Football to trial sin bins in crackdown on bad behaviour

Football to trial sin bins in crackdown on bad behaviour

Top-level football could be about to welcome the addition of sin bins for players.

This week's meeting of the game's lawmakers, IFAB, in London has led to a raft of new proposals to continue to evolve the state of play.

While many focus on the ongoing tricky transition to technology being implemented in the Premier League and beyond, one other key area of concern is player behaviour.

Dissent is a growing issue for football's authorities and a trial of sin bins at grassroots levels has been deemed "successful" by IFAB.

As a result, the trial is set to be rolled out to "higher levels" with dissent and specific tactical offences to result in a sin bin punishment.

It is not yet known where the trial will take place and for how long players will be sin binned, with IFAB saying the protocol is still being developed.

Furthermore, plans to trial only the team captain being allowed to approach the referee in major game situations have also been given the green light.

IFAB stated: "The stricter application of the Laws of the Game against players and coaches who demonstrate disrespectful conduct and the better management of mass confrontations were also amongst the measures discussed, with further trials to be developed."

Other measures approved by the lawmakers include the referee announcing VAR decisions via the stadium's public address system, further use of semi-automated offsides and body cameras for grassroots officials to deter misconduct.

IFAB is also keen to further clarify the handball law for the 2024-25 season and take further action on timewasting measures, such as the oft-ignored six-second rule for goalkeepers handling the ball.