Hampshire hold their nerve to win Blast final by one run after last-ball drama

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Hampshire hold their nerve to win Blast final by one run after last-ball drama - GETTY IMAGES
Hampshire hold their nerve to win Blast final by one run after last-ball drama - GETTY IMAGES
  • Lancashire beat Yorkshire by six wickets in first semi-final

  • Hampshire defeat Somerset by 37 runs

  • Hampshire defend 152 for eight with remarkable bowling performance

  • Ellis gives Lancashire a life with a no-ball at end of final over

In the closest of Vitality Blast T20 finals Hampshire, marshalled marvellously well by their captain James Vince, defended the very moderate total of 152 to beat Lancashire by one run. Hampshire had won the T20 competition twice before, Lancashire once, back in 2015.

The ending could hardly have been more dramatic. When Lancashire needed four runs off the final ball, Hampshire’s Australian pace bowler Nathan Ellis delivered a no-ball: two runs.

But Ellis redeemed himself, by bowling an unhittable ball, and the bye which Lancashire ran was insufficient.

Nathan Ellis - Sky Sports
Nathan Ellis - Sky Sports

In the final Hampshire were surprised by the hostility of Lancashire’s two fast bowlers, Luke Wood and Richard Gleeson. After Matt Parkinson had weighed in with one of his most controlled spells of leg-spin – he skidded a ball through Ben McDermott’s defence the ball after the Australian had plundered a Luke Wells over for 21 – Hampshire had to wriggle to reach 152, which was well below par in every circumstance, except for a final with all the tension that was to become manifest.

There was no sign of trouble for Lancashire as they posted 60 for one wicket after the powerplay of six overs. But batsmen who were in kept getting out, and Hampshire have such a varied attack: the spin of Liam Dawson and Mason Crane, in particular, played upon Lancashire’s nerves. Then James Fuller and Ellis were superb.

Suddenly, having been in control of the final for almost the whole game, Lancashire had to scrape 35 from their last five overs, and 30 off three.

Tim David, their Australian blaster, went leg-before and wasted his team’s review in the process; and Luke Wells could not find the boundary, until he mowed a six and four consecutively in the 19th, before Vince ran him out brilliantly by an inch - and Ellis defended the final over.

Hampshire claimed their third title, equalling Leicestershire's record for the most domestic T20 titles in England.

T20 finals day – as it happened

10:02 PM

Nathan Ellis speaks

My heart absolutely sank. I thought, 'Gee, I'm going to look stupid here, having given it the big celebration.'

10:00 PM

What an astonishing end to the match

Hampshire were magnificent, brilliantly led by James Vince who contributed with two fine catches and a dead-eye dick run out. Liam Dawson bowled beautifully as did the quicks Nathan Ellis, James Fuller and Chris Wood.

09:52 PM

OVER 20 LAN 151/8 (Hartley 1 Gleeson 2) chasing 153 

Ellis still wins it! A slower ball, Gleeson swings and misses and runs a single.

Hampshire win by one run!

09:51 PM

OVER 19.5 LAN 150/8 (Hartley 1 Gleeson 2) chasing 153

No ball - Sky Sports
No ball - Sky Sports

Right, now the fireworks' smoke has dissipated, we go again.

09:48 PM

No, it was a no-ball!

Lancashire reprieve!! Ellis stepped over!!

Lancs have a free hit! And now they need two to win!!!

09:48 PM

OVER 19.6 LAN 148/9(Hartley 1) chasing 153

Wicket!!! Gleeson b Ellis 2

09:47 PM

OVER 19.5  LAN 148/8 (Hartley 1 Gleeson 2) chasing 153

They run two to mid-on. A four to tie would earn Lancashire the win for a better powerplay.

09:45 PM


Wood run out 9  Run out by the keeper trying to steal a run off the fourth ball. Lancs need seven off two.

09:44 PM

OVER 19: LAN 142/7 (Wood 6 Hartley 0) chasing 153               

Life for Lancashire: Wells wages war of the worlds on Wood,  flipping Chris Wood's  slower ball for six over fine leg then slapping a drive through mid-on for four. He smashes another steepling drive off the top edge and McDermott drops the swirler and is then run out trying to farm teh strike.

Lancashire need 11 off six.

09:42 PM


Wells run out 27 Went down on one knee to skelp a drive to mid-off who runs him out.

OUT! - Sky Sports
OUT! - Sky Sports

09:38 PM

OVER 18: LAN 130/6 (Wells 16 Wood 5) chasing 153             

Lancashire are in serious danger of blowing this from 72 for one. Luke Wood plays a classy cut for four to start his innings  then bunts a single. Wells has a waft and a miss and then charges down to the last ball and hacks it to midwicket for a single.

09:34 PM


Lamb c Vince b Fuller 2  Hampshire are smothering Lancashire here. Fuller bowls it into the pitch, back of a length and Lamb swats it to cover. Vince takes a running catch.  FOW 124/6

09:33 PM

OVER 17: LAN 123/5 (Wells 14 Lamb 2) chasing 153             

Ellis is a gun death bowler and brilliant at firing in yorkers. Wells works the slower ball off his bootstraps for a single, Lamb digs out the yorker for another and Wells charges down to drag a drive through mid-off.

Ellis ends with three dot balls, two of them slower balls. Lamb tries to ramp one and misses, swings and misses at a drive and then, when Ellis ramps the speed back up to 87 mph, swings and misses at the yorker. .

Lancs need 30 off 18.

Cue Sweet Caroline.

09:29 PM

OVER 16: LAN 120/5 (Wells 12 Lamb 1) chasing 153           

Two dot balls from Fuller buld enough pressure to have David hoicking across the line and departing plumb. Hampshire have stones of steel to have hauled themselves back into this. There's zip and nibble off the pitch and nuggety bowling all round.

09:26 PM


David lbw b Fuller 8  No he didn't hit it and burned the review. Wanton. FOW 118/5

DRS - Sky Sports
DRS - Sky Sports

09:24 PM

Lancs review

David lbw b Fuller  Out if he didn't hit it.

09:22 PM

OVER 15: LAN 118/4 (Wells 11 David 8) chasing 153           

Nathan Ellis is reversing it at decent pace but his first delivery does too much and slides down for a wide. David hustles two wide of cover and then David and Wells mix up their calls and Wells scrambles back to make his ground, aided by Dawson missing with his shy at the stumps. It would have been out with a direct hit.

