Jürgen Klopp paid ultimate compliment by Man Utd legend Roy Keane before Liverpool exit

Jürgen Klopp manager of Liverpool during the Premier League match between Liverpool FC and Tottenham Hotspur at Anfield on May 05, 2024 in Liverpool, England.
Jürgen Klopp has been given some high praise by former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane. -Credit:Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp can add another big achievement to his CV. He's won over Roy Keane.

Having earned a no-nonsense reputation in his playing days for Manchester United, Keane has certainly carried that with him into his punditry, where he is a Sky Sports regular. Many players have been on the end of his infamous tongue-lashings, most recently 'spoiled brat' Erling Haaland.

But it seems Klopp will depart Liverpool having earned Keane's approval over the years. In fact, after the Tottenham win, the pundit paid the manager the highest compliment possible.

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"I try to picture myself if I was a player, back in the day. I think I'd like to play for this guy," revealed Keane on Sky Sports. "I think that's the way I look at it.

"I think he's a world-class manager. I think he deserves a break because managing a big club is obviously very draining. Enjoy his break, he's been an amazing manager.

"I hope he does get a couple of decent results over the last few weeks. I can say that now I know they're not going to win the league title!"

That came immediately after the Manchester United great had provided some much-needed context to Liverpool's season, and to Klopp's farewell:

"It's kind of a disappointing end to the season for them. But if you step back — and you have to sometimes — look at the bigger picture, what he's done for this football club. It's fantastic.

"We're talking about the type of football he's played, it's been very entertaining. He's given young players a chance, they're back competing at the highest level, he's won some of the biggest prizes. He's also missed out, he's been close, it's a proper rollercoaster for him.

"He spoke about his emotions there but I think one of his strengths is he's an emotional guy. We see that on the sideline with him, we see it in his interviews. He's a very honest manager, I don't think he plays too many games.

"He's not like this robot after games where he's almost media-trained. He seems a very honest manager." says: You have to hand it to Keane here. That's some really incisive punditry from someone with the very opposite of a Liverpool bias.

He praises Klopp for being honest, and you'd say that Keane himself is another who will generally just speak his mind. No doubt the persona is sometimes played up to the cameras, but he knows what he is talking about.

The fact Keane would like to have played under Klopp — the ultimate compliment — says it all really. The Liverpool boss has possessed a certain magnetism since the moment he walked through the door at Anfield, and it's inspired players to run through brick walls for him.

There's no doubt that whether your allegiance lies with Liverpool, Manchester United or anyone else, Klopp will be a miss for the league. He has had an incredible run, and we'd echo Keane in saying that he deserves to go out on a high note in these last couple of games.