Jofra Archer 'predicted' England's Cricket World Cup triumph

Jofra Archer’s tweeting game is approaching legendary status.

The newest member of England’s squad, who helped propel Eoin Morgan’s men to World Cup glory, has an oddly prescient Twitter game.

Take this one, from 2014, for example.

The 24-year-old pace bowler was not wrong; he finished with 20 wickets - a record for an Englishman in one tournament - in his debut tournament.

And that’s without mentioning his frightening short balls, of which three batsmen took full on the helmet during the World Cup.

But we digress.

Archer’s tweets have always had a vagueness to them which makes them useful for quote retweets and applying them to a different context.

Like this tweet about wanting to visit Lord’s. As it transpires, he got to play in a World Cup final there, just five years later.

But some more of his past tweets were dug up which, truth be told, are a little unsettling.

Between 2013 and 2015, a series of posts from the Barbadian-born cricketer were borderline prophetic.

Sure, that one was simple. England are constantly making life difficult for themselves.

And who doesn’t love the novelty of a super over to decide a shorter-form match?

Hm, Jofra’s love for super overs is starting to become worrying.

OK, so maybe he sensed he was going to win the World Cup by defending a super over, or perhaps he is just super fond of them?

Still, when Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes scrapped 15 runs off England’s super over, New Zealand had to better it to lift the trophy.

They needed 16 runs to win.


Conclusive* proof that Archer is indeed, aside from being an elite cricketer, able to see the future.

*This probably is not actually conclusive evidence. Sorry.
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