Lancs need 35 off 30.

09:18 PM

OVER 14: LAN 112/4 (Wells 10 David 4) chasing 153           

Crane comes back for Fuller. David smokes a cover drive for two, clips a single through midwicket and Wells skelps a sweep hard and flat for four.

But Wells' best moment of the over was his decision to review the leg-before call:

Ball tracking - Sky Sports
Ball tracking - Sky Sports

09:16 PM


It was the googly and missing off-stump.

09:15 PM

Lancs review

Wells lbw b Crane Fell over when trying to leg glance. Looked plumb.

09:13 PM

OVER 13: LAN 105/4 (Wells 4 David 1) chasing 153         

Dawson to the rescue? Vilas has looked scratchy against him and there were verbals over that 19th-over fielding controversy. The spinner finishes with 4-0-23-2.

09:10 PM


Vilas c Vince b Dawson 23  Chips a drive to cover who takes it above his head. FOW 104/4

09:09 PM

OVER 12: LAN 101/3 (Vilas 22 Wells 4) chasing 153         

Vilas has two wafts at Fuller then nicks the ball for four through the slips. He was aiming through point. As if he wants to show he meant that, he does try to play a late cut to the next ball with a near vertical bat but misses it. Fuller is getting good bounce and spears one into Vilas's pads but the bounce proves the bowler's undoing when Vilas uses it to uppercut over third man for six.

09:06 PM

OVER 11: LAN 91/3 (Vilas 12 Wells 4) chasing 153       

Vilas sweeps, top edges it and clears short fine leg before scooting down for four. Dawson, otherwise, keeps him quiet with very tight lines. Lancashire need 62 from 54.

Vince is bringing Fuller on for Crane. He has proper wheels and a variety pack of slower balls.

09:03 PM

OVER 10: LAN 85/3 (Vilas 7 Wells 3) chasing 153       

The ball is skidding on nicely for Crane who has a much lower arm these days and he delivers a tidy, probing over, conceding five runs through the onside to sweeps and flicks and a single stabbed to cover.

Liam Dawson of Hampshire celebrates taking the wicket of Keaton Jennings of Lancashire during the Vitality Blast Final match - Alex Davidson/Getty Images
Liam Dawson of Hampshire celebrates taking the wicket of Keaton Jennings of Lancashire during the Vitality Blast Final match - Alex Davidson/Getty Images

08:59 PM

OVER 9: LAN 79/3 (Vilas 3 Wells 1) chasing 153     

Hampshire are prising the lid off their coffin with their spinners.

08:56 PM


Jennings c sub (Curry) b Dawson 24  Poor decision to come down and drive a Dawson delivery that drifted away and he sliced it to long-off.  FOW 77/3

08:56 PM

OVER 8: LAN 72/2 (Jennings 23 Vilas 0) chasing 153     

Lancshire in control but toiling to score heavily against spin. Good, tight over from Crane. The ball is beginning to bite.

08:54 PM


There was a tiny ripple on Ultra Edge but not enough to overturn the decision. Liam Dawson is livid for the second time today.

Ultra-edge - Sky Sports
Ultra-edge - Sky Sports

08:52 PM

Hampshire review

Vilas c McDermott b Crane There was a noise but was it bat on ball or bat on ground?

08:50 PM


Croft c McDermott b Crane 36  The ball hit him on the pad as he tried to leg glance and rebounded on to his bat, rolling of the face into the keeper's gloves.  FOW 72/2

08:49 PM

OVER 7: LAN 66/1 (Jennings 21 Croft 33) chasing 153   

Time for Dawson to apply the brakes which he manages but given they are not defending 200, Dawson going for six an over isn't going to inconvenience Lancashire unduly.

08:44 PM

OVER 6: LAN 60/1 (Jennings 19 Croft 29) chasing 153   

Wood continues for a third over and Jennings plays the shot pictured below, the falling over scoop, to flick him for four then charges down to flat bat a short ball over the bowler's head for two.  Ten an over off the powerplay. Lancs need 93 off 84 balls.

08:42 PM

OVER 5: LAN 52/1 (Jennings 12 Croft 28) chasing 153 

A quick blast of 'der, der, der, der, f--- the Tories!' from the crowd when Croft, who fielded like a Trojan, shows signs of his phyllosan therapy by smashing a lofted off drive for four then chops a single behind point.

Keaton Jennings of Lancashire scoops during the Vitality Blast Final - Alex Davidson/Getty Images
Keaton Jennings of Lancashire scoops during the Vitality Blast Final - Alex Davidson/Getty Images

08:36 PM

OVER 4: LAN 46/1 (Jennings 11 Croft 23) chasing 153 

Croft is given the width to carve an uppercut over point for four then flashes at a drive, thick edging it wide of the keeper for four. Having used the edge he now uses the middle to cream a pair of cover dives, one off the front foot an absolute peach, the other a punchy back-foot tonk. Four fours in succession. Wheal tightens his line and Croft pats two through cover and one off his back foot through point. Marvellous over for Croft.

08:32 PM

OVER 3: LAN 27/1 (Jennings 11 Croft 4) chasing 153

Hampshire are bowling very well, nipping the ball around as dusk falls. Jennings keeps swinging and missing until he bunts one down the ground and then drags a one-handed mow wide of mid-on for two after Croft's fourth single.

08:28 PM

OVER 2: LAN 22/1 (Jennings 8 Croft 2) chasing 153

Some Lancashire fans are doing the conga around the Hollies and singing 'We all hate Leeds scum' to the tune of Tom Hark. Not famous any more?

Wheal is swinging it from over the wicket and was about to cash out with a respectable over until Jennings scoops the last ball of it for six over fine leg.

08:25 PM

OVER 1: LAN 13/1 (Jennings 0 Croft 1) chasing 153

Chris Wood opens the bowling to Phil Salt, bangs it in and Salt pulls it witheringly for four. The next ball is fast and straight and seems like a dot ball but Wood had overstepped. Sal is given a free hit which he plonks into the crowd at midwicket for a nonchalant six. Wood gets his man next ball, though – 12 for one off three balls shows how hectic this game can be.

