Jürgen Klopp dispels FSG transfer myth before leaving Liverpool in intriguing comments

Jürgen Klopp manager of Liverpool at his final Press Conference at AXA Training Centre on May 17, 2024 in Kirkby, England.
Jürgen Klopp has addressed the transfer policy of Liverpool owners FSG. -Credit:John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

FSG have certainly got things wrong during their tenure as Liverpool owners. But one thing they got emphatically right was the appointment of Jürgen Klopp — who has moved to dispel a myth about the American backers before making his final Anfield bow on Sunday.

It would be mean-spirited to spend too long reflecting on what more Klopp could have achieved. After all, he leaves having given Liverpool memories that will last a lifetime, and plenty of trophies to boot. But there are those who insist his achievements came in spite of FSG, and that he should have been able to win even more.

Klopp himself, though, used one of his final interviews to put down that theory. Having been equipped with the likes of Virgil van Dijk, Alisson and latterly Darwin Núñez for big money, he has never felt as though FSG have been holding out on him.

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"I think you could buy into it — 'but they didn't back him enough' and stuff like that — but I never saw it that way," Klopp said, speaking to the ECHO and other publications. "I don't know if they could have done more but I don't think so because we had these discussions and I never had them in public.

"I didn't want to bring this feeling to the outside world that we are not united. If we had an argument it was internal and on the outside we say it's our way and that is how we do it. I don't know any other way.

"If it would help to invite the public into the discussions I would try but it doesn't help. If my son asked me for 50 euros and I only had 25 to give, what can I do? Besides just give him the 25. I really thought for us that I understood that it was our way, the Liverpool way.

"We do things properly, the right way. We don't do a lot of things that others do, we don't overspend and we always spent what we earned on the team or the stand or this building. This is a healthy club and to do that on our level... you could argue Barcelona is not healthy but they are still up there but I couldn't see this being a Liverpool thing. I just don't see that."

In net spend terms, Liverpool has spent just under $63m (£50m/€58m) per year across Klopp's reign. Six Premier League clubs have surpassed that figure. says: Interesting comments from Klopp. He admits that there have been times when he would have liked to spend more in the transfer market, but does not believe FSG have ever kept money back from him.

It probably depends how you want to frame it. Obviously, FSG as a group have had capital available, as we've seen with massive-money investments into other sports franchises and the PGA Tour. But Klopp has always fully bought in to the self-sustaining model, and he's convinced that when Liverpool has generated money, it has always gone back into improving the club. It's hard to disagree with that assessment.