baker

A fairly nondescript over from Stokes although Verreyne flicks a single to leg. South Africa edging closer towards a lead of 100 but you’d think they’ll need considerably more than that.

South Africa 138/6 (44.0), Jansen 4, Verreyne 1 - SA lead by 98 runs

15:51 , Luke Baker

Marco Jansen the next man in and England will have designs on winning this today. Robinson finishes his over, throwing in a no-ball and off the final delivery, a well-timed punch through the covers from Jansen runs away for FOUR.

WATCH: Robinson gets his 50th wicket

15:49 , Luke Baker

Here’s the first of those two quick wickets from Ollie Robinson - his 50th in Test cricket. An inswinger too much for Wiaan Mulder.

WICKET! Khaya Zondo lbw b Robinson 16 (51). South Africa 133/6 (43.3).

15:47 , Luke Baker

What a Test match Ollie Robinson is having! He gets another wickets as one jags back in, Zondo half-plays a shot and it raps the pad. Could be a bit high but up goes the finger! WICKET!

South Africa understandably review and it’s incredibly tight on height but it’s umpire’s call, so the decision stands. Jubilation for England.

South Africa 128/5 (43.0), Zondo 16, Verreyne 0 - SA lead by 88 runs

15:45 , Luke Baker

Kyle Verreyne the next man in for South Africa, although Zondo is on strike. Stokes still proving slightly expensive as Zondo chops one for FOUR through backward point and then smashes another FOUR through long-off. Eight from the over

WICKET! Wiaan Mulder b Robinson 14 (52). South Africa 120/5 (42.0).

15:40 , Luke Baker

Robinson continuing from the other end and with the final ball of the over he gets the breakthrough with a WICKET! It’s his 50th in Test cricket as he gets one to nip back in to Mulder and a cut is under-edged on to the stumps. Clean bowled!

South Africa 118/4 (41.0), Zondo 8, Mulder 12 - SA lead by 78 runs

15:31 , Luke Baker

Some looser deliveries starting to creep in from Stokes and a half-volley down the leg side is flicked for FOUR by Mulder through backward square.

A no-ball and a couple of runs make it a more expensive over but off the penultimate delivery there’s a huge APPEAL for caught behind as Zondo tries to withdraw the bat. Not out says the umpire but England REVIEW and it’s unbelievably tight. Joe Root in particular adamant there was an edge but he just avoids feathering it. No reviews left for England.

South Africa 102/4 (36.0), Zondo 3, Mulder 3 - SA lead by 62 runs

15:09 , Jack Rathborn

The Proteas bring up the 100 and are starting to absorb the pressure.

Just six runs between them but Zondo and Mulder have shared 59 deliveries between them.

Now then, Stokes grabs the ball...

South Africa 97/4 (31.0), Zondo 0, Mulder 1 - SA lead by 56 runs

14:43 , Jack Rathborn

This is good stuff from Anderson, a leg bye denies him a maiden with the sixth delivery.

South Africa need to reset, the lead is solid for now, they’ll hope to see off this England resurgence.

WICKET! Rickelton 8 (15) lbw b. Anderson, South Africa 98/4 (28.0)

14:32 , Jack Rathborn

Rickelton gone! Nitin Menon gives him lbw to Anderson, he appeals. It’s no good though, he has to walk.

He plays right across the outswinger.

Foakes with plenty of congratulations for the strategy it seems too.

WICKET! Petersen 23 (31) c. Pope b. Anderson, South Africa 91/3 (24.3)

14:17 , Jack Rathborn

WICKET! Petersen angles one to fourth slip, Anderson has his man!

A lovely outswinger and Pope is classy in the slips, getting low to remove him.

The lead is 51 runs.

South Africa 87/2 (22.4), Petersen 19, Rickelton 4 - SA lead by 47 runs

14:00 , Jack Rathborn

Broad is now fifth all-time in the leading Test match wicket takers. A legendary player and career.

WICKET! Elgar 36 (59) LBW b. Broad, South Africa 83/2 (21.4)

13:55 , Jack Rathborn

Broad appeals for LBW on Petersen, Stokes has a thing, but a chuckle and then a spin back to his fielding position removes any drama over an appeal.