Croft gets off the mark with a Rooty-dab and Wood beats Jennings who has a woolly woof outside off.

08:21 PM


Salt c Prest b Wood 10 Pulls but the ball wasn't short enough or wide enough to connect properly and it comes off the maker's name. Prest runs in and takes  a very good, running and diving catch at deep backward square.  FOW 12/1

08:11 PM

Lancashire need 153 to win their second Twenty20 Blast

Superb bowling and fielding display from Lancashire, Matt Parkinson bowling magnificently to take four for 26.

08:10 PM

OVER 20: HAM 152/8 (Wood 21 Crane 7)     

Quite a delay precedes the over while they try to work out whether Lancashire had the required four men in the circle for the last ball of the 19th over. Hampshire are adamant that they had only three but the umpires cannot find footage to prove it either way so ultimately press on without taking any further action. Liam Dawson is ticking about that.

Lamb finally starts with his menu of knuckle balls, floaters and sliders. Hampshire are fuming about the 'circle violation'. Four singles and two twos help Hampshire to scramble to a total they have about a 15 per cent chance of defending.

08:04 PM

OVER 19: HAM 144/8 (Wood 17 Crane 3)     

Gleeson returns for the penultimate over and after the batsmen exchange a couple of singles, Wood pulls his left leg out of the road and boshes the England quick over long on for six. Gleeson follows it up with a sandshoe crusher, Wood hops over it and they hare a bye. Great stop by Croft, diving at backward point, to save two off the final ball. Six balls to come and Lamb will bowl them.

08:00 PM

OVER 18: HAM 133/8 (Wood 10 Crane 0)   

Luke Wood comes back into the attack and Whiteley has a swing and a miss at a full pace (87mph) good length ball in the slot but connects with his next effort and lamps it back over the umpire for four. Whiteley slaps a cut for two then bunts two more through cover. All over Wood has been pushing it further and further across outside off because Whiteley is skipping across and with the final ball, a deft slow delivery that sits up and gets to Whiteley too late, seduces him into a mistake.

07:57 PM


Whiteley c Jennings b Wood 22  Slower ball, his hand sliding down the outside half of the ball and Whiteley slices his drive high to cover.  FOW 133/8

07:55 PM

OVER 17: HAM 125/7 (Whiteley 14 Wood 10)   

Vilas goes for Hartley to bowl out and the left arm spinner yields four singles from five balls but then drifts too wide and Chris Wood flashes it through point for four.

07:53 PM

OVER 16: HAM 117/7 (Whiteley 12 Wood 4) 

Gleeson returns with two overs in his bag for the death. Wood clips two singles off his pads and Whiteley berates himself for finding the fielder with his square dive off a full toss which earns him a single instead of four. Only two more singles off the next two balls and Gleeson wraps up the over with an 88mph yorker.

The lowest defended total in a Blast final was Leicestershire's 145 for six in 2011 when Josh Cobb too four for 22.

07:46 PM

OVER 15: HAM 112/7 (Whiteley 10 Wood 1) 

Parkinson switches ends for his final over, bags Ellis and ends with the wonderful figures of 4-0-26-4.

07:43 PM


Ellis c David b Parkinson 2  Parkinson has a four-fer in a final. Ellis tries to cart the leg-break against the turn and slog sweeps it down long on's gullet.  FOW 111/7

07:42 PM

OVER 14: HAM 110/6 (Whiteley 9 Ellis 2)

Hampshire are batting in quicksand and can only muster five singles off Luke Wood's over

07:40 PM

OVER 13: HAM 105/6 (Whiteley 6 Ellis 0)

After his 21-run over, Wells is pulled out of the attack in favour of Danny Lamb. 'Fuller and Whiteley are a couple of Hampshire bangers,' says Robert Croft. He means that they are big hitters, he elaborates. Croft also has an amusing turn of phrase when a mishit serves up a catching opportunity - 'he's spewed it up', which had a different meaning in my boyhood. Excellent over from Fuller, an interrogation by variation.

07:37 PM


Fuller c Jennings b Lamb 10  Drives the knuckle ball slower ball, but because he is made to wait for it he swings at fresh air for the first part of the upswing, his bottom hand flies off the handle and he cloths a skyer to cover.  FOW 105/6

07:34 PM

OVER 12: HAM 101/5 (Whiteley 4 Fuller 8)

I think Phil Salt is calling Matt Parkinson 'Daddy'. One for our Rob Smyth, I think. After taking his third wicket, he keeps tossing it up and James Fuller decides to take it on, lofting a drive over the bowler for a thumping six.

07:30 PM


McDermott b Parkinson 62  Takes his third wicket with a slider that drifted in to the well-set opener. What a bowler he is.  FOW 90/4

07:29 PM

OVER 11: HAM 90/4 (McDermott 62 Whiteley 1)       

Luke Wells with his allsorts comes on, drags down his leg break and  McDermott pulls it high, hard and handsome for six into the Hollies. The Australian opener, son of 'Billy' McDermott, drives over extra-cover for four, hustles two down to long on then gives an off-drive the kitchen sink, smashing Wells over long off for another towering six.

07:26 PM

OVER 10: HAM 69/4 (McDermott 41 Whiteley 1)       

Hampshire are in a hole here. Another miserly over, another wicket.

07:23 PM


Dawson c Vilas b Parkinson 2  Done by the dip I think when Parkinson took some pace off and held it back. Dawson had to stretch to reach it which seemed to faze him so he didn't commit to the lofted drive and just chipped it to the cover sweeper.  FOW 69/4 

07:23 PM

OVER 9: HAM 64/3 (McDermott 37 Dawson 2)     

Marvellous from Hartley who does to Dawson with his changes of pace and flight what Dawson does to everyone else. Only three singles off a tight, miserly over, giving them no room to hit over the top.

07:21 PM

OVER 8: HAM 61/3 (McDermott 35 Dawson 1)     

Good catch by Croft on the midwicket boundary. Enter Dawson, the all-rounder, and he gets off the mark by patting a drive down to long off. Plenty of singles on offer but they're not so much a devalued currency but essentially worthless in this format.

