Tottenham Fan View: How Spurs can cope without injured Harry Kane

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Don’t get injured, that was my advice to Harry Kane in the last edition, before Tottenham’s FA Cup quarter-final brush with Millwall. Rather thoughtlessly, the England striker appears to have ignored my well-meant counsel, and got his ankle all in a twist. Next time I tell you it’s cold outside, perhaps you’ll consider wearing a coat, Harry.

That could be the season over for Kane, according to some reports/guesses.

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A contingency plan, then.

Spurs aren’t inundated with options. January’s transfer window inertia determines that what striking alternatives we had at the beginning of the season, are the same we have now. But perhaps it’s still worth a recap:

Hueng-min Son

If Sunday was an audition for the role as Harry’s short-term replacement, then, well, it couldn’t have gone much better for the South Korean.

A hattrick of varied and spectacular finishes, a neat antidote for the alleged racial abuse Son was subjected to, courtesy of certain knuckleheaded Millwall fans in the away section.

His second, the over-the-shoulder volley, was an astonishing exhibition of technique and control. A nanosecond too early or too late, or a handful of atoms off kilter, the ball would’ve sailed out of the stadium. Or his boot would’ve met thin air.

What might push Son to the front of the queue, is his industrious and intelligent running out of possession. Right now, it’s his position to lose.

What the managers says: “I’m very happy with Son. He can play like a striker. One of our best performances was against Manchester City and he was the striker when Harry was injured”

Vincent Janssen

Oh wasn’t that nice? While I’m loathe to draw comparisons between the non-scoring Dutchman and Roberto Soldado— my heart was warmed vaguely by the sight of Janssen tucking in his first open play goal for Tottenham.

The scenes of relief felt familiar; identical almost, to that of Soldado’s moment of redemption, after he’d ended one of his lengthy ducks.

To see all his teammates swarm around Janssen and ruffle his hair and pat him on the back, it inspired a confusing sensation for a fan: feeling sympathy for a multi-millionaire sportsman. Damn you, football!

He also took the time to console Millwall goalkeeper, Tom King, after the ball had wriggled through his arms for Son’s third. What’s known in the business as a #nicetouch.

Will that fruitful twenty-minute cameo against League One opposition be enough to convince Pochettino he’s worth another shot? Look, I’m not sure. He still appeared worryingly immobile and perhaps would’ve been disappointed to have only scored the one. The jury is still out.

What the manager said: “In the last few months he’s stepped up and started to work better and I was happy in the way he was performing on the training ground. Janssen was working very hard, today was a great opportunity to score and he scored.”

Dimitar Berbatov

Genuinely one caller’s suggestion on talk radio on Sunday. The thinking: Berbatov is currently out of contract and Spurs have quite a good history of bringing back talismanic strikers for second spells. Klinsmann, Sheringham, Defoe, Keane all enjoyed relative success in their returns to White Hart Lane.

There’s one vital component that the makes the idea a non-starter, however. The Bulgarian doesn’t exactly fit the blueprint for a Pochettino-brand player, does he?

What the manager said: “lol”


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