Jordan vs Qatar LIVE! Asian Cup final result, match stream and latest updates today

Jordan vs Qatar LIVE! Asian Cup final result, match stream and latest updates today

Jordan vs Qatar LIVE!

Qatar successfully defended their Asian Cup crown after beating Jordan 3-1 on Saturday at Lusail Stadium where Akram Afif converted three penalties as the hosts won their continental second title.

Jordan were playing in their first Asian Cup final and seeking their first major trophy, but it was Qatar who prevailed in front of 86,492 fans including Qatar's ruler Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and FIFA president Gianni Infantino.

Qatar took the lead in the 20th minute when Afif won a penalty as he tried to skip past Abdallah Nasib and the forward stepped up to find the bottom corner of the net.

Jordan equalised midway through the second half when Yazan Al-Naimat controlled a cross with a sublime first touch, evading his marker to fire home for his fourth goal of the tournament.

Parity lasted only six minutes, however, as Qatar won another penalty after a VAR check for a trip by Mahmoud Al-Mardi and Afif made no mistake from the spot. Qatar won a third penalty in added time when Afif was through on goal and brought down by goalkeeper Yazid Abu Layla, with the forward stepping up to put the game out of reach for Jordan.

Asian Cup final highlights

  • GOAL! Afif penalty puts Qatar ahead

  • GOAL! Jordan deservedly level through Al-Naimat

  • GOAL! VAR penalty scored by Afif as Qatar retake lead

  • GOAL! Afif bags hat-trick of penalties

  • CHAMPIONS! Qatar retain the Asian Cup

Akram Afif scores hat-trick of penalties as Qatar beat Jordan in Asian Cup final

17:45 , Marc Mayo

Akram Afif was the hero as Qatar beat Jordan to win the 2023 Asian Cup.

They were surprise champions four years ago and were once again unfancied to retain their crown on home soil, yet a tale of three penalties saw them lift the cup with a 3-1 victory at Lusail Stadium on Saturday.

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Qatar lift the trophy!

17:41 , Marc Mayo

Just like Lionel Messi in the World Cup, Hassan Al-Haydos is draped in the traditional Arab cloak by the Emir of Qatar before stepping up and lifting the Asian Cup trophy!

Here come the champions

17:37 , Marc Mayo

Qatar’s technical team, coaching staff and finally players make their way up to the podium to collect their medals... and, shortly, the trophy.

Time for Jordan

17:35 , Marc Mayo

Hussein, Crown Prince of Jordan, is on the podium to hand out the runners-up medals to his country’s team. What a performance they have put in.

Another award for Akram Afif

17:31 , Marc Mayo

The Most Valuable Player award goes to Qatar’s hero of the day.

Individual honours

17:30 , Marc Mayo

Qatar captain Hassan Al-Haydos up to collect an award before Akram Afif is handed the Asian Cup top scorer gong.

The champions’ Meshaal Barsham is named best goalkeeper.

The dignitaries arrive

17:27 , Marc Mayo

Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, gets a big round of applause with FIFA president Gianni Infantino also out on the podium.

First up are the refereeing team.

Here comes the trophy...

17:25 , Marc Mayo

Time for the trophy presentation on the Lusail Stadium pitch.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 1-3 Qatar | Full time!

17:15 , Marc Mayo


The hosts defend their crown from 2019 to go back-to-back!

Asian Cup final: Jordan 1-3 Qatar | 90+12 mins

17:11 , Marc Mayo

Jordan did score twice in stoppage time to knock Iraq out in the quarter-finals, but this may be asking too much.

A corner is swung in and Anas Al Awadat, just introduced as a substitute, skies a volley.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 1-3 Qatar | 90+10 mins

17:08 , Marc Mayo

Booking for Qatar sub Ali Asad for a light graze on his opponent’s face in going for the ball.

It’s likely to be a mere footnote as the hosts await the final whistle...

Asian Cup final: Jordan 1-3 Qatar | 90+7 mins

17:05 , Marc Mayo

Akram Afif has scored a hat-trick of penalties in the Asian Cup final. Take a bow.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

GGGOOOAAALLLL!!! Jordan 1-3 Qatar | Afif, 90+5'

17:04 , Marc Mayo

Jordan keeper Yazeed Abulaila is booked and must now try to deny Akram Afif a hat-trick to keep his team in this final.

Here he comes... GGGOOOAAALLLL!!!



17:02 , Marc Mayo

For the third time, Ma Ning points to the spot!

Asian Cup final: Jordan 1-2 Qatar | 90+2 mins

17:01 , Marc Mayo

To the monitor!

We may well have a third Qatar penalty of the night here, the keeper doesn’t get much contact on the ball, if any...

