India v England LIVE: T20 World Cup semi-final reaction after Jos Buttler’s team hammered in 68-run defeat

India beat England by 68 runs in the T20 World Cup semi-final (AFP via Getty Images)
India beat England by 68 runs in the T20 World Cup semi-final (AFP via Getty Images)

England have been heavily beaten in a 68-run defeat by India in the T20 World Cup semi-final in Guyana, after two rain delays.

Jos Buttler’s side had started the tournament as defending champions and struggled slightly with the ball to contain the flow of runs, with Rohit Sharma hitting an important 57 runs at the top of the order, as they put on 171 runs.

India’s innings was affected by a rain delay, but it did not appear to hold them back. When it came England’s turn to bat, they started with a brief promise, and Buttler made 23 runs from just 15 balls, but his wicket sparked the collapse from which they never recovered.

Harry Brook top-scored with 25 and they never threatened to get near the India total.

The draw has been stacked in India’s favour. Unlike England, who only found out where they would play this semi-final at the last minute, India and their fans have known for months. It was designed to benefit those watching TV in Asia rather than local or international audiences.

Follow all the live action from the match in Guyana with our blog below:

India vs England T20 World Cup semi-final

  • Rashid run out for 2! England 88-9

  • Livingstone run out for 11! England 86-8

  • Jordan out lbw for 1! England 72-7

  • Brook bowled for 25! England 68-6

  • Curran trapped lbw for 2! England 49-4

  • Ali stumped for 8! England 46-4

  • Bairstow out for a duck - England 35-3

  • Salt out for 5! England 34-2

  • Jos Buttler out for 23! England 26-1

  • India set England 172 runs to win

  • Rain stops play with India 65-2 after 8 overs

England crash out of T20 World Cup after dismal semi-final defeat to India

21:36 , Sonia Twigg

England’s reign as T20 world champions was ended in brutal fashion by India in Guyana, with their batting hopelessly exposed in a 68-run semi-final defeat.

Eight months ago England held both white-ball crowns and, while this T20 World Cup has been an improvement on the 50-over debacle that unfolded India last year, they were outclassed by a side who outstripped them on all measures.

On an awkward surface at the Providence Stadium, a low and slow turner that required guile and impeccable judgement, India still found their way to 171 for seven while England stumbled to 103 all out.

Only two of their top six managed double figures as they lacked the tools to take on an outstanding attack that reduced their plans to ruins. While India will head to Barbados for Saturday’s final against South Africa, their beaten opponents head for home after a turbulent campaign

England crash out of T20 World Cup after dismal semi-final defeat to India

India win by 68 runs

21:09 , Sonia Twigg

India absolutely deserved that victory, they have been so impressive in the tournament and England did not have an answer to their bowling in the match itself.

From the moment Buttler was out for 23, England never recovered, or even built a partnership and by the end of the powerplay there was already too much to do.

After that the rest of the batters never got going, Brook top-scored with 25, but no one stuck with him long enough to create a partnership to put any pressure back on India, and they were bowled out for 103.

India win by 68 runs

21:02 , Sonia Twigg

Bumrah comes back into the attack, Topley has backed away and just fended the ball out to mid on for a single.

Archer, on 20, has become England’s third-highest run scorer, and he adds another single to his tally, but he cannot march ahead and he has been given out lbw, and that is the end of England’s innings.

They have been well and truly beaten here.

Rashid run out for 2! England 100-9 (16) Archer 20, Topley 1, Pandya 0-9 (1) - need 72 runs to win

20:58 , Sonia Twigg

Adil Rashid has been run out! He was so far out of his ground, that the umpire didn’t even go upstairs!

India are one wicket away from celebrating a place in the T20 World Cup final.

Archer smashes another one down the ground into the crowd, that’s his second six. Archer brings up the England 100 with a big four down the ground.

Livingstone run out for 11! England 86-8 (15) Archer 9, Rashid 0, Axar 3-23 (4) need 86 runs to win

20:54 , Sonia Twigg

Axar is back into the attack, England run a quick single, and his run has been broken. The first three overs of his brought wickets from the first ball, but that one is the outlier.

Archer hits a six! There hasn’t been one for a very long time, perhaps not since Buttler was at the crease, but he has used his levers well to hit that into the stands.

The next ball Archer stays firm and Livingstone was almost at his crease, the last batter has been run out!

England 77-7 (14) Archer 3, Livingstone 8, Jadeja 0-16 (3) - need 95 more runs to win

20:49 , Sonia Twigg

Jadeja will continue from the other end, can England show any fight?

It’s still just singles, Archer and Livingstone cannot get the ball away. The required run rate is almost at 15 an over.

It seems like it’s becoming a case of damage limitation, four runs from the over.

