Sean Dyche tells Everton what happens to transfers if takeover completely falls through

Everton manager Sean Dyche
Everton manager Sean Dyche -Credit:Andrew Kearns - CameraSport via Getty Images

Sean Dyche admits Everton would have to find player solutions from within the club this summer if a takeover of the club does not take place.

MSP Sports Capital could yet come back to the table with a takeover play for Everton as a deal with 777 Partners teeters on the brink of collapse. The ECHO understands that MSP are considering whether a takeover of Everton is viable after the planned acquisition of the club by 777 Partners ran into serious trouble with the under-fire Miami-based private investment firm still not having met Premier League approval almost eight months after their deal to acquire majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri’s entire 94.1% stake in the club was struck.

Dyche said: “If the takeover doesn’t happen, or a takeover, then it will probably be juggling dust, not sand. I think that’s fair, because who knows then? You are having to self-generate everything then, I would imagine, because it’s not like there is a pile of cash anywhere so you’ve got to self-generate.

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“If you self-generate, how do you get in what you are losing? If someone leaves, how do you get the next one in who is as good as the one leaving?

“There is no time for development, because this club hasn’t got time for that. This club is not used to, and I suppose not many are now, but in my day at Nottingham Forest the fans accepted that young players would be playing and therefore they are going to have tough spells but we are going to stand by them because we can see what they are doing it for.

“A lot of those young players became good players and made their name. Football has changed hugely since then.

“We all know this. It is instant, bang, let’s get on with it.”

The Blues boss added: “If there is no takeover of any kind and it stays as it is now, then we have to self-generate. And if you self-generate it is a very tough situation because usually you sell high and you buy low.

“But when you buy low, who are you buying? And if you can’t buy then you have to generate from inside and that is a time thing.

“There are not many young players who are ‘right, we are ready for the Premier League’. There was the famous Manchester United team but that is once.

“No-one else has ever got five or six players together and got them to take the team forward. No-one, and think about how much money goes into youth departments.”