Asian Cup final: Jordan 1-2 Qatar | 90+1 mins

17:00 , Marc Mayo


Akram Afif darts through one-on-one but the goalkeeper stands strong to deny him! VAR checks for a penalty...

Asian Cup final: Jordan 1-2 Qatar | 90 mins

16:59 , Marc Mayo

We are into 13 minutes of injury time.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 1-2 Qatar | 89 mins

16:58 , Marc Mayo

So Qatar’s Tarek Salman handed off Yazan Al-Naimat, who absolutely rushed him to barge him to the ground!

The referee doesn’t reckon it’s worthy of a red, more of a shoulder charge than a headbutt. He sticks with his original decision of yellow card and we’re back underway.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 1-2 Qatar | 88 mins

16:57 , Marc Mayo

There’s a VAR check for this incident and the referee heads to the monitor!

Asian Cup final: Jordan 1-2 Qatar | 87 mins

16:55 , Marc Mayo

Yazan Al-Naimat booked for a coming together off the ball. It’s just more precious time sucked out the game for Jordan.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 1-2 Qatar | 85 mins

16:54 , Marc Mayo

Musa Al-Taamari was electric in the semi-final and, while clearly a threat, hasn’t quite sparked with an end product in the final. He darts into the box but the decision is a goal kick after a strong Qatari block.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 1-2 Qatar | 83 mins

16:52 , Marc Mayo

Qatar win a free-kick right on the edge of the box.

Akram Afif fancies his hat-trick... tipped wide!

Asian Cup final: Jordan 1-2 Qatar | 80 mins

16:50 , Marc Mayo

Meshaal Barsham is spoken to by the referee to cut out any timewasting, just as a Qatari player settles on the turf for some time-consuming physio treatment - much to the official’s chagrin.

Mahmoud Al-Mardi off for Saleh Rateb in Jordan’s first change after a hopeful hit from distance flies wide.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 1-2 Qatar | 77 mins

16:45 , Marc Mayo

Decent header goalwards by Yazan Al-Naimat from a deep cross and it flashes wide.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 1-2 Qatar | 75 mins

16:44 , Marc Mayo

Into the last 15 minutes and the hosts are suddenly on the brink of retaining their Asian Cup crown.

GGGGOOOOAAALLLL!!! Jordan 1-2 Qatar | Afif, 73'

16:42 , Marc Mayo

What a chance for Qatar, they were pegged back and now have been gifted a huge chance to go ahead again late on.

Akram Afif has already scored once from the spot today...



16:40 , Marc Mayo

Here comes the referee... he gives it!

Asian Cup final: Jordan 1-1 Qatar | 72 mins

16:40 , Marc Mayo

We have a VAR check for that penalty claim...

The Qatari attacker was taken out but was it just a normal coming together off the ball?

Asian Cup final: Jordan 1-1 Qatar | 69 mins

16:38 , Marc Mayo

Qatar want a penalty after the restart but no dice.

The hosts look to have clicked up a gear having dropped off to allow that leveller.

GGGOOOOAAALLLL!!! Jordan 1-1 Qatar | Al-Naimat, 67'

16:36 , Marc Mayo

Akram Afif tries to break away but is stomped out by a sturdy challenge. This is all Jordan and a cross lands at the far post...


IT HAS BEEN COMING! Yazan Al-Naimat blasts it home.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | 64 mins

16:32 , Marc Mayo

Yusuf Abdurisag departs for Qatar, who bring the experienced head of Ismail Mohamad on.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | 62 mins

16:31 , Marc Mayo

A real head of steam behind Jordan now... they have to make this count!

Musa Al-Taarmari forces a save at the near post after a powerful run and the follow-up goes wide.

Not entirely sure why the Qatar keeper has the physio on before the goal kick. Well, we do know why, of course..!

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | 60 mins

16:28 , Marc Mayo


Smart stop by Meshaal Barsham as Ihsan Haddad bombs down the Jordanian right wing and fires low at the near post. That was on target!

From the corner, the Qatari goalkeeper is once again called into action to deny Yazan Al-Arab’s acrobatic effort.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | 57 mins

16:25 , Marc Mayo

A bit of pinball around the box ends up with Ali Olwan flashing an overhead kick wide of the near post for Jordan.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | 55 mins

16:23 , Marc Mayo

Dangerous ball floated towards the far post but no Jordanian head rises high enough to meet it.

You get the feeling they will craft at least one massive chance to level the score.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | 53 mins

16:22 , Marc Mayo

Double sub from Qatar, on come Abdulaziz Hatem and Ali Asad. Captain Hassan Al-Haydos and the injured Jassem Gaber Abdulsallam for some fresh legs in the midfield.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | 48 mins

16:18 , Marc Mayo

A scrappy start to the half, which won’t suit either team. Qatar will need a second goal in this game, surely, but Jordan are not yet gathering any momentum.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | Kick-off!