Jordan out lbw for 1! England 73-7 (13) Archer 1, Livingstone 6, Kuldeep 3-19 (4) - need 99 runs to win

20:47 , Sonia Twigg

Jordan has been given out lbw at the start of Kuldeep’s fourth over, and it’s upheld by DRS, he will have to depart.

Archer hits one awkwardly behind square to get off the mark, but just two runs come from the over.

England 71-6 (12) Jordan 1, Livingstone 5, Jadeja 0-12 (2) - need 101 more runs to win

20:42 , Sonia Twigg

Brook went for a big reverse sweep and completely missed it, just looking at the replays. This over will be bowled by Jadeja.

England can just knock it around for singles.

Brook bowled for 25! England 68-6 (11) Jordan 0, Livingstone 3, Kuldeep 2-17 (3) - need 104 more runs to win

20:38 , Sonia Twigg

England were nearly run out but managed to get in an overthrow and add two runs from the first ball of Kuldeep’s over.

Brook has another four, he has timed it well and shown a control that so far has set him apart from the rest of the England batters.

Brook is bowled next ball! And that is probably that as far as even the slimmest of England’s chances are concerned.

England 62-5 (9) Brook 19, Livingstone 3, Jadeja 0-9 (1) - need 110 more runs to win

20:31 , Sonia Twigg

Jadeja comes into the attack and Brook scores two runs off the first ball. Brook has timed one nicely through the covers to the boundary, he has hit two and not many others have even sent the ball to the ropes, at least not since Buttler was out early on.

Nine runs from the over, and that is one of the most expensive since the opening pair were out there I think?

Curran trapped lbw for 2! England 53-5 (9) Brook 11, Livingstone 2, Kuldeep 1-11 (2) - need 119 runs to win

20:28 , Sonia Twigg

Curran was trapped lbw and given out! He reviews it but there was very little chance of it being overturned. Livingstone comes to the crease and England bring up their 50 runs in the ninth over.

England almost lose another with a run out but Brook is sent back and manages to make it.

Four runs from the over.

Ali stumped for 8! England 49-4 (8) Brook 9, Curran 2, Axar 3-14 (3) - need 123 runs to win

20:23 , Sonia Twigg

Ali was stumped the first ball of Axar’s third over. That was poor from Ali, he overbalanced and didn’t get back quick enough, he was well out there!

Sam Curran has come out to the crease, instead of the expected Liam Livingstone. He gets off the mark straight away with a single.

Just three runs from the over.

England 46-3 (7) Brook 8, Ali 8, Kuldeep 0-7 (1) - need 126 more runs

20:18 , Sonia Twigg

Ali just pushes the ball up for a single as Kuldeep Yadav comes into the attack. England are just pushing this around for singles and it’s just very tame.

Brook played a beautiful sweep to the boundary from the last ball of the over, but it still only went for seven.

Bairstow out for 0! England 39-3 (6) Brook 3, Ali 6, Axar 2-11 (2) - need 133 more runs

20:14 , Sonia Twigg

Bairstow goes first ball! Axar has another, again with the first ball of his over. England are really under pressure here, this has been an ideal start from India.

Harry Brook hits high and over the top and it just falls safely. Another good over from India, England are in trouble.

Wicket! Salt out for 5! England 35-2 (5) Bairstow 0, Ali 5, Bumrah 1-10 (2) - need 137 runs to win

20:09 , Sonia Twigg

Bumrah’s first ball of his second over was angled across and missed by Moeen. But Salt was struggling, and it was another slower ball that crashed into the stumps that brought the end of his innings.

It was a clever slower ball, and England are firmly on the back foot. Just two runs from that over.

Jos Buttler out for 23! England 33-1 (4) Salt 5, Ali 4, Axar 1-7 (1) - need 139 runs to win

20:04 , Sonia Twigg

Axar Patel comes into the attack and strikes straight away! It was his first ball and Buttler has tried to sweep and ended up top-edging it into the air, where it was caught by the wicketkeeper. The ball came just off the toe of the bat.

Moeen Ali came in at three and got off the mark straight away. England continued to rotate the strike after the wicket but it was a big blow.

England 26-0 (2) Salt 2, Buttler 22, Arshdeep 0-17 (2) - need 146 more runs to win

19:59 , Sonia Twigg

Arshdeep starts his second and Buttler has another boundary but it has just gone over Pandya’s head at mid off, that was very close!

The bowler goes too straight and Buttler just has to turn the ball off his hip for another boundary.

The two boundaries were followed up with two dot balls, but Buttler waited and one was a bit wider and thrashed through the off side for four.

England 13-0 (2) Salt 2, Buttler 10, Bumrah 0-8 (1) - need 59 more runs to win

19:54 , Sonia Twigg

Salt just flicks Bumrah off the pads for a single to start the second over. The second ball also just goes for a single,

The England batters are not looking uncomfortable, but they can’t seem to get the ball away for runs.