There we go... OUT! Broad didn’t have to wait long, that is plum.

McCullum with a big round of applause from the pavillion.

England vs South Africa: Lunch report

13:35 , Jack Rathborn

Left-arm seamer Marco Jansen took a career best 5-35 as South Africa bowled England out for 158 early on day four of the third and final test at The Oval on Sunday, before moving into the lead on 70 for one at lunch in their second innings.

Captain Dean Elgar was 35 not out and Keegan Petersen on seven with the touring side 30 runs ahead having seen off the new ball in difficult batting conditions.

The game has moved forward at pace with 20 wickets falling in four sessions after day one was washed out by rain and the second was cancelled as a mark of respect following the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Both teams’ first innings lasted 36.2 overs as the seamers made hay on a helpful wicket, but England were frustrated in their search for a breakthrough, not helped by wayward lines that gave the visitors regular scoring opportunities.

There is still plenty in the wicket, and Elgar and fellow opener Erwee (26) rode their luck before the latter edged England captain Ben Stokes to Joe Root at first slip with the score on 58.

England had resumed the day on 154 for seven, but lost their last three wickets in 13 minutes for the addition of four runs.

Kagiso Rabada (4-81) had Ollie Robinson (3) caught by Elgar at short mid-off, before Jack Leach played the ball onto his stumps off the speedster.

Jansen wrapped up the innings when he claimed a first five- wicket haul in test cricket when Ben Foakes (14) edged a delivery to Petersen at third slip.

The series is poised at 1-1 after both teams won by an innings inside three days in the two previous games.


LUNCH: South Africa 70/1 (19.0), Elgar 35, Petersen 7

13:20 , Jack Rathborn

Elgar and Petersen avoid another breakthrough.

They get to lunch and have a lead of 30 runs.

Advantage Proteas.

WICKET! Erwee 26 (53) c. Root b. Stokes, South Africa 58/1 (15.3)

12:46 , Jack Rathborn

Stokes gets the breakthrough, magic from the captain!

It’s a fuller length and Erwee comes at it and is deceived by the swing.

It’s low, but Root gets low and grasps it, smart catch. The lead is 18 runs.

South Africa 57/0 (14.0), Elgar 30, Erwee 26

12:36 , Jack Rathborn

The lead is up to 17, England having conversations over a new ball?

The Proteas look to have the momentum here.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

South Africa 45/0 (11.0), Elgar 25, Erwee 19

12:24 , Jack Rathborn

Erwee sends Broad to the boundary, South Africa lead by five runs.

England bowling a little short and need a change of plan here.

Anderson back on, will Stokes bowl soon? Breakthrough needed to set up a manageable chase.

Elgar caught off guard there, it’s spat up from the wicket and pinged to fourth slip.

South Africa 32/0 (8.0), Elgar 16, Erwee 15

12:06 , Jack Rathborn

Stuart Broad now on for England, who search for a breakthrough, as the lead is about to vanish.

Still up by eight runs, the Proteas have started superbly.

Elgar is digging in, very gritty and the pressure could switch to England if he continues.

South Africa 15/0 (6.0), Elgar 10, Erwee 5

11:57 , Jack Rathborn

Dropped? Length ball and nudged to Anderson, it’s grabbed on the bounce.

A few moans from the Oval crowd.

South Africa 15/0 (5.0), Elgar 10, Erwee 5

11:46 , Jack Rathborn

Robinson thinks he’s got a catch here, Erwee nicks it to fifth slip!

The crowd aren’t sure, but go up with a crackle around the Oval.

The soft signal from Nitin Menon is not out, Chris Gaffaney could overrule but the replay shows a little brush of the turf before Anderson snaffled it.

England vs South Africa

11:25 , Jack Rathborn

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)
 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)
 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

WICKET! Foakes 14 (35) c. Petersen b. Jansen, England 158 (36.2)

11:20 , Jack Rathborn

Foakes flicks to third slip, Jansen with a beauty, England all out for 158, a lead of 40 runs.

A big applause from the Oval crowd as the players come off the pitch, Jansen has his five-for.

This game is alive!

