Jamie Carragher 'drinks eight pints' as Liverpool legend joins wild Borussia Dortmund celebrations

Jamie Carragher gets in the mood with Dortmund fans -Credit:CBSSportsGolazo

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher was in fine form during Borussia Dortmund's Champions League semi final first leg fixture against Paris Saint-Germain. Working for CBS Sports, Carragher fulfilled a life-long dream of spending a match at the Westfalenstadion as part of the famed 'yellow wall'.

The former Reds' defender spent the day with Dortmund fans in order to get a feel for the atmosphere ahead of the game, and got a little too involved with the fans, drinking beer after beer while mixing with the home support.

It all made for hilarious content later in the evening when, following Dortmund's slender 1-0 win against the French side, Carragher and Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel conducted interviews live on air with the Kop legend more than a little jovial.

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Carragher, who admitted to drinking 'about eight pints' with the Dortmund fans, convinced United loanee Jadon Sancho to conduct an unscheduled interview for CBS, much to the annoyance and chagrin of UEFA.

“Jadon! Jadon Sancho! Jadon, do you want to join us?” Carragher shouted across the mixed zone after spotting the England international. “Jadon, come on. What a performance. Get in the middle of us, get in the middle of us.” Carragher had asked Sancho if the pair could have a drink together if Dortmund get to its first Champions League final for 11 years, only to learn the England international doesn't drink.

“I’ll tell you what, the only thing you haven’t done at Borussia Dortmund is go in the Yellow Wall, right?” Carragher said to Sancho. “Can you promise the Borussia Dortmund fans that you’ll go in the Yellow Wall?

“Because I’ve found a new family, I’ve got new friends. I mean they bought me pints of lager all night. Listen mate, you’d love it. Honestly Jadon, you would love it."

Carragher continued to wear a Borussia Dortmund scarf live on air and was partly to blame for PSG boss Luis Enrique not carrying out his assigned post-match interview with CBS. Carragher's antics didn't go down well in the UEFA mixed zone either.

“We have been told to be quiet,” Schmeichel said to a shocked Carragher, who responded: “Are we being too loud? We’re being too loud in here or in the studio?”

Schmeichel laughed before telling Carragher: “No, in here. Whatever you say is going out in every interview in the world.” Carragher continued: “We’re in a mixed zone here. We’re that loud that everybody is looking at us and telling us to shut up! But let’s just keep it going...”

Carragher's antics made for great viewing, but it remains to be seen whether CBS will allow him to go on assignment again, or if he will be kept in the studio. says: If you haven't seen Carragher's performance for CBS it's worth a watch. The former Liverpool star was clearly enjoying himself, and that was conveyed in the footage. His jovial — albeit at times loud — performance perfectly encapsulates the kind of show CBS want to produce. He might have flown home with a sore head though!