Buttler brings up England’s first boundary with an outside edge to the rope!

England 5-0 (1) Salt 1, Buttler 3, Arshdeep 0-5 (1) - need 167 more runs to win

19:51 , Sonia Twigg

Arshdeep has ball in hand against Salt and the opener flicks it away for a single. Buttler is up and he just defends the first one.

Buttler has just pushed one towards the boundary and England have picked up a couple. Arshdeep is getting some swing.

A slower ball just dies off the pitch. Five runs from the first over.

England to start chase of 172 runs to win

19:46 , Sonia Twigg

England are coming out to the crease to start their run chase. The required run rate is 8.60 runs per over.

Axar out for 6! India 171-7 (20) Arshdeep 1, Jadeja 17, Jordan 3-37 (4)

19:35 , Sonia Twigg

Jordan will bowl the final over of the innings, the first ball goes for two, and Jadeja in particular is very quick between the stumps.

Jordan keeps the pace off and the ball wide and there are just five runs from the first three balls. Axar throws his hands at one, one hand came off the bat, but it has still sailed over the boundary for six.

He tries to give the next one the same punishment but has chipped it straight to Phil Salt in the deep.

India 159-6 (19) Axar 2, Jadeja 14, Archer 1-33 (4)

19:29 , Sonia Twigg

Archer is into his final over of the match. Jadeja has opened the face on one and guided it to the off side boundary to bring up India’s 150.

Jadeja turns another one around the corner for another four, they have found their rhythm in this over.

Wicket! Pandya out for 23! Dube out first ball! India 147-6 (17) Axar 1, Jadeja 3, Jordan 2-25 (2)

19:24 , Sonia Twigg

Jordan will bowl his second in the match. Hardik goes for a big swing that hasn’t been seen for the last couple of overs, and he has smashed that for six.

He follows it up with another successive flat six, one over the off side, one on the on side, but he goes for one too many and smashes it straight to Sam Curran!

Dube goes first ball! The ball just catches the outside edge on the way through to Buttler!

India 132-4 (17), Hardik 9, Jadeja 3, Livingstone 0-24 (4)

19:16 , Sonia Twigg

Livingstone is into his final over and he has bowled well so far today, his first three overs going for just 18, and he starts with a dot.

He has kept the pressure on well and restricted them to just singles, although the last one was too wide, and he had to bowl it again.

India 126-4 (16), Hardik 6, Jadeja 1, Archer 1-21 (3)

19:10 , Sonia Twigg

Archer will have his third, there’s just a single from the first. But the extra pace on the ball has given Pandya his first boundary.

And he has his first wicket! Yadav has hit one high but not far enough and it’s claimed by Chris Jordan just on the boundary, it was a back of the hand slower ball that has done the trick!

India 118-3 (14), Hardik 0, Yadav 47, Livingstone 0-18 (3)

19:07 , Sonia Twigg

Livingstone has another, and Yadav has just cut him away for four, Archer was trying to run around to cut it off but it was out of reach.

The next one is just played back to the bowler, and the next one he plays straight to the fielder at backward point.

Aside from the boundary, Yadav is struggling to get Livingstone away.

There’s a chance for a run out from the final ball, and it will be sent upstairs. Either way it has been a good over.

India 113-3 (14), Hardik 0, Yadav 41, Rashid 1-25 (4)

19:04 , Sonia Twigg

That was a good over to close out his spell and a worrying moment for England as the last one of that over kept incredibly low.

England really need to keep the pressure on here.

Rohit out for 57! Bowled Adil Rashid - India 113-3

19:02 , Sonia Twigg

Rashid is into his final over of the match. He has bowled a bit quicker in this match, and there are just singles off the first three balls of his over.

And that ball skidded, Rohit went across the line, the ball went under the bat and crashed into the stumps!

England have their third wicket and it’s the one they wanted!

India 110-2 (12), Rohit 56, Yadav 39, Curran 0-25 (2)

18:58 , Sonia Twigg

Curran will have another one, and his first ball has been cut away for six, that was a great shot from Yadav, he almost slices it, but it was extraordinary.

And Rohit gets in on the act, bringing up his third half century of the competition with a big hit over backward square, that was the second six of the over.

Another one too short and just picked off by Yadav on that occasion.

India 91-2 (12), Rohit 49, Yadav 27, Rashid 0-13 (3)

18:54 , Sonia Twigg

Rashid is into his third over of the day, the first one came before the break, and this is the second after the rain.

Yadav manages to get the ball away for a couple of runs, and hoiks one that comes off the inside edge and could have gone anywhere but squirted without any pace towards midwicket.

Rohit tries to hit down the ground and it’s just short of Jordan at mid on. Rohit has lost his shape a couple of times but he is unbeaten on 49.