07:16 PM


Weatherley c Croft b Parkinson 9  Weatherley off drives with impeccable timing for four but Parkinson, armed only with his nerve and skill, tosses the next one up and lures him on to the rocks with a top-edged slog sweep. FOW 58/3

07:15 PM

OVER 7: HAM 53/2 (McDermott 33 Weatherley 5)   

After pace on with Wood and Gleeson, it's pace off with Tom Hartley's slow left arm. He turned the ball in the first over of the match and continues to do so, also extracting bounce. Hartley gives up five singles which, as Scyld Berry argues below, is a T20 equivalent of a maiden in this age of monstrously thick bats and power hitting.

07:12 PM

OVER 6: HAM 48/2 (McDermott 30 Weatherley 4)   

Lancashire's tactic of keeping pace on and bowling it hard into the pitch backfires when Lamb comes on and starts with the right length but without the requisite pace and McDermott dances down and collars it for six over wide long on. Lamb tries to gull them with knuckle balls and sliders and gives up only three singles off the other five balls.

Tom Hartley of Lancashire takes the catch to dismiss Tom Prest of Hampshire during the Vitality Blast Final match between Lancashire Lightning and Hampshire Hawks -  Alex Davidson/Getty Images
Tom Hartley of Lancashire takes the catch to dismiss Tom Prest of Hampshire during the Vitality Blast Final match between Lancashire Lightning and Hampshire Hawks - Alex Davidson/Getty Images

07:08 PM

OVER 5: HAM 38/2 (McDermott 22 Weatherley 0) 

Rapid Wood bouncer, his second of the over, is called a no-ball and kisses the crown of Weatherley's helmet before going over Salt's leap for four. Wood goes for pace and maintains an impeccable line but loses his length with his final ball and McDermott short-arm pulls it over long-on for six!

07:02 PM

OVER 4: HAM 23/2 (McDermott 15 Weatherley 0) 

The accumulation of  dot balls made Prest flap in the previous over and now McDermott is looking jittery, charging two Gleeson short balls and helicoptering nothing but thin air. At last Gleeson goes full, two full, and McDermott times the pants off a straight drive for four. Gleeson tries a  slower ball and McDermott reads it, waits for it and launches a drive over cover for four more.

07:00 PM

OVER 3: HAM 15/2 (McDermott 6 Weatherley 0)

Phenomenal first over from Luke Wood, cramping the right-handers with his left-arm pace from over the wicket, bowling it into their bodies and he takes the wicket of the semi-final's highest scorer, Tom Prest, for the cost of only two runs.

06:57 PM


Prest c Hartley b Wood 2  Pulled a bumper that was too close to his chest and spliced it. Hartley takes a good catch, sliding in to square leg after bombing 20 metres to get there.  FOW 15/2

06:55 PM

OVER 2: HAM 13/1 (McDermott 6 Prest 1)

Kohler-Cadmore whipped Gleeson's fuller balls all morning but he starts with a better length, six inches shorter than full and is getting some shape. After knocking back Vince's off pole, he fires a wide past Prest's backside then serves up a ripper that jags away from the edge as Prest pushes forward.

Prest foolishly takes on Vilas' arm at mid-on and would have been run out with a direct hit but gets off the mark all the same and then Gleeson ends a fine over with another jaffa that straightens on McDermott at high pace and leaves the Australian opener groping outside off.

06:50 PM


Vince b Gleeson 5  Fast, good length, touch of nibble to hold its line rather than continue on the angle, clean bowls the Hampshire captain who drove inside the line.  FOW 11/1

06:48 PM

OVER 1: HAM 9/0 (Vince 4 McDermott 5)

Vince takes strike for the final, unlike in the last four match, and Hartley opens the bowling with left-arm spin. Some turn for the twirler. Vince bunts two down to long-on then drills a drive for a single. McDermott pats a single to mid-off, taking the pace off to buy time for a run. Vince clips one off his toes and McDermott sweeps hard and square for four to end the over.

England's Richard Gleeson will open the bowling for Lancs. Buttler has used him in the middle overs, not at the start.

06:23 PM

Dramatis personae

Hampshire  Ben McDermott (wk), James Vince (capt), Tom Prest, Joe Weatherley, Ross Whiteley, James Fuller, Liam Dawson, Nathan Ellis, Chris Wood, Mason Crane, Brad Wheal.

Lancashire  Philip Salt (wk), Keaton Jennings, Steven Croft, Dane Vilas (capt), Tim David, Luke Wells, Danny Lamb, Luke Wood, Tom Hartley, Richard Gleeson, Matt Parkinson.

06:20 PM

Hampshire have won the toss

And will bat first. Vince says he wants his bowlers to have a longer rest in the oppressive heat. And also following the semi-final formula.

Dane Vilas says he would have batted first, too.

Both teams are unchanged - I'll run through the line-ups in a moment.

06:13 PM

Somerset melt in the furnace

By Scyld Berry at Edgbaston

It was a more subdued occasion than most Vitality T20 Blast finals. The unbroken sunshine seemed to stun the crowd and reduced the players, who normally race around on finals day in September, to walking pace. By mid-afternoon the heat was almost as white as the ball, and Sweet Caroline had to take a siesta in the shade before the final between Hampshire and Lancashire.

Just as temperatures are rising, so are scoring rates in the T20 format, in addition to Tests. Only twice before had a total of 200 been posted on T20 finals day, in 19 years, and that number was matched by Lancashire and Yorkshire in their opening semi-final.

Totals diminished in the second semi-final, as the ball may have begun to grip for the spinners, who were well-represented, unlike 20 years when county cricket inaugurated this format. Hampshire nearly reached 200 but Somerset fell well short, and lost by 37 runs. Last year Somerset had stolen a place in the final by an astonishing comeback when all appeared to be lost, but Hampshire were always well-placed to exact revenge.

The innings of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Hampshire all had a solid foundation: at least one batsman for each side - Tom Kohler-Cadmore, Keaton Jennings, Dane Vilas and Tom Prest – contributed a half-century. Somerset’s foundation melted in the heat: no major innings, no stand of note. Edgbaston’s boundaries may be longer than Taunton’s, where they demolished Derbyshire with a total of 261 in the quarter-final, but that was no reason for not making a better fist of their chase.

