GIRLS SOCCER: Inola's historic season ends in Class 3A semifinals

May 8—Inola's historic journey through the playoffs reached its conclusion on Tuesday night.

Inola fell short despite a valiant effort, succumbing to a 2-0 loss to Community Christian in the Class 3A state semifinals in Norman while bidding farewell to what has been the program's most remarkable season to date.

With an 11-6 record under their belt, including the first two playoff victories in school history, the Lady Longhorns had already etched their names into the annals of Inola High School soccer. However, their dreams of a state championship came to an end as the Lady Royal secured their spot in the title game against Casady at noon Saturday at Taft Stadium in Oklahoma City.

Reflecting on the match, Inola coach Lacey Coltrane acknowledged the team's effort and resilience despite the disappointing outcome. She emphasized the opportunities missed and the relentless fight displayed by her players throughout the game.

"We lost 2-0, but honestly the score should've been 1-0 because we had to push extra players forward to try and score," Coltrane said in a social media post. "We had opportunities but came up short. My girls fought hard. I am in a weird mindset because I am sad about the outcome, but I am also so proud of our team."

Although saddened by the loss, Coltrane expressed immense pride in her team's accomplishments and the impact it has made on the program and the community.

Setting numerous records and elevating Inola soccer to new heights, the Lady Longhorns have left an undeniable mark on the state's small-school soccer scene.

"We set so many records this year," Coltrane said in a social media post, "putting Inola High School soccer in a new perspective for not only the town of Inola, but for the state of Oklahoma. I always feel that teams underestimate us, and even our girls team itself didn't fully realize their potential until now."

Despite the setbacks and challenges faced along the way, Coltrane commended her players for their growth and determination, highlighting their ability to learn and adapt from both victories and defeats.

Notably, the Lady Longhorns followed every loss this season with a win. There were no losing streaks to speak of — a feat that hasn't happened in recent memory.

"We have pushed each other mentally, physically and emotionally as players and coaches," Coltrane said in a social media post. "I have witnessed so much growth for this team over the season. Even with all of our success this year, we have had losses that we wish we could get back, knowing we are the better team. But without those failures and mistakes, we wouldn't have made it this far. Learning from those mistakes and failures has pushed us to reach the top four in the state for 3A soccer."

As the season comes to a close, Coltrane expressed gratitude for the journey and the opportunity to lead such a dedicated group of girls.

Their journey may have ended in Norman, but their legacy of resilience, determination and teamwork will endure, leaving a lasting legacy for Inola soccer.

"What a wild ride it has been, but this group of girls goes down making so much history for Inola," Coltrane said in a social media post.