India 86-2 (11), Rohit 48, Yadav 23, Livingstone 0-13 (2)

18:51 , Sonia Twigg

Livingstone will have another, there’s just one run from the first two balls. He drags down another, but again it’s stopped on the boundary and just goes for a single.

Rohit misses out on a reverse sweep, he has hit it straight to the fielder and the pressure is just building slightly...but it’s released the next ball with a huge six down the ground from Rohit.

India 77-2 (10), Rohit 41, Yadav 21, Rashid 0-17 (2)

18:48 , Sonia Twigg

Rashid will have his second, his first went for 10, there’s a single off the first ball. There’s a big shout for lbw but it looked like Yadav had just come too far down and it might have been hitting outside the line.

Yadav comes down the track and looks to go big through the off side but he picks out the player on the boundary.

Rashid had bowled a good over, but releases pressure with a full toss that Yadav dispatches for four.

India 69-2 (9), Rohit 39, Yadav 15, Livingstone 0-4 (1)

18:44 , Sonia Twigg

Livingstone will bowl, he was going to bowl before the delay and will do so now. The first ball is a dot, and the second Yadav tries to send through the off side but doesn’t get hold of it.

Yadav manages to get off strike with a single, and Rohit follows with another. This feels like a bit of a settling-in over for India, and the batters will have had to start again after the delay.

Just the four runs from the over, and England will welcome that.

India will resume on 65-2

18:40 , Sonia Twigg

There will be no overs lost at this point and the players are coming back onto the field.

Rain stops play with India 65-2 - Pitch inspection

18:34 , Sonia Twigg

The match will get underway at 6.41pm BST!

Finally, the pitch has been deemed playable and we will get back underway soon!

Rain stops play with India 65-2

18:32 , Sonia Twigg

With no reserve day built into the schedule, England were desperate for the skies to clear.

The match had already started 75 minutes late due to morning showers but when the covers came off captain Jos Buttler kept up a handy record at the toss, winning for the sixth time in eight games.

After sending India in to try and exploit any early assistance from the pitch Jofra Archer almost delivered the big wicket of Rohit Sharma for just five in his first over. But, as the ball skewed up towards point, Phil Salt appeared to lose sight of it as it sailed over him at catchable height.

Topley made up for that missed opportunity at the other end, knocking over Kohli’s leg stump for nine as the A-lister continued a positively C-list run of form. Topley was admirably unfazed by a big swing for six two balls earlier, dragging back his length and threading the gap between bat and pad.

Rohit survived a couple of mis-hits before finding his timing with a couple of sweet strikes off Topley but England picked off another when Pant hacked across the line at Sam Curran and picked out short midwicket.

The all-rounder bellowed in celebration as the ball stuck in Jonny Bairstow’s hands, finishing a tidy over to leave India 46 for two at the end of the powerplay and relying on their captain.

With rain starting to fall, India scored 19 off the next two overs as Rohit (37 not out) took two fours off Adil Rashid and new man Suryakumar Yadav scooped Chris Jordan for six over fine-leg.

As the downpour got heavier, the umpires suspended play with the game finely poised.

Rain stops play with India 65-2 - Pitch inspection

18:24 , Sonia Twigg

There is an umpire with umbrella out underneath blue sky, Katy Perry is blasting out of the speakers, the mopper is being called back out to do it’s work, still no update.

Rain stops play with India 65-2 - Pitch inspection

18:21 , Sonia Twigg

The umpires are out on the field, and a bucket of sawdust is being shaken around.

The umpires are walking and looking at various parts of the turf. There are calls for a blotter on a particular patch of the square.

Rain stops play with India 65-2 - pitch inspection

18:12 , Sonia Twigg

Here is what has happened so far:

England took two early wickets in their T20 World Cup semi-final against India before rain intervened to dampen their enthusiasm in Guyana.

The defending champions had their opponents 65 for two after eight overs at the Providence Stadium, Reece Topley cleaning up Virat Kohli with the new ball and Sam Curran neutralising the dangerous Rishabh Pant.

But England know they must beat the weather as well as the world’s number one side if they are to set a date with South Africa in Barbados on Saturday. Should the match be washed out, India would progress to the final thanks to their superior performance in the previous round.

Rain stops play with India 65-2 - pitch inspection

17:58 , Sonia Twigg

The Umpires are out on the field having a look. There was a patch just on the bowler’s run up that had sawdust on it earlier that might be a bit of a cause for concern.

The news is...there will be another inspection in 20 minutes.

Rain stops play with India 65-2

17:51 , Sonia Twigg

The sun is reportedly out in Guyana and the covers should be moving soon.