WICKET! Leach 0 (3) b. Rabada, England 158/9 (35.4)

11:11 , Jack Rathborn


Leach chops on, Rabada making light work early this morning at the Oval. England nine down...

England 156-8 (35.0), Leach 0, Foakes 13

11:08 , Jack Rathborn

Marco Jansen brings the fire from the Pavilion End.

Jack Leach starts at the non-striker’s end, Foakes fends off three balls before a single, then Leach negotiates a couple without fuss.

WICKET! Robinson 3 (3) c. Elgar b. Rabada, England 155/8 (33.6)

11:04 , Jack Rathborn

Foakes tickles Rabada away for a single, but South Africa start superbly with the next ball.

Robinson, gone! It’s chipped up to cover and caught by Elgar, that’s a poor way to lose your wicket, especially so soon.

England vs South Africa

10:53 , Jack Rathborn

 (Getty Images for Surrey CCC)
(Getty Images for Surrey CCC)
 (Getty Images for Surrey CCC)
(Getty Images for Surrey CCC)
 (Getty Images for Surrey CCC)
(Getty Images for Surrey CCC)

England’s Stuart Broad reacts to Day 3

10:30 , Jack Rathborn

“It was very special looking around the stadium and seeing a lot of faces in here, and it felt right to be in a cricket stadium,” Broad told Test Match Special.

“ It was a really good day, it felt like everyone was showing a lot of respect to the Queen and celebrating her life with playing a sporting game.”

England seam bowler Ollie Robinson reacts to Day 3

10:19 , Jack Rathborn

“It felt like a really special morning to be a part of. To show our respects in the way we did was a huge honour for us. The silence when we walked down the steps was something none of us had ever experienced.

“The message was clear from Ben, to be positive to try to force a result, to play brave cricket. I think we did that today.”

England lead by 36 at end of day three

Saturday 10 September 2022 19:04 , Michael Jones

At the start of the day’s play England captain Ben Stokes promised exciting action as the test match resumed following the death of Queen Elizabeth II and he delivered.

After a somber and respectful tribute to the departed monarch, play started with South Africa asked to bat first. England were on top from the get-go and ripped through the top order thanks to an exceptional spell from Ollie Robinson. He ended with five wickets as England dismissed the Proteas for 118.

In reply Ollie Pope scored 67 but wickets continued to fall around him until bad light stopped play just after half past six. England managed to sneak ahead and with Ben Foakes and Robinson at the crease they lead by 36 runs.

17 wickets and close to 300 runs in the day, what will tomorrow bring?

Just us in the morning as England look to press ahead before bowling South Africa out cheaply once more. As Ben Stokes says ‘it’ll be exciting’ at the very least.

South Africa’s bowling figures

Saturday 10 September 2022 18:56 , Michael Jones

Kagiso Rabada 11.4-1-78-2

Marco Jansen 11-2-34-4

Wiaan Mulder 2-0-11-0

Anrich Nortje 9-0-29-1

England batting scorecard

Saturday 10 September 2022 18:54 , Michael Jones

England 154-7, lead by 36

Alex Lees b. Jansen 13(6)

Zak Crawley lbw b. Jansen 5(34)

Ollie Pope c. Verreynne b. Rabada 67(77)

Joe Root c. Petersen b. Jansen 23(25)

Harry Brook c. Rabada b. Jansen 12(20)

Ben Stokes c. Erwee b. Nortje 6(9)

Ben Foakes not out 11(24)

Stuart Broad c. Verreynne b. Rabada 6(11)

Ollie Robinson not out 3(2)

Jack Leach DNB

James Anderson DNB

Stumps: England 154-7, lead by 36

Saturday 10 September 2022 18:49 , Michael Jones

That’s it for the day. The umpires have called stumps on Day 3 with England leading by 36. They had a fantastic morning and early afternoon by skittling South Africa for just 118.

Ben Stokes’ men were well set to take a comprehensive grip on this game but the batting line-up floundered and the lead is only 36.

Ollie Pope scored a more than respectable 67 and Joe Root cameoed with 23 but none of the other batters chipped in with a significant score.

Bad light stops play!

Saturday 10 September 2022 18:35 , Michael Jones

With the umpires taking a light reading play can’t resume until it gets brighter which looks unlikely at this time of year. There have been 17 wickets fall today and England are marginally ahead.

The lead by 36 runs with three wickets left.

The umpires will keep the players off until seven and if the light doesn’t get better they’ll probably call time on the day’s play.

England 154-7 (33.4), Robinson 3, Foakes 11, Rabada 2-78 (11.4)

Saturday 10 September 2022 18:30 , Michael Jones

Ollie Robinson is the new batter and gets off the mark with a nice controlled on-drive past mid-on for three runs. With two deliveries left in Rabada’s 12th over the umpires take a light reading and take the players off.

Bad light stops play! That could be it for the day now.

Wicket! Broad 6 (11) c. Verreynne b. Rabada, England 151-7 (33.1)

Saturday 10 September 2022 18:26 , Michael Jones

Broad is caught behind!

Rabada has had enough of pitching the ball up to Broad and bangs a short ball into his body. Broad tries to hook it away to the leg side but gets a slight edge on the ball and nicks it through to Kyle Verreynne who clings onto the catch.

England 151-6 (33), Broad 6, Foakes 11, Nortje 1-29 (9)

Saturday 10 September 2022 18:23 , Michael Jones

It’s getting quite gloomy out there now as Nortje finishes another over and possibly his spell. Play can continue until 7.30pm but the light will become a factor as the day goes on.

England 150-6 (32.2), Broad 5, Foakes 11, Nortje 1-28 (8.2)

Saturday 10 September 2022 18:21 , Michael Jones

150 for England! Foakes flicks Nortje off his hips for one to bring up Englands 150, their lead is up to 32 and Foakes is batting nicely. He’s going to have to marshall the tail to the end of this innings.

England 149-6 (32), Broad 5, Foakes 10, Rabada 1-75 (11)

Saturday 10 September 2022 18:19 , Michael Jones

Two runs for Foakes from Rabada’s latest over but the wicketkeeper is lucky to miss a ball that pitches and nips away from his outside edge. It’s a jaffa from seamer.

Stuart Broad meanwhile has had a sight of a few full deliveries and this time he laces his stroke through the offside for four runs!

England 142-6 (31), Broad 1, Foakes 8, Nortje 1-27 (8)

Saturday 10 September 2022 18:13 , Michael Jones

Four runs! Nortje strays too straight and Foakes tickles the ball fine to pick up his first boundary of the innings. He takes one from the next delivery and leaves Broad with two deliveries to see out.

Broad isn’t the greatest batter against quick bowling and steps outside the leg stump and looks to swipe Nortje over extra-cover.

It’s a swing and a miss. He does the same with the next ball and picks out Dean Elgar at mid-off.

England 137-6 (30), Broad 1, Foakes 3, Rabada 1-69 (10)

Saturday 10 September 2022 18:08 , Michael Jones

Stuart Broad gets off the mark with a back foot punch through cover off Kagiso Rabada to pick up a single. Foakes plays a loose shot as Rabada finds some movement away from the right-hander.

The South African quick suddenly looks like a different prospect. He’s finding some rhythm from the Vauxhall end.

England 135-6 (29), Broad 0, Foakes 2, Nortje 1-22 (7)

Saturday 10 September 2022 18:04 , Michael Jones

England lead by 17 runs but the bowlers are at the crease. Anrich Nortje seems to have an extra spring in his step as he bowls to Ben Foakes who works him away for a couple.

Both Foakes and Stuart Broad are new to the crease and need to put a partnership together for England.

Wicket! Pope 67 (77) c. Verreynne b. Rabada, England 133-6 (27.4)

Saturday 10 September 2022 18:01 , Michael Jones

Rabada has his first wicket! It’s a little tentative push from Ollie Pope - something he hasn’t done all day - and he feathers the ball through to Kyle Verreynne behind the stumps.

England’s number three has to go and this is a brilliant fight back from South Africa who are right in the game now.

England 133-5 (27.2), Pope 67, Foakes 0, Rabada 0-67 (9.2)

Saturday 10 September 2022 17:58 , Michael Jones

Ollie Pope collects England four more runs from Kagiso Rabada with another fine stroke through the leg side. The Surrey man has been the only batter to make a significant score today.