Tom Prest - Alex Davidson/Getty Images
Tom Prest - Alex Davidson/Getty Images

So until Somerset folded, the scoring-rate rattled along at 10 runs an over through the heat of the day. It was an unprecedented rate of scoring in times past, but now it was done so skilfully, with minimal risk: a couple of fours, a couple of singles, and there was 10 runs for the over, and time for two dot-balls. An over containing fewer than five runs should count as the modern maiden.

Hampshire were held together by Prest’s 64 off 46 balls in an innings of much maturity for one who captained England Under-19s in the Youth World Cup earlier this year, and is still only 19. It did not worry him that he hit only one six, he worked the ball into gaps calmly.

Prest did not fall into the trap set by Somerset’s captain Tom Abell, who used left-arm spin for two overs in the six-over powerplay and again in the 20th over of Hampshire’s innings. Both of Hampshire’s opening batsmen, Ben McDermott and James Vince, tried to lift the ball over the five fielders saving a single on the offside, and neither succeeded. Prest stayed to steer Hampshire to their winning total of 190 for six.

The most crucial Somerset wicket was that of Rilee Rossouw, the South African left-hander who finds Taunton too small. He picked up one six to deposit it over the Hollies stand, but fell short the next time. No solid top-order contribution, not least because Hampshire’s fielding was sharper than Somerset’s: Mason Crane, from backward point, ran out Tom Banton with a direct hit.

06:08 PM

Apologies re start time

The final actually starts at 6.45pm not 6.15pm. We will have toss and team news asap.

05:42 PM

It's a Lancashire v Hampshire final

Hampshire have been by far the most impressive side with the ball we've seen all day, taking the pace off and using Liam Dawson's guile and nous so judiciously in the middle overs. Once Rossouw departed Somerset looked cooked and the regular flow of wickets stymied any fluency.

The final starts at 6.15pm. Scyld Berry's match report is incoming and will appear here before we start over by over coverage of Hampshire vs Lancashire

05:38 PM


Siddle b Ellis 0  Departs for a golden duck to another back of the hand slow ball, utterly bamboozled and left groping long before the ball reached him, passed him and sounded the death rattle.  FOW 153 all out

05:35 PM


Brooks b Ellis 1  Hampshire's quickest bowler is terrific at taking the pace off an gulling batsmen and does so again, castling Brooks who swung and was through the stroke far too soon.  FOW 153/9

05:35 PM

OVER 19: SOM 153/8 (Van der Merwe 10 Brooks 1) chasing 191

Somerset had no realistic chance at the start of the over and absolutely zilch at the end of one from Chris Wood which chalked up two wickets for the price of five runs.

05:33 PM


Goldsworthy b Wood 2  Walks across to try to paddle it fine and is bowled leg and middle.  Bumble, start your car. FOW 152/8

05:31 PM


Lamonby run out 34  Had to try to get back for two but was caught short by Crane's throw from backwards square. FOW 150/7.

Lammonby out - Sky Sports
Lammonby out - Sky Sports

05:29 PM

OVER 18: SOM 148/6 (Lammonby 33 Van der Merwe 9) chasing 191

Van der Merwe crashes the first ball of Ellis' final over for four over mid-off but that's the only real damage he can inflict. Ellis goes short and fast, then full and slow, spearing in yorkers and gives up only two twos and three singles off the last five.

Somerset need 43 off 12.

05:26 PM

OVER 17: SOM 137/6 (Lammonby 30 Van der Merwe 1) chasing 191

Green heaves the first length ball from the returning Wood over long on for six. The left-armer slants the next one wider and Green can only just reach it and stab it for a single. Lammonby also gets out his broomhandle to prod a wide one speared across him from round the wicket for a single. Green and Lammonby then get into a muddle about pushing for two and Green does himself a disservice by halting and then going again rather than sending Lammonby back or committing to it. Undone by the stuttering run.

05:21 PM


Green run out 8  McDermott does a fine job rescuing Ellis from a rotten throw to shy down the stumps.  FOW 136/6

Run out - Sky Sports
Run out - Sky Sports
Gone - Sky Sports
Gone - Sky Sports

05:19 PM

OVER 16: SOM 127/5 (Lammonby 29 Green 1) chasing 191             

Sensational final over from Wheal who dismisses Gregory and finishes with one for 28. Somerset need one massive over to give themselves any hope.

05:16 PM


Gregory c Ellis b Wheal 18 Holes out to midwicket with a big swat off a length ball.  FOW 126/5

05:14 PM

OVER 15: SOM 122/4 (Lammonby 29 Gregory 14) chasing 191           

Dawson slams on the brakes with two dot balls and four singles conceded. He finishes with 4-0-20-1. That's why he makes the T20 big bucks. Somerset need 69 off 30.

05:12 PM

OVER 14: SOM 118/4 (Lammonby 27 Gregory 12) chasing 191           

McDermott drops Gregory who throws his hands at a drive, his feet rooted to the crease and nicks it for four. McDermott dived to his right and tipped it round the post. After Gregory flicks a single through square leg, Lammonby scoops Ellis's yorker for four then backs away to leg to try to go over cover. But Ellis pushes his delivery wider and Lammonby uses his bat as a snooker cue to reach it and poke it off the toe fine for four.

Umpire Lloyd was checking not with the third umpire whether the ball had stayed on the cut strip - it had, which meant it was a wide rather than a no-ball and a free hit had it pitched on the next one.

05:07 PM

OVER 13: SOM 104/4 (Lammonby 18 Gregory 7) chasing 191         

Clever bowling by Dawson, tossing it up to a man who has just been hit on the head. Abell's eyes light up because he needs to get the scoreboard moving but he doesn't middle it and cannot clear the short boundary. Enter Lewis Gregory who dances down to Dawson and pounds a drive over long on for six.

05:03 PM


Abell c Weatherley b Dawson 27  Caught at deep midwicket slog-sweeping.  FOW 97/3

05:03 PM

OVER 12: SOM 96/3 (Abell 27 Lammonby 17) chasing 191         

Lammonby clears his front leg and swipes a drive over long-on for six. Fuller sees him coming next ball and pushes it so wide it sails almost on to the adjacent pitch. Graham Lloyd belatedly calls wide, whether on the third umpire's prod or not, I don't know. It's not supposed to be the case so probably wasn't.