Rain stops play with India 65-2

17:45 , Sonia Twigg

Here are some photos of the play we did get:

 (PA Wire)
(PA Wire)
 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)
 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Rain stops play with India 65-2

17:38 , Sonia Twigg

Hearing some unconfirmed reports that there will be an update at 6pm BST.

Rain stops play with India 65-2

17:24 , Sonia Twigg

Jos Buttler turns to Liam Livingstone, we would have been about to find if the gamble paid off, but the rain has started to fall again and this time the players will leave the field.

India 65-2 (8), Rohit 37, Yadav 13, Jordan 0-10 (1)

17:23 , Sonia Twigg

Chris Jordan is introduced into the attack with all his variations. Again the low bounce is not what Rohit expects, he was trying for a boundary but had to settle for a single from the opening ball.

Another single follows, this time for Yadav, the first three balls have all gone for singles as the batters rotate the strike.

But Yadav has launched Jordan up over his own shoulder for a big six, that’s his first maximum of the game.

India 55-2 (7), Rohit 35, Yadav 5, Rashid 0-9 (1)

17:18 , Sonia Twigg

Time for spin and Adil Rashid, he has been a standout player for England. But the first one has just trickled away to the boundary and the rain has started to fall again...

Archer chased the ball all the way to the boundary, but couldn’t get the flick-back right and the ball trickled into the rope.

Rohit follows up a slightly fortunate boundary with a conventional sweep for another four.

India 46-2 (6), Rohit 26, Yadav 5, Curran 1-6 (1) - end of powerplay

17:14 , Sonia Twigg

After the wicket, India had to settle for singles, until Yadav launched one down the ground for four.

That’s the end of the powerplay, and England might be pretty happy with that, they’ve got two wickets and the scoring has not got out of hand at all. But this is expected to be a low-scoring pitch so they cannot let up here.

Pant out for 4! Bowled Curran ct Bairstow - India 40-2

17:11 , Sonia Twigg

Change of bowling now and Sam Curran will bowl the final over of the powerplay. The first ball is a dot, and this seems like a good change, just take the pace off a bit.

That was a tame dismissal! Pant has just chipped the ball to Bairstow at midwicket, and England have a crucial breakthrough.

India 40-1 (5), Rohit 25, Pant 4, Topley 0-25 (3)

17:08 , Sonia Twigg

A misfield from Rashid scuppers any chance of a run out the first ball of Topley’s third over.

Topley changes his angle, but it doesn’t work and Rohit comes across his crease before pulling to the leg side boundary and piercing the gap between the two fielders out on that side.

The next chance he gets Rohit expertly times one through the offside to the boundary. He is a key wicket in this match.

India 29-1 (4), Rohit 16, Pant 2, Archer 0-13 (2)

17:04 , Sonia Twigg

The low bounce has flummoxed Rohit so far, and the first from Archer’s second is just defended into the off side.

But the next one he has cut away into the gap between backward point and third and will pick up two more runs for it. Another leading edge is not timed at all but has just dropped over the fielder on the ring.

Again, Rohit flicks the ball away, but it will be just a single.

India 21-1 (3), Rohit 9, Pant 1, Topley 0-14 (2)

16:59 , Sonia Twigg

Pant turns the ball away for a single to get off the mark. Rohit is hit in the midriff and India scarper through for another.

How important will that wicket of Kohli be?

Kohli out for 9! Bowled by Topley - India 19-1

16:56 , Sonia Twigg

Kohli has launched Topley into the stands for six with a big flick of the wrist, that was in the slot and he will make no mistakes to bring up his first boundary.

The next ball is a leading edge, they manage to run through for two, and it wasn’t within reach of the fielder.

Gone next ball! Topley has fired that one in and Kohli is out for just 9!

India 11-0 (2), Rohit 9, Kohli 1, Archer 0-5 (1)

16:54 , Sonia Twigg

Archer’s first ball just dies off the pitch and Kohli has launched the bat at it and got nowhere near!

The next ball Kohli just puts the ball into the pitch and runs through for a single for his first run of the game.

Rohit swings and misses three timers and is throwing his bat at it, St Lucia had a lot more bounce than Guyana and the batters haven’t adapted yet.

Rohit does get his second boundary, it was perfectly into the trap, it was short, and he cut the ball away, but Phil Salt at short leg has not seen that at all!

India 6-0 (1), Rohit 5, Kohli 0, Topley 0-6 (1)

16:50 , Sonia Twigg

Who will play South Africa at the Kensington Oval in Barbados on Saturday afternoon?

Reece Topley has ball in hand and starts for England. The first ball is a good one, the ball just goes across the outside edge of Rohit’s bat.

The next one is edged, Adil Rashid was in the ring at short third and it has flown over his head and away for four.

A pushed single brings Kohli on strike for the final three balls of the over. There is not looking like there is a lot of swing on offer.