Wicket! Stokes 6 (9) c. Erwee b, Nortje, England 129-5 (26.5)

Saturday 10 September 2022 17:54 , Michael Jones

Stokes is gone! A rather hectic innings from the England captain comes to an end as he attempts to bomb Nortje through the covers and edges the ball to Sarel Erwee at first slip.

England are five down with a lead of just 11.

England 128-4 (26.2), Pope 63, Stokes 6, Nortje 0-20 (5.2)

Saturday 10 September 2022 17:52 , Michael Jones

Dropped! It’s harsh to call this a drop as Dean Elgar didn’t even get to the ball. Anrich Nortje replaces Marco Jansen and Ben Stokes tries to smack him out of the attack.

The bottom hand comes off the bat as Stokes skies it over to mid-off. Elgar is slow getting to the ball and has to dive full length to take the catch.

The ball flies through his outstretched arms and hits the turf. The England captain gets a reprieve.

England 127-4 (26), Pope 63, Stokes 5, Rabada 0-63 (8)

Saturday 10 September 2022 17:49 , Michael Jones

Ollie Pope ends the over with another boundary as he flicks Rabada away through midwicket. Keshav Maharaj sprints after the ball and tries to keep it in play but he makes contact with the rope as he pulls the ball back and Pope adds four to his tally.

England 123-4 (25.3), Pope 59, Stokes 1, Rabada 0-59 (7.3)

Saturday 10 September 2022 17:47 , Michael Jones

Ben Stokes dinks Kagiso Rabada around the corner behind square leg for a single and England take the lead.

With Pope on strike, Rabada gets one to bounce slightly higher and hits the corner edge of Pope’s bat but the ball flies over Keegan Petersen at slip and runs away for four runs.

England 118-4 (25), Pope 55, Stokes 4, Jansen 4-34 (11)

Saturday 10 September 2022 17:44 , Michael Jones

England are level! Pope clips Jansen away and collects two runs to bring the scores level at the end of Jansen’s 11th over.

England 116-4 (24.2), Pope 53, Stokes 4, Jansen 4-32 (10.2)

Saturday 10 September 2022 17:42 , Michael Jones

50 for Ollie Pope! He gets a top edge on an attempted pull shot and knocks the ball over the wicketkeeper’s head where the ball runs away for four runs.

Pope’s fifty comes up in 62 balls with 10 fours.

 (Getty Images for Surrey CCC)
(Getty Images for Surrey CCC)

England 112-4 (24), Pope 49, Stokes 4, Rabada 0-54 (7)

Saturday 10 September 2022 17:38 , Michael Jones

Kagiso Rabada takes the ball from the other end and almost beats Ollie Pope for pace. Pope gets an inside edge onto his pads and the ball squirts through the slips for a single.

Ben Stokes is the new man for England. The captain needs to settle and dig in for a long innings here as England need the runs. He rocks back and cuts Rabada away for four runs off the last ball of the over.

Wicket! Brook 12 (20) c. Rabada b. Jansen, England 107-4 (22.5)

Saturday 10 September 2022 17:35 , Michael Jones

Harry Brook is gone! Marco Jansen drags the ball down short and Brook looks to hook him away to the legside but has to drag the ball from wide of the off stump.

He doesn’t catch it well and loops the ball straight down to deep fine leg where Kagiso Rabada catches it and gives Jansen his fourth wicket of the innings.

England 107-3 (22.3), Pope 48, Brook 12, Jansen 3-28 (9.3)

Saturday 10 September 2022 17:32 , Michael Jones

Jansen has start around the wicket, angling the ball into Brook and looking to nip it away from the right-handers. Harry Brook sees out the first three days quite comfortably as Jansen targets an off-stump line.

England 107-3 (22), Pope 48, Brook 12, Jansen 3-28 (9)

Saturday 10 September 2022 17:29 , Michael Jones

Marco Jansen gets play back underway after the rain break with Harry Brook on strike for England

England seamers tear through South Africa on poignant day of third Test at the Oval

Saturday 10 September 2022 17:24 , Michael Jones

England seamers Ollie Robinson and Stuart Broad scythed through South Africa’s batting order on a poignant day three of the third Test.