Fuller bounces Abell who is lidded by the bumper, accepting four off the helmet and the ensuing concussion test. He's OK and he takes guard for the final ball of the over, and scythes a cut for four. Somerset's best over so far.

Hampshire Hawks v Somerset -  Action Images via Reuters/Jason Cairnduff
Hampshire Hawks v Somerset - Action Images via Reuters/Jason Cairnduff

04:57 PM

OVER 11: SOM 78/3 (Abell 22 Lammonby 9) chasing 191       

Abell sweeps Crane's first delivery for four, then pats a couple of singles. Lammonby comes down to make his own full toss, tapping it into the gap between mid-on and midwicket for two. The left-hander also pinches the strike with a drag through wide mid-on for a single.

04:54 PM

OVER 10: SOM 68/3 (Abell 16 Lammonby 5) chasing 191       

Abell, the captain, has to take the initiative and does so by scooping Fuller's first ball for six then chopping four off a thick edge through the cordon. Good start but they can't build on it, taking three singles off the final balls. Somerset need 123 off 10.

04:51 PM

OVER 9: SOM 55/3 (Abell 4 Lammonby 4) chasing 191     

Hampshire block off Lammonby's reverse sweep and he has to settle for a two and a single with a pull off Dawson and a Rooty-dab. Abell farms the strike with a slap to cover.

04:48 PM

OVER 8: SOM 51/3 (Abell 3 Lammonby 1) chasing 191     

Hampshire's fast bowlers have been the quickest and hit the pitch hardest of the four teams on show today and they are reaping their rewards. An excellent over from Fuller began with two dot balls that inspired Rossoum to try to get the scoreboard moving and after the danger man departed Lammonby took three balls to get off the mark.

04:44 PM


Rossouw c Weatherley b Fuller 24  That could be the game. Rossouw has been in such blistering form that Somerset were banking on him leading the charge but he swipes across the line to Fuller and Weatherley takes a catch to his right at cow corner. FOW 50/3

04:43 PM

OVER 7: SOM 50/2 (Rossouw 23 Abell 3) chasing 191   

Time for some spin ... if you can call it that. Dawson's brilliance lies in his line, flight and variations of pace rather than gripping and ripping. He gives neither man the opportunity to get under the ball and they can only drive and flick two singles apiece.

There are nurdlers with the bat and stingy bowlers who turn batsmen into nurdlers. Dawson is the latter.

04:39 PM

OVER 6: SOM 46/2 (Rossouw 21 Abell 1) chasing 191   

Wheal almost completes a fine job of containment until he errs too straight and Rossouw gives it the kitchen sink, smiting it over midwicket for a skyscraping six. That's the end of the powerplay.

04:37 PM

OVER 5: SOM 38/2 (Rossouw 14 Abell 0) chasing 191 

Rossouw winds up to try to mow Wood over midwicket but gets the top edge instead and still gleans four. After playing tip and run to cover, Rossouw judges the striker's as the danger end and calls Banton through for the quick single when he dabs to point but Crane throws down the non-striker's stumps and Banton failed to dive to save himself.

Banton out - Sky Sports
Banton out - Sky Sports

04:32 PM


Banton run out 12  Oh dear. Too posh to dive. Rossouw called him through but Crane threw to the non-striker's from gully counter-intuitively and caught him six inches short.  FOW 37/2

04:30 PM

OVER 4: SOM 31/1 (Banton 12 Rossouw 7) chasing 191 

Whawal is hiding the ball outside off to Rossouw and he can't pierce the infield for four successive dot balls. But he doesn't panic, waits for the straighter one and trots down to spank it over the bowler's head for a steepling straight six!

04:28 PM

OVER 3: SOM 25/1 (Banton 12 Rossouw 1) chasing 191

Ellis is brisk and his two dot balls that began the over put Smeed in the position of thinking he had to get off strike and playing a hazardous stroke. Rossouw is off the mark straightaway with a dab down to point then Banton drives uppishly square for four past a diving Dawson who was only yay far from reaching it at point. Instead the ball rattles away for four.

04:22 PM


Smeed c Fuller b Ellis 9  Two dot balls induce Smeed to having a hack across the line and splicing a catch to mid-on. Enter Rossouw. FOW 20/1

04:20 PM

OVER 2: SOM 20/0 (Smeed 9 Banton 8) chasing 191

Brad Wheal has the other new ball. Right-arm over. He starts with a couple of dots and Banton takes a tight single off the third to Dawson at mid-off. Smeed does exactly the same, admittedly not as tight as the first. That's enough orthodoxy for Banton who takes a step inside the line and then lamps a drive on the up over long-off for a Dorothy Dix/Julian Dicks.

04:17 PM

OVER 1: SOM 12/0 (Smeed 8 Banton 1) chasing 191

Chris Wood opens the bowling, the left-armer slanting across the right-handed Smeed who uses the length to crack a cut for a single. Banton pulls a single behind backward square and Smeed square drives for another. Wood is perturbed, and rightly so, to be called wide when he sees Smeed coming and pushes it wider but still within the lines. And injury is added to insult when Smeed plants the extra ball over long on for six.

04:09 PM

Change of innings

So will it be Somerset or Hampshire playing Lancashire in the final? Hawks have never won it, technically. They were called the Royals when they triumphed in 2010 and 2012. Somerset, runners-up last year, have not won it since 2005. Hampshire have a  very good bowling attack but my money's on Rilee Rossouw and co.

04:05 PM

OVER 20: HAM 190/6 (Fuller 7 Ellis 1)

Hampshire must be disappointed with only 190 on a belter of a pitch and with the usually wonderful Peter Siddle so oddly out of sorts. But too many holed out when well set, Somerset's spinners kept chipping them out and Gregory, Brooks and Green started to rein them in with change-ups and yorkers.

03:58 PM


Dawson run out 1  Took some time to establish who was out and I think they got it wrong. Fuller was on strike, missed out with a hack intended to go over point. Banton drops the ball and Dawson calls him through for a suicidal single. The ball only dropped at Bantpon's feet and he picked it up to demolish the stumps. I don't think they crossed but after Dawson is initially called back, they proceed with Fuller at the non-striker's.  FOW 189/6

03:56 PM


Prest c Rossouw b Van der Merwe 64  Six and out. Mowed the previous delivery over cow corner for six and then slapped a full toss down long-on's throat.  FOW 189/5

03:55 PM

OVER 19: HAM 181/4 (Prest 59 Fuller 6)             

Brooks bowls out with six attempted yorkers and is pleased to concede only 3 x 2s and 3 x singles. He ends with 4-0-40-0. Van der Merwe will bowl the final over. Hampshire look about 20 short of where they should be at this stage.