Kohli’s first ball is a dot, and he comes down the pitch the next ball and misses it! Kohli stays on strike though as the ball comes off his thigh pad and they run through for a single.

England win the toss and elect to bowl

16:42 , Sonia Twigg

Here are some photos of the teams warming up:

 (PA Wire)
(PA Wire)
 (PA Wire)
(PA Wire)

India remain unchanged for the T20 World Cup semi-final

16:40 , Sonia Twigg

India: Rohit Sharma (capt), Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant (wk), Suryakumar Yadav, Shivam Dube, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Axar Patel, Kuldeep Yadav, Arshdeep Singh, Jasprit Bumrah.

India vs England T20 World Cup semi-final

16:39 , Sonia Twigg

It should have got underway an hour ago, but the players are out on the field for the national anthems.

England team

16:35 , Sonia Twigg

England: Phil Salt, Jos Buttler (capt, wk), Jonny Bairstow, Harry Brook, Moeen Ali, Liam Livingstone, Sam Curran, Chris Jordan, Jofra Archer, Adil Rashid, Reece Topley.

England win the toss and elect to bowl

16:30 , Sonia Twigg

Rohit Sharma: “We would’ve batted first. It looks like good weather now, the weather seems clear now. It’s a big game and we want to put runs on the board.

“It looks a little dry, I hope as the game goes on it gets slower and slower.

“We’ve managed pretty well with all the travelling. We need to get the job done now. It’s a great opportunity for us.

“The mantra for us is to take things as they come, stay in the moment and let our ability do the talking.”

England win the toss and choose to bowl

16:26 , Sonia Twigg

Rohit Sharma says India will also be unchanged for the match, and added that had he won the toss he would have wanted to bat first.

Is that a touch of mind games?

India vs England T20 World Cup semi-final toss

16:22 , Sonia Twigg

Jos Buttler wins the toss and chooses to bowl.

The England captain said: “Everyone has talked about the lower bounce at this ground. With the rain around earlier we think it will be a bit of an advantage to bowl first.

“We’ve been peaking at the right time and we’ve been playing some good cricket and we will stick with the same team today.”

Pitch inspection

16:13 , Sonia Twigg

If you forget the fact that we should be halfway through the first innings at this point, there is good news!

The toss will take place in 10 minutes and the match will start at 4.45pm BST.

Pitch inspection alert

16:05 , Sonia Twigg

There will be a pitch inspection at 4.15pm BST! Stay tuned for the outcome of that and hopefully a possible start time

How long could the delay last?

15:58 , Sonia Twigg

Well until the rain stops we won’t have an idea what we’re working with.

But the latest that the match could start and a full game still get underway is 7.40pm BST.

A minimum of 10 overs is required, and the latest start time for that is 9.40pm BST.

So there is plenty of time left for this to get underway.

India vs England semi-final delayed due to rain

15:54 , Sonia Twigg

It has brightened up in Guyana, England are back out playing football, but it remains to be seen how long the ground will take to dry out.

If the sun comes out in can dry up quite quickly in that part of the world.

India vs England semi-final delayed due to rain

15:46 , Sonia Twigg

A quick reminder that should the game be rained off, and we are a long way from that yet, India would go through having topped their group while England came second.

India vs England

15:38 , Sonia Twigg

The super sopper is out and there is no chance of play imminently, the toss is not expected to take place for at least another half an hour:


India vs England

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Here’s India:

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Rain delays play

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The rain has just started to come down again in Guyana and the covers that had been removed are going back onto the field.

England had been out knocking a football around, but they will now head back to the dressing room.

India vs England

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Here are some photos from the training sessions in the build up to the match, starting with England:

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India vs England

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The coverage has started and Ian Ward is explaining that there has been a lot of rain, which is standing on the covers and the ground staff are not making any effort to try and remove them as of yet.

Stay tuned for all the updates.

India vs England

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The toss should be due to take place at 3pm BST, but we are expecting at least some delay because of the weather.

The match is taking place in the middle of the rainy season, with more rain forecast at the end of June than the beginning, far from ideal for a T20 World Cup semi-final.

The weather in Guyana

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The weather in Guyana has been a key talking point ahead of the match. There are an extra 250 minutes allocated for the semi-final but no reserve day.

Ian Ward is one of the commentators, and he posted this an hour or so ago:

England fans and journalists struggle to reach Guyana

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Tour groups were unable to sell packages with any confidence given the short turnaround time and several opted out entirely, instead focusing on the earlier rounds and late offers for the final in Barbados.

With stark travel advice for Guyana warning of high levels of violent crime and with hotel capacity severely stretched, it would be a surprise to see more than a sprinkling of England fans in the stands.

The same cannot be said for their opponents, as a large Indian diaspora prepares to turn out in force. India have also been aided by a longstanding guarantee that they would play in Guyana if they reached the final four, a certainty no other side at the tournament was offered.