After stirring tributes before play to commemorate the Queen at the Kia Oval, Robinson’s Test-best five for 49 and Broad’s four for 41 left South Africa in a heap, all out for a meagre 118 in 36.2 overs.

Only five batters got into double figures and just two reached 20 as England’s fast bowlers capitalised on just enough movement under leaden skies, but out-of-form openers Alex Lees and Zak Crawley failed again before Ollie Pope (38 not out) and Joe Root (23no) took England to 84 for two at tea.

England seamers tear through South Africa on poignant day of third Test at the Oval

Play to restart at 5.30pm

Saturday 10 September 2022 17:18 , Michael Jones

The umpires have come out and told the ground staff to take the covers off and they’ve said that play will restart at half past five.

Rain stops play

Saturday 10 September 2022 17:12 , Michael Jones

This won’t be a long break, it’s hardly raining anymore and shouldn’t be too long before the covers are being taken off. The crowd want to see more cricket, they’re egging on the ground staff to take the covers off and get the game back on.

Rain stops play!

Saturday 10 September 2022 17:02 , Michael Jones

The clouds have come over the ground and it’s started to drizzle. Not heavily but enough for the umpires to take the players off the ground until it stops.

Ollie Pope has been good, he’s moved up to 48* with Harry Brook 12* on debut. England trail by 11 runs.

England 107-3 (22), Pope 48, Brook 12, Nortje 0-19 (5)

Saturday 10 September 2022 17:01 , Michael Jones

Ollie Pope cuts one away for another single and Dean Elgar sends a man out to deep square-leg as the South African’s consider some short stuff to Harry Brook.

Nortje goes full and Brook steadily drives him down the ground for three. Pope then rotates the strike back to the Yorkshire with a dab into the offside and Brook returns the favour to collect one more run.

England 100-3 (21), Pope 46, Brook 8, Jansen 3-28 (9)

Saturday 10 September 2022 16:55 , Michael Jones

Just the one run from Marco Jansen’s over as Harry Brook showcases his defence and how well he can leave the ball. England trail by 18 runs.

They’ll want to get a lead on the board before Ben Stokes comes in next.

England 100-3 (20.1), Pope 46, Brook 8, Jansen 3-28 (8.1)

Saturday 10 September 2022 16:52 , Michael Jones

Ollie Pope brings up the hundred for England by turning Marco Jansen away to fine leg. On a personal level Pope is also closing in on what would be a well earned fifty.

England 99-3 (20), Pope 45, Brook 8, Nortje 0-12 (4)

Saturday 10 September 2022 16:51 , Michael Jones

Nicely done from Ollie Pope who drives one into the covers on the up. He doesn’t time it well but still collects a couple of runs off Anrich Nortje.

Nortje bangs a short and wide delivery into the pitch and Pope cuts the ball away in the air. Ryan Rickelton is patrolling the boundary but he doesn’t see the ball until late and it bounces safely despite cries of ‘catch!’ from his team mates.

England 96-3 (19), Pope 42, Brook 8, Jansen 3-27 (8)

Saturday 10 September 2022 16:47 , Michael Jones

Four runs! Harry Brook’s first runs in test cricket come through a stonking cover drive off Marco Jansen. The bottom hand comes off his bat as he laces it across the square.

That’ll feel good for the Yorkshireman.

He repeats the result with a looser shot that heads backward of point but evades the fielder. It’s more of a square drive this time but Brook has back-to-back boundaries.

England 88-3 (18), Pope 42, Brook 0, Nortje 0-9 (3)

Saturday 10 September 2022 16:42 , Michael Jones

England, and Ollie Pope, are back underway after tea as Anrich Nortje drifts into Pope’s pad allowing him to whip the ball away to the boundary for four runs.

Pope is into the 40s.

England 84-3 (17), Pope 38, Brook 0, Jansen 3-19 (7)

Saturday 10 September 2022 16:40 , Michael Jones

Solid. Harry Brook strides to the crease on his test match debut and gets in behind Marco Jansen’s final delivery in the over with a confident block.

He’ll be nervous and South Africa can capitalise on that. England still trail by 34 runs.

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