16:14 , Marc Mayo

The second half is underway in Lusail!

No changes for either side.

Love that Akram Afif goal celebration


Magic. Literally!

Qatar just about deserve their lead

16:05 , Marc Mayo

It has been a game of counter-attacks and Akram Afif has stood head and shoulders above the other 21 players on the pitch.

It was his dangerous run which won the penalty, which he duly slotted home.

Plenty of chances being forged by Jordan but the Qatari goalkeeper is rarely being tested.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | Half-time!

15:58 , Marc Mayo

Qatar ahead at the break via Akram Afif’s penalty.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | 45+8 mins

15:57 , Marc Mayo

Booking for Salem Al-Ajalin for a late lunge, the second Jordanian on a yellow card after Ali Olwan’s earlier infringement.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | 45+7 mins

15:56 , Marc Mayo

Jordan create another decent chance in stoppage time, Musa Al-Taamari unmarked at the far post to latch onto a looping cross.

It just sits up for him though, and he gets under the shot to fire over.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | 45+6 mins

15:55 , Marc Mayo

Akram Afif is back in the game after that injury scare.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | 45+4 mins

15:53 , Marc Mayo


Great run to the byline and Musa Al-Taamari is denied with either a great save or block, hard to tell on first viewing.

In fact, it was Mohammed Waad back to divert it with his hip. Saved a certain goal.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | 45+2 mins

15:52 , Marc Mayo

In reality, this will be more than six added minutes as Akram Afif is on the deck receiving treatment. He landed awkwardly, jarring his ankle, trying to win the ball back.

The goalscorer is taken to the sidelines on a stretcher for more treatment.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | 45 mins

15:50 , Marc Mayo

Tarek Salman goes down in Jordan’s box... no penalty!

The referee unmoved after he touched the ball around his defender and hit the deck. In truth, nothing in it.

The board goes up for six added minutes.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | 43 mins

15:48 , Marc Mayo

Great work by Akram Afif to keep the ball alive down the left flank and his cross very nearly finds a man but instead wins a corner.

The Al Sadd striker has been the best player on the pitch by some distance in this first half - but his corner is headed out by the first defender on this occasion.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | 41 mins

15:45 , Marc Mayo

Mahmoud Al-Mardi clips a decent free-kick in from the right but Qatar clear.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | 39 mins

15:43 , Marc Mayo

A couple of long injury stoppages have slowed down this final.

Jordan holding good territory of late as they chase a leveller.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | 33 mins

15:37 , Marc Mayo


Qatar corner headed down into the ground and the keeper has to tip it over.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | 30 mins

15:35 , Marc Mayo

It’s in the midfield where Jordan are struggling to string their moves together.

When they go long and hit Musa Al-Taamari and Co in attack, Qatar struggle to deal with their threat.

A break in play as Ali Olwan requires treatment, but he’ll continue.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-1 Qatar | 25 mins

15:29 , Marc Mayo

Big test now for Jordan, who have settled into some calm possession since the goal.

They have fallen behind a couple of times at this Asian Cup and generally fared pretty well.

GGGGOOOOAAALLLL!!!! Jordan 0-1 Qatar | Afif, 22'

15:26 , Marc Mayo

Up steps Akram Afif...


VAR check

15:25 , Marc Mayo

Abdallah Nasib clearly beaten by the Qatari attacker and dangles a leg for the ball, which connects with Akram Afif’s shin and the referee doesn’t hesitate...

VAR has a check but it’s confirmed.

HUGE chance for the hosts! Afif to take...


15:24 , Marc Mayo

A slick ball down the left wing finds Akram Afif, who gets across his marker and goes down under pressure.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-0 Qatar | 19 mins

15:22 , Marc Mayo

Big danger in the Qatar box but Jordan struggle to work it into an actual shooting opportunity, before a low cross is bravely held by Meshaal Barsham. Looks like the hosts’ keeper picked up a knock in that scramble.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-0 Qatar | 17 mins

15:20 , Marc Mayo

Fast break by Jordan and Yazan Al-Naimat stings the Qatari goalkeeper’s palms, as he opts to parry it downwards rather than try to catch a powerful shot.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-0 Qatar | 16 mins

15:19 , Marc Mayo

Nizar Al-Rashdan is lucky to avoid a booking for chopping his man with the ball well gone. Perhaps that’s a card later in the game...

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-0 Qatar | 13 mins

15:16 , Marc Mayo

A pretty relentless pace about the opening 15 minutes, let’s see how long each team can keep it up.