It is a clear and regrettable discrepancy in a World Cup that strives for competitive balance but one that is understood to exist to satisfy the lucrative Indian television market.

There is also set to be a notable lack of English-based reporters on site. While former England captains Nasser Hussain, Michael Atherton and Morgan all flew from Barbados with the team as part of their duties with the International Cricket Council’s official commentary team, a lack of commercial flights and accommodation has kept most other journalists grounded.

England look to channel spirit of 2022 in T20 World Cup semi-final against India

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“Rash is experienced and he just adapts to conditions really well,” said Moeen.

“He knows his game now and he’s just proper at the moment, confident. He’s been unbelievable. He’s in some of the form of his life at the moment and just enjoying it. That’s great to see and it’s what we need. You can expect some sort of spin and a toughish wicket.”

Moeen’s off-breaks are likely to be another key part of the England game plan, Liam Livingstone offers further variation and there could be an outside chance for Will Jacks to return as a spin-bowling all-rounder and six-hitting option.

The England team traditionally attract plenty of followers on their travels, with committed touring supporters and a reliably large media presence, but that is set to change for their visit to the outer reaches of South America.

England look to channel spirit of 2022 in T20 World Cup semi-final against India

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Moeen Ali, one of eight squad members to play in the match, said: “That was a great day and a great performance.

“We were clinical in our planning and preparation. We took the game on and were unbelievable with the bat but we set the game up with the ball.

“India have looked very, very strong this year, like they did at the last World Cup, and they’re just a brilliant side. They’ve got everything covered, so we’re going to have to be at our best to beat them. I’m looking forward to it… it’s nice to be here when you’re two games from winning a World Cup.”

If the pitch at the Providence Stadium does assist slow bowlers, as expected, India will become even stronger favourites with a varied spin attack featuring Kuldeep Yadav, Axar Patel, Ravindra Jadeja and Yuzvendra Chahal.

But England have their own ace in the pack in the form of leg-spinner Adil Rashid, who has hit top form at the tournament and boasts nine wickets with an excellent economy rate of 6.70. In three crunch fixtures against the West Indies, South Africa and United States in the Super 8s stage, he sent down 12 overs and took combined figures of four for 54.

England look to channel spirit of 2022 in T20 World Cup semi-final against India

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England will hope history repeats itself when they take on world number ones India in the semi-final of the T20 World Cup, calling on memories of a triumphant night in Adelaide.

The two teams met at the same stage of the competition when it when it was held in Australia in 2022, with the eventual champions producing a stunning 10-wicket victory as captain Jos Buttler and Alex Hales shared an unbeaten stand of 170.

Against an India side who have won 12 of their last 13 T20s, on a notoriously tricky Guyana pitch renowned for taking spin, England will need to harness all the confidence they can. And where better to look than a game which stands as their most impressive display since former skipper Eoin Morgan retired two years ago.

England’s previous T20 World Cup meetings with India

13:24 , Luke Baker

2007: Yuvraj Singh brings the heat

India got the better of England in their Super 8s meeting at the inaugural T20 World Cup in South Africa, which they would go on to win.

After Virender Sehwag (68) and Gautam Gambhir (58) got the innings off to a flying start, Yuvraj Singh stepped on the gas as the left-hander smashed the fastest T20 international half-century in just 12 balls, hitting Stuart Broad for six sixes off the 19th over as India racked up 218-4.

England were always going to be up against it and, although Vikram Solanki offered hope with his 43, India closed out an 18-run victory.

England’s previous T20 World Cup meetings with India

13:10 , Luke Baker

2009: England edge Lord’s thriller

England took on India in the Super 8s in a day/night game at the home of cricket, needing a positive result after losing their opening fixture of the second group stage to South Africa at Trent Bridge.

Kevin Pietersen hit 46 to help England make 153 for seven. Yusuf Pathan fronted the reply with 33, but needing 19 off the final over India came up just three runs short as Ryan Sidebottom closed out a nail-biting England win.

England’s previous T20 World Cup meetings with India

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2012: Singh has England in a spin

England slumped to their lowest international T20 score when they were soundly beaten by India in the opening group stage of the 2012 World Cup in Sri Lanka.

After being put into bat, India made 170-4, with Rohit Sharma knocking out a swift unbeaten 55. England were soon lurching towards a heavy defeat as off-spinner Harbhajan Singh ripped through the middle order with4-12 to help skittle out Andy Flower’s side for just 80 runs.

England’s previous T20 World Cup meetings with India

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2022: England cruise to Adelaide victory

England fans do not have to think back too far for the last time they faced India for a place in the final of the T20 World Cup – November 2022.

