Green Day frontman hilariously responds to Everton boss Sean Dyche

Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer of Green Day
Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer of Green Day -Credit:Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has responded to comments made by Everton boss Sean Dyche.

The Blues are currently preparing to face Liverpool in the Merseyside derby on Wednesday night. Everton are battling to avoid relegation from the Premier League as they prepare to take on their rivals in the derby at Goodison Park.

Before the game, Dyche gave an interview where he was asked to recall some of his favourite music memories. One story involved Dyche recalling how he saw Green Day in concert after being convinced to attend the gig by England icon Stuart Pearce.

Dyche was full of praise for the punk rockers, who released their new album 'Saviors' earlier this year and will be touring the UK this summer. The Everton boss revealed his affection for the band and how Pearce "bullied" him into attending one of their concerts.

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“It just feels like two hours of high-octane, non-stop, smashing the life out of song after song,” Dyche said on the Football, Music and Me podcast. “You can’t not like it, I’m telling you!

“That’s my advice for you: anyone who’s not seen Green Day, I don’t care what music you’re into, just buy a ticket and see Green Day.

“I saw them with Stuart Pearce – he was like, ‘You’ve got to see Green Day.’ He almost bullied me into seeing Green Day. And I went, ‘Right, okay.’ And he was right. They were just a different class.”

Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong has responded to Everton manager Sean Dyche
Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong has responded to Everton manager Sean Dyche -Credit:Instagram / billiejoearmstrong

A day after Dyche's interview emerged, Armstrong responded by posting a photo on his Instagram story. The 52-year-old posted a photo that featured an Everton player signing a contract wearing a Blues shirt, with Armstrong's own face put on the image.

Armstrong also included the hashtag '#seandyche' in the post. Another post from the Green Day lead singer also featured a clip of Dyche's interview where he talks about the band.