'Five times more' - Jurgen Klopp makes Liverpool claim after Man City trophy upset

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp -Credit:Liverpool FC/Expedia

Jurgen Klopp believes winning at Liverpool is worth as much as five times more than with another club as he prepares to bid farewell to Anfield.

Klopp will take charge of the Reds for the final time at home to Wolves on Sunday week after almost nine years in charge, during which Liverpool won the championship for the first time in 30 years, a sixth European Cup, a first-ever Club World Cup, the UEFA Super Cup, the FA Cup, two League Cups and the Community Shield.

Trent Alexander-Arnold caused a stir earlier this season when stating Liverpool's trophies will more to their fanbase than equivalent successes for Manchester City given the financial situations of both clubs, which irked a number of City players including Ruben Dias.

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And having defended Alexander-Arnold at the time, Klopp has now explained his own belief of why success at Liverpool feels so valuable.

"I really think there's a Liverpool way," said the Reds boss. "When you win one time with Liverpool, it is worth as much as five with another club. To experience a good moment is really good. To experience a good moment with a lot of people together is a completely different level, and the same is with the bad moments. So that is really special.

"If you played a minute for this club, people all over the world will never forget you. And you will find them 7,000 miles away. Really, the club is so big and you only realise it when you go in different countries and continents."

Recalling his first home game in charge against Rubin Kazan in the Europa League in October 2015, Klopp added: "That was and still is a fantastic moment. Obviously, it's a historical place and that's what you can sense and you can breathe and you can feel. It was absolutely everything you want it to be."

Klopp, speaking in an episode of 'Finding Liverpool' for the club in association with Expedia, has also underlined why he will cherish his time living in Merseyside.

"I could have grown up here, definitely," he said. "I'm not a city person, I'm obviously from the countryside so if I don't say hello to the lady in the street, when I arrived at home she'd call my mum and say, 'what's wrong with your boy?'. So that would never happen in a big city. But a little bit... Liverpool kept that.

"The main thing is still the people - the togetherness, the connection, the heart - I knew I will love being here. It became home for us and that's pretty special and we feel really blessed and privileged we got that opportunity."