India batted first at the Adelaide Oval, posting 168 with half-centuries from Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya. However, a blistering unbeaten opening partnership from Jos Buttler (86) and Alex Hales (80) saw England coast towards an impressive 10-wicket win with four overs remaining, before going on to beat Pakistan in the final.

South Africa finally end semi-final curse with Afghanistan demolition at T20 World Cup

12:30 , Luke Baker

South Africa are through to their first T20 World Cup final to finally break one of sport’s most persistent curses after a dominant nine-wicket victory over Afghanistan in Tarouba.

On an unruly pitch, the Afghanistan batters could do little against a rampaging Proteas’ bowling attack as Tabraiz Shamsi and Marco Jansen took three wickets each to enable South Africa to finally put an end to their run of seven straight semi-final exits in World Cup competitions.

Speaking to the BBC following the win, Proteas captain Aiden Markram insisted his side wouldn’t be scared as they break new ground.

“This is as tough as it gets really,” he said. “One more step, it’s an exciting challenge for us. We’ve never been there before but it’s nothing to be scared of. It’s an opportunity that we’ve never had and we’ll be really excited about it.

“We feel we’ve been playing really good cricket for a couple of years now, have some world-class players in the group and it takes a full squad to put together a really good cricket game. Obviously there are external pressures but we’re trying to keep it simple and that should give us a good chance.”

South Africa finally end semi-final curse with Afghanistan thrashing at T20 World Cup

England ready for India after returning from ‘rock bottom’ says Matthew Mott

12:19 , Luke Baker

England head coach Matthew Mott believes his side have gone from “rock bottom” to the real deal as they prepare to fight for a place in the T20 World Cup final.

A blockbuster semi-final against world number ones India awaits in Guyana on Thursday, giving Mott the chance to complete a radical shift in fortunes after plumbing the depths just seven months ago.

Back in November, Mott and his captain Jos Buttler oversaw a torturous 50-over World Cup on Indian soil, losing six of their nine group games before bowing out with big questions over the duo’s leadership.

But England’s director of cricket Rob Key held the line, insisting they had earned the right to defend the title they won together in 2022 and has watched them walk a tightrope all the way into the last four.

And Mott, who bore the brunt of the criticism last time around, thinks hard experience has helped he and Buttler forge the team’s identity.

England ready for India after returning from ‘rock bottom’ says Matthew Mott

What happens if it rains?

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In the event of rain, a minimum of 10 overs per side are required to be played for a result, up from five overs earlier in the tournament. There is no reserve day for the game, with 250 minutes of additional time able to be used on Thursday to try to complete the fixture.

If the match is washed out, the team that finished higher in the Super 8s (India) will advance.

Early England team news

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England seem to have settled on their favoured combination, too, even if Tom Hartley’s darts may be a tempting option on a surface often enjoyed by left-arm spinners. Chris Jordan’s standout day against the USA should allow him to keep his place ahead of Mark Wood.

Predicted England XI: Phil Salt, Jos Buttler (captain & wk), Jonny Bairstow, Harry Brook, Liam Livingstone, Moeen Ali, Sam Curran, Chris Jordan, Jofra Archer, Adil Rashid, Reece Topley.

Early India team news

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India may well be unchanged, with Virat Kohli likely to be backed at the top of the order despite a succession of low scores at the tournament so far. Spin trio Kuldeep Yadav, Axar Patel and Ravindra Jadeja shape as key threats.

India predicted XI: Rohit Sharma (captain), Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant (wk), Suryakumar Yadav, Shivam Dube, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Axar Patel, Kuldeep Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah, Arshdeep Singh

How to watch India v England

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The second T20 World Cup semi-final between India and England is due to start at 3.30pm BST on Thursday 27 June at Providence Stadium in Guyana.

How can I watch it?

Viewers in the United Kingdom can watch the action live on Sky Sports Cricket, with coverage on the channel from 3pm BST. Subscribers can stream the semi-final via Sky Go.

If you’re not a Sky customer, you can grab a NOWTV Day Pass here to watch without a subscription.

Everything you need to know about India v England

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India and England meet again in a T20 World Cup semi-final with Rohit Sharma’s side hoping to end their opponents’ title defence.

England knocked out India at this stage at the last edition of the tournament on their way to victory in 2022, and have battled back from a poor start in the Caribbean to again eye a final berth.

But their semi-final foes are yet to be beaten despite the lean form of a couple of key players, with Jasprit Bumrah to the fore with the ball and Sharma leading from the front with the bat.

A spin-friendly surface should also suit India’s trio of tweakers as they seek a first T20 title in 17 years.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Is India v England on TV? Start time, channel and how to watch T20 World Cup

India v England - T20 World Cup

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Welcome to The Independent’s live coverage of India v England in the T20 World Cup semi-finals. The teams have taken different paths to reach this point but the two giants of the game start on equal footing as they aim to book a date with South Africa in Saturday’s final.