Infamous Serena Williams smashed racquet sells for over £15,000

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Serena Williams smashed her racquet following her US Open defeat in 2018. (Getty Images)
Serena Williams smashed her racquet following her US Open defeat in 2018. (Getty Images)

The tennis racquet Serena Williams infamously smashed following her US Open defeat to Naomi Osaka has sold for almost £16,000 in auction.

Goldin Auctions – a New Jersey event – included the racquet amongst a number of other famous sporting memorabilia. The final bid was a total of $20,910 (£15,900).

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Williams smashed the racquet in 2018 after an adrenaline-filled US Open final. The 23-time grand slam champion lost to Japanese underdog Osaka in a dramatic contest. Williams clashed with umpire Carlos Ramos after he issued a violation against her for apparent breach of rules.

Ramos claimed that the 38-year-old had received an illegal instruction from coach Patrick Mouratoglou from the sidelines.

The then-20-year-old Osaka would go on to clinch the title and a furious Williams was given a ban for her dispute with Ramos.

“I don’t cheat to win, I’d rather lose,” she told the umpire. “You need to make an announcement and tell them [the crowd] that I didn’t get coaching.”

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It was an event that would go down in history, as one of the sport’s greats accused the officials of sexism. “There are men out here who do a lot worse, but because I’m a woman you’re going to take this away from me?” said Williams at the time.

After the match, Williams handed her broken racquet to a ballboy, who sold it to a Manhattan dealer for $500 (£380), reported the New York Times.

“Looking back I wish I'd had someone help me with the process," said Justin Arrington-Holmes. “I was not familiar with how any of this works. I just wanted to get rid of it.”

Goldin Auctions recorded an overall $4.3million (£3.2m) from sales on the day, including a Jesse Owens gold medal and a signed LeBron James rookie card from the 2003/04 season.

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