Joe Rogan Slams ‘The View’ as ‘Rabies-Infested Hen House’: ‘It Is the Show That People Love to Hate’

Joe Rogan has some choice words for TV’s most-watched daytime talk show.

In a new episode of his “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, the host bonded with author and journalist Coleman Hughes over the latter’s tense appearance on “The View.”

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“It is the show that people love to hate,” Rogan said. “They get so much hate-watching … and viral clips of them saying ridiculous things. It is a rabies-infested hen house.”

Hughes visited “The View” on March 28 to promote his book “The End of Race Politics: Arguments for a Colorblind America” and sparred with Sunny Hostin over racial politics and how to best address poverty in America. Hughes and Hostin disagreed over Martin Luther King Jr.’s arguments in his 1964 book “Why We Can’t Wait,” and whether policy should be targeted toward socioeconomic status versus race.

On “The View,” Hostin accused Hughes of being a conservative, despite Hughes saying he is an Independent and has only voted for Democratic candidates.

“Many in the Black community … believe that you are being used as a pawn by the right, and that you’re a charlatan of sorts,” Hostin said.

Hughes responded to Hostin, “I don’t think there’s any evidence I’ve been co-opted by anyone, and I think that’s an ad-hominem tactic people use to not address the important conversations we’re having here … No one is paying me to say what I’m saying. I’m saying it because I feel it.”

Recapping his experience on “Rogan,” Hughes said, “I didn’t know who Sunny Hostin was. I actually still really don’t know. So I wasn’t expecting necessarily for her to try to ambush me in that way, and attack my character in that way.”

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