Francis Ngannou trashes Tyson Fury: Without boxing rules, ‘you are nothing in front of me’

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – Francis Ngannou put Tyson Fury in his place at Wednesday’s pre-fight press conference for his looming bout with Anthony Joshua.

After Ngannou and Fury got into a heated verbal exchange Tuesday night at Turki Al-Sheikh’s residence, the tension between the pair continued during the pre-fight press conference. Fury was seated front row and was heckling while Ngannou answered questions. and that prompted the former UFC heavyweight champ to issue a fiery response.

Ngannou reminded Fury that he was the only one to score a knockdown in their October bout, which Fury won by controversial split decision. Ngannou expects to run it back one day, and when he does, he doesn’t intend to leave anything to chance.

“I had the first one over him, and I still need to have the second one – it’s true,” Ngannou said. “You’re going to sleep in the (ring) again, and I’m going to wipe the ring with your ass again. You wiped the ring with your ass. There was blood in the ring, sticking to your pants.”

As the exchange continued, Ngannou reminded Fury that the only reason he has confidence is because any fights between them will be under boxing rules. If it were to take place under almost any other combat ruleset, Ngannou said it would get very ugly.

“I’ll tell you: Your only chance is in the boxing ring with the boxing rules,” Ngannou said. “When you step out of that ring, you better stay five meters away before you talk your sh*t, because if I lose it, you’re going to have a real bad time, my friend. So, respect the fact boxing is protecting us and the rules of boxing is protecting us, because without that, you are nothing in front of me. I’ll beat you every day – twice on Sunday.”

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Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie