Every word Ange Postecoglou said on Chelsea defeat, James Maddison and taking responsibility

Ange Postecoglou has spoken to the media following Tottenham's 2-0 defeat at Chelsea
Ange Postecoglou has spoken to the media following Tottenham's 2-0 defeat at Chelsea -Credit:GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images

Your thoughts on the result and performance?

It wasn't a great night for us. We didn't really reach the levels anywhere near the levels we need to get a result here tonight. Fair to say we didn't play anywhere near the levels to get something out of the game and we got what we deserved.

Was that one of the most frustrating evenings you've had since taking over?

It wasn't a great night and it's fair to say we didn't play anywhere near the sort of football and didn't have the mindset that I expect us to have. That's on me and I've got to take responsibility for that ultimately as I'm the one who is putting them out there and preparing them for it. We were so far off it and I've got to look at myself and see how I'm preparing this team for it.

What did you think were the problems today? Can you put your finger on any of them?

Like I said, we lacked a real sort of conviction and positive mindset in our football. We didn't really have any fluency, any sort of aggression with and without the ball. It’s a bit unlike us because if nothing else we’ve always been competitive, especially in the first half it was missing today.

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It's rare in your career to have three defeats in a row, how testing is this period for you?

It is what it is. I don’t sort of think in those terms. Like I said, my responsibility is preparing the team every game to make sure we reach certain levels. We didn’t do it today so that lies at my feet and I’ve got to fix that.

Why was James Maddison not in the team?

I thought we needed to freshen up the team. I thought we needed some legs today as they've obviously got a real mobile and quick front three/four and I just felt we needed some legs in the midfield. With Biss and Pape coming in, and Deki, I thought it would help us. Fair to say it didn’t work though.

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