03:53 PM

OVER 18: HAM 173/3 (Prest 55 Fuller 2)           

Whiteley starts with a six and ends the over walking off. Green finishes with 4-0-35-1, the only blemish the yorker he didn't land, allowing Whiteley to smack it over long on as if with a croquet mallet.

 Mascots take part in the mascot race ahead of the Vitality T20 Blast Semi Final between Hampshire Hawks and Somerset at Edgbaston  - Gareth Copley/ECB via Getty Images
Mascots take part in the mascot race ahead of the Vitality T20 Blast Semi Final between Hampshire Hawks and Somerset at Edgbaston - Gareth Copley/ECB via Getty Images

03:47 PM


Whiteley c Lammonby b Green 27  Another good catch. Green gets the ball to arc away from the left-hander who slapped his drive straight to the cover sweeper.  FOW 169/4

03:45 PM

OVER 17: HAM 162/3 (Prest 53 Whiteley 20)           

Anything can happen in these last four overs but so far, though it seems strange to write it, Hampshire seem stuck. Back comes Siddle and Prest carves his short delivery outside off for four. After Prest cloths a drive back up the pitch, the 19-year-old brings up his fifty with a Buttler-esque hockey drive, all hands and wrists. Lovely shot. These two boundaries are just the laxative Hampshire's innings needed.

03:41 PM

OVER 16: HAM 151/3 (Prest 43 Whiteley 19)         

Smeed runs to his right from deep backward square and dives to try to catch Prest's pull but the ball bursts through his cupped hands and his knee hits the turf hard. They run a single. This has been a good few overs of defensive bowling and Green delivers another sly over of short balls, at full pace and then a variety of slower ones.  Eight off the over which, in the pre T20 eea would have had you dropped to the seconds and out on your ear at the end of the season, is now MVP material.

03:37 PM

OVER 15: HAM 143/3 (Prest 39 Whiteley 15)         

Prest needs a new helmet but not a concussion sub. Gregory is back with his foot on the brakes with his wily changes of pace and length. After three singles, though, Prest withdraws to leg and whips his hands through the line to skelp a yorker, like a hockey stroke, for four through mid-off.

Gregory sees Prest withdraw to leg again and follows him but doesn't land the yorker and the right-hander shovels the low full toss round the corner for four. Gregory needs new brake pads.

03:33 PM

OVER 14: HAM 132/3 (Prest 30 Whiteley 13)       

That's pretty poor from Brooks with his slower balls this over - Whiteley waits and pulls one fine for four and lets the other sail past his stance for a wide, his attempted pull a shot to nothing. But Brooks pulls it back when Prest misjudges length, goes down on one knee to scoop and just edges it on to the helmet. Clonk! On comes the physio for the concussion test. Seems OK.

Hampshire's Tom Prest bats during the Vitality Blast T20 semi-final match at Edgbaston Stadium -  Mike Egerton/PA Wire
Hampshire's Tom Prest bats during the Vitality Blast T20 semi-final match at Edgbaston Stadium - Mike Egerton/PA Wire

03:28 PM

OVER 13: HAM 124/3 (Prest 29 Whiteley 7)       

Lewis Gregory comes on for a first spell of the day, and starts as he usually does with his Dernbachian mode of change-ups in pace and grips. The left-handed Whiteley exploits the short-ball aberration and pulls it for four but only three further singles are added to the total. Gregory sees Prest winding up to try to smash the last ball and bangs it in at 83mph, catching the charging batsman by surprise as it smacked into (Pato) Banton's gloves.

03:24 PM

OVER 12: HAM 117/3 (Prest 28 Whiteley 1)     

Triumphant return from Goldworthy who chips in with his second wicket of the day. All the seamers so far today have been spanked. I suspect Crane and Dawson for Hampshire will be crucial if they are to make the final.

03:20 PM


Weatherley c Rossouw b Goldsworthy 24  Lewis Goldsworthy has a golden arm. Weatherley climbs into the left-arm spinner but doesn't get to the pitch and Rossouw takes a good, tumbling catch at long on.  FOW 116/3

03:19 PM

OVER 11: HAM 114/2 (Weatherley 23 Prest 27)     

Siddle starts his second spell with another slow ball, a shocker of a full toss that is called no-ball on height and Prest's thigh pad diverts it round the corner for four. The free-hit delivery is a good yorker that Prest chisels out for a single. Siddle tries to paint the tramlines but Weatherley reaches over and bludgeons it over cover for four. No country for old men.

Joe Weatherley of Hampshire plays a shot during the Vitality T20 Blast Semi Final match between Hampshire Hawks and Somerset  - Harry Trump/Getty Images
Joe Weatherley of Hampshire plays a shot during the Vitality T20 Blast Semi Final match between Hampshire Hawks and Somerset - Harry Trump/Getty Images

03:15 PM

OVER 10: HAM 100/2 (Weatherley 17 Prest 25)     

Lovely hands and feet from Joe Weatherley to jump across his crease. change his grip and switch-hit Van der Merwe fine for four. VdM resorts to spearing the next five in, giving him neither batsman the chance to free his arms. Four singles are the only further punishment. Hampshire are pootling along at 10 an over without many pyrotechnics.

03:10 PM

OVER 9: HAM 92/2 (Weatherley 11 Prest 23)   

Prest chipsdown the ground, Gregory runs to cut it off at long-on but the ball hits the seam and performs a perfect off-break to beat him and bounce for four. After they exchange singles, Prest shovels Green's full bunger round the corner for four but misses out on the bumper, flashing an uppercut but failing to connect.

03:07 PM

OVER 8: HAM 81/2 (Weatherley 9 Prest 14)   

Van der Merwe switches ends, meaning the right-handers now have the onside boundaries as their longest options, which is ideal for the left-arm spinner's line from round the wicket, darting it into their toes. Five singles and a two in the blazing sunshine make the batsmen do all the work.

