Every word raging Postecoglou said on fragile Tottenham foundations and how he will change club

What did you make of the performance today?

Disappointed to lose. I thought it was a tight game. Big moments for both teams which they capitalised on and we didn't. That sort of brought the outcome that happened. So disappointed to lose.

It was a pretty good performance though, can we talk about the positives of the way you set up?

Like I said it was a tight game and they're a top team. I don't think they dominated us at any point. Probably towards the end we opened up a bit to try to equalise but up until the first goal we were well in the game and in some areas I thought we were dominant. Ultimately if you want to win those games you've got to take the big moments. You've got to be disciplined and it's fair to say it's one of the areas we have let ourselves down in all year. Not capitalising on big moments and lacking in discipline.

Were you pleased that you could at least see the foundations of what you're trying to build in that performance for next season?

No, I think the last 48 hours has revealed to me that the foundations are fairly fragile mate. So...

How do you mean?

That's just what I think.

Was it the atmosphere?

I just think the last 48 hours have revealed a fair bit to me. That's alright. It just means I've got to go back to the drawing board with some things.

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What did you make of the fans changing 'Are you watching Arsenal' after the first City goal?

I'm not interested mate. I just don't care.

When you say about the last 48 hours, is it inside the club or outside the club?

Outside, inside, everywhere. It's been an interesting exercise.

Is that to do with the players?

It's just my observations mate. I'm not going to tell you, because it's for me. I'm the one who's got to do it. You can make your own assessments of what's happened. I understand. I probably misread the situation as to what I think is important in your endeavour to become a winning team, but that's ok. That's why I'm here.

Do you think you might have to change your summer plans?

No. It's got nothing to do with summer plans. The summer plans are there.

Is it tied up with the Arsenal rivalry stuff?

I'm just not interested mate. Maybe I'm out of step, but I just don't care, I just want to win. I want to be successful at this football club, it's why I was brought in. So what other people, how they want to feel, and what their priorities are, are of zero interest to me. I know what's important to build a winning team, that's what I need to concentrate on.

The fans have roared on the team this season, but a subdued atmosphere today, does that affect the players?

Of course it does. It is what it is. I can't dictate what people do. They're allowed to express themselves any way they want. But yeah, when we've got late winners in games it's because the crowd's helped us.

Has the last 48 hours steeled you in terms of what you want to do?

I already know what I want to do, it's just I've got to make some adjustments to how I do it.

Mikey Moore, was that a reward for a good season of progress?

He's been training well with us, we wanted to get him some game time, it just hasn't panned out in the last few games, it was an opportunity to just get him out there. He's still got a long way to go, he's only 16, he's a great kid. It's a reward, because we've had him training with us and he hasn't been playing with the U21s either, we thought it wouldn't be fair to not reward his hard work with an appearance.

Did you expect Sonny to score when he goes through?

Yeah, you'd back on Sonny but the big moments we didn't come up with today. It wasn't just him. Kulusevski a couple times, we had some decent chances and I was real disappointed with their first goal. We just lacked some discipline again and it's kind of been the story of our season where we haven't capitalised on big moments and we've lacked some discipline in our football. Again, that's stuff we just need to keep trying to improve.

Bentancur was very angry when he came off, were you okay with that?

I didn't notice. Don't care.

Were you happy with the application of players?

Well I think, unless I was watching a different game, we matched it with the best team in the land for the last four years, unless someone saw it differently.

No, I agree – just asking...

Well, doesn't it pan out that... why wouldn't I be happy if we've matched the team that is kind of the benchmark. I don't understand. So, yeah I was happy with the application. Of course I was. That was evident.

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