It’s made for an entertaining, end-to-end spectacle so far.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-0 Qatar | 9 mins

15:13 , Marc Mayo

First shot on target of the game is comfortably held from Akram Afif’s low effort. Not quite far enough towards the corner.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-0 Qatar | 7 mins

15:11 , Marc Mayo

First half chance for Akram Afif from a lob over the top, he tries to place the ball over the onrushing goalkeeper but the angle is very narrow and Qatar settle for a corner.

Worked short, it’s half cleared before Mohammed Waad fires over from range.

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-0 Qatar | 5 mins

15:10 , Marc Mayo

Good Qatari press on the Jordanians knocking it around at the back but, despite a strong challenge by Yusuf Abdurisag, they bring it out successfully.

Played down the right, a good low cross is cleared.

Bright start from Jordan!

Asian Cup final: Jordan 0-0 Qatar | 3 mins

15:08 , Marc Mayo

Lots of early space as Jordan look to attack quickly and win a free-kick in a good spot on the right flank off Ahmed Fatehi.

It’s an in-swinger but overhit. Goal kick.

Asian Cup final: Jordan vs Qatar | Kick-off!

15:05 , Marc Mayo

Away we go!

Jordan and Qatar face off for the Asian Cup crown.

Time for the anthems

14:59 , Marc Mayo

FIFA president Gianni Infantino is in the stands, where Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani takes his place before the national anthem.

We have singers on the pitch for Qatar’s anthem ‘as-Salām al-ʾAmÄ«rÄ«’ and Jordan’s ‘As-salam al-malaki al-urdoni’.


Here come the teams!

14:56 , Marc Mayo

A big roar from the crowd as the captains lead their teams out.

Such an honour for both Qatar, on home soil, and Jordan, who are the true surprise package and underdogs of this Asian Cup.

Asian Cup closing ceremony

14:53 , Marc Mayo

Fireworks jet out of the big trophy replica and both nations’ flags are unfurled on the pitch.

We might just be about to get underway here.

The stadium is packed with flags waving left, right and centre.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Asian Cup closing ceremony

14:50 , Marc Mayo

We have a huge replica of the trophy on the Lusail Stadium pitch and the real thing has just been walked out to take centre stage ahead of the teams arriving.

How Jordan reached the final

14:47 , Marc Mayo

What a run it has been for Jordan.

After hammering Malaysia to open their tournament, they qualified for the knockouts despite conceding a late equaliser to South Korea and losing to Bahrain - who at No86 are actually a place above them in the FIFA world rankings.

They then completed an utterly bonkers comeback in the last-16, scoring twice in stoppage time to beat Iraq 3-2.

Tajikistan were edged out in the quarter-finals before a confident victory over South Korea booked their place in a first-ever Asian Cup final.

Jordan coach proving doubters wrong

14:37 , Marc Mayo

It was a miserable 2023 for Jordan.

A record of two wins, two draws and six defeats raised questions of Moroccan coach Hussein Ammouta and left their World Cup qualification already under threat.

But they have bounced back in some style to defy the odds at this Asian Cup.

“I’m very satisfied with our achievement because it was a personal challenge,” Ammouta said.

“When a team loses the coach is blamed and when they win they say it’s because of team morale. We prepare with all aspects in mind – physical, mental, tactical and psychological.

“I hope we’ll be ready when the first whistle blows and we’ll respond to the critics, 99 percent of the time I don’t listen to them since I don’t find anything useful.”

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

How Qatar reached the final

14:31 , Marc Mayo

Qatar have flown under the radar with a remarkably smooth run to this Asian Cup final.

A 100 per cent record in the group stage featured wins over Lebanon, China and Tajikistan without conceding a goal.

Palestine were brushed aside the in the last-16 before they recovered from missing consecutive penalties to beat Uzbekistan in a quarter-final shootout.

Iran were arguably the favourites when they met in the semis but Almoez Aziz netted an 82nd-minute goal as they came out 3-2 winners in a drama-packed game.

Qatar vs Jordan | Countdown to kick-off

14:27 , Marc Mayo

The atmosphere is building in Lusail Stadium as the warm-ups begin.

Kick-off in just over half an hour!

Unity key for Qatar

14:21 , Marc Mayo

Having defied expectations to win the Asian Cup in 2019, Qatar were still fairly unfancied to reach this point as hosts of this tournament.

But here they are and Qatar skipper Hassan Al-Haydos has paid tribute to the team ethic around the camp.

“I’m very proud to be a part of this squad – a month ago no one expected us to reach the final, no one thought we could deliver these performances,” he told reporters on Friday.

“Working together with the coach, technical staff and the Qatar Football Association, we were able to reach this level because of the squad’s unity.”


Qatar go to three at the back

14:17 , Marc Mayo

Tarek Salman replaces Pedro Miguel in defence