03:04 PM

OVER 7: HAM 74/2 (Weatherley 4 Prest 12)   

Very good over from Ben Green, a famous cricketing name for fans of jazz, the Guardian and Wisden. Only five singles come off it.

03:03 PM

OVER 6: HAM 69/2 (Weatherley 1 Prest 10)   

The left-arm spinner is cracked for four by Prest's scything cut shot and then dispatched back over his head for four more. McDermott comes down and steps to the onside to carve six over cover and then, after Goldsowrthy spears five wides down the legside, Dominc Cork says, you have to ask whey he's bowling this over. Nick Knight has the immediate response when McDermott holes out next ball. 'That's why!' he cheerily shouts.

02:58 PM


McDermott c cover b Goldsworthy 31  Expensive over, but he made the breakthrough after being hit for six. The left-arm spinner followed the batsman as he retreated to leg and he spoons his drive to Abell in much the same way his captain did.  FOW 68/2

02:56 PM

OVER 5: HAM 48/1 (McDermott 25 Prest 1) 

Excellent bowling change by Somerset. Van der Merwe proves too wily for Vince, whose strength is his weakness, and Prest who is cemented to his crease.

02:53 PM


Vince c Abell b Van der Merwe 20  Having launched the previous ball from the left-arm spinner over cover for four, VdM takes more pace off and Vince slices his drive. Cover runs to his left and the edge of the circle to take it.  FOW 47/1

02:52 PM

OVER 4: HAM 43/0 (McDermott 25 Vince 16) 

Don't bowl full to Vince without slips because even if he does nick off, there's no one there. He doesn't nick this one but creams it for four. Two balls later McDermott charges Brooks and carts the short ball over long on for six. That went miles. Brooks goes fuller and McDermott has the gallus to ramp it for four more, having wheeled his stance through 90 degrees.

02:48 PM

OVER 3: HAM 28/0 (McDermott 15 Vince 11)

Peter Siddle replaces Lammonby. Cricket's most famous beanie-hatted vegan is not wearing the Benny from Crossroads hat today. He starts with a slower ball, overpitched and McDermott drills it through mid-off for four.

McDermott drives a single through mid-off, and races through to beat the throw. Vince joins the party, gorging on a half-volley to smoke a cover drive for four.  When Siddle again errs on length in the channel, Vince smears another drive, this one squarer, for four more.

02:42 PM

OVER 2: HAM 13/0 (McDermott 10 Vince 2)

The veteran Brooks, now 38, still has the hairband of his tearaway youth without the same volume of hair. A couple of singles are whipped into the legside from the first three deliveries. McDermott shapes to ramp but Brooks watches his feet move across and bangs it in instead and the ball vaults over the batsman's helmet.

McDermott finally hits out, slicing the drive over point for six then tucks the slower ball off his legs for a single.

02:39 PM

OVER 1: HAM 4/0 (McDermott 2 Vince 1)

Tom Lammonby, left-arm over, opens the bowling to Hampshire's Ben McDermott, son of Craig, and he gets the first ball to swing ... down the leg side for a wide. McDermott gets away when hit on the finger with one that climbed into his ribs and they run a single. Great start from Lammonby to Vince, swinging it in to Vince, cramping him for room and he takes three balls to beat the infield. Big contrast with this morning's fireworks. Vince eventually pats a single to square leg, McDermott pushes another wide of mid-off.

Jack Brooks shares new ball duties.

02:26 PM

Alfred the Gorilla

Of Gloucestershire has won the Mascot Race.

02:24 PM

Welcome to coverage of the second semi-final and final of the 2022 Vitality T20 Blast

Hampshire have won the toss and chosen to bat.

Your teams are:

Somerset Will Smeed, Tom Banton (wk), Rilee Rossouw, Tom Abell (capt), Tom Lammonby, Lewis Gregory, Ben Green, Lewis Goldsworthy, Roelof van der Merwe,  Jack Brooks, Peter Siddle.

Hampshire  Ben McDermott (wk), James Vince (capt), Tom Prest, Joe Weatherley, Ross Whiteley, James Fuller, Liam Dawson, Nathan Ellis, Christopher Wood, Mason Crane, Brad Wheal.

02:21 PM

Roses are red at Edgbaston

By Scyld Berry at Edgbaston

To win the first semi-final, Lancashire had to record their highest T20 run-chase, and they did so with impressive assurance. They defeated Yorkshire in the Roses Match on neutral territory by six wickets with eight balls to spare.

The contrast between the two strategies was as contrasting as red and white. Yorkshire accelerated at the end of their innings, thanks to their allrounder Jordan Thompson who hit five sixes in the space of only seven balls and scored 50 off 18 balls. Yorkshire missed the firepower of Johnny Bairstow, but Thompson’s panache filled the gap - not at the start of Yorkshire’s innings, though, but at the end.

Lancashire accelerated from the very start of their innings, as they had an opening batsman of Bairstowian power. Phil Salt, given permission to leave the England white-ball squad, rocked Yorkshire back on their heels by hitting 36 off 15 balls at the outset, including 25 runs off only four legal balls from Matt Revis. Lancashire’s hardened veterans, Keaton Jennings and Dane Vilas, did not need to innovate after Salt’s assault; they just knocked off the runs with low-risk shots.

Salt reiterated that he has a talent which deserves international exposure by driving his first ball for four and almost maintaining the same rate. England, so stocked with top-order white-ball batsmen, have tried Salt down the order but he is at his best going through his repertoire against pace. He is capable of advancing England’s white-ball batting to a new level: Jos Buttler can hit the ball 360 degrees from the crease. Salt might soon do it from down the pitch as well.

So Yorkshire’s six-over powerplay score of 66 for one was put in the shade - not that there was any at sun-baked Edgbaston – by Lancashire’s 89 for two. Jennings was no old stodger after playing himself in, thanks to Salt giving him the time, and Yorkshire’s ground-fielding wavered during his stand with Vilas.

Even so, Yorkshire are not having a bad season given their acrimonious circumstances. Had their morale collapsed, they would not have made it through their T20 quarter-final against Surrey at the Oval. Their supply of good home-grown cricketers continues to flow, and Thompson could prove to be an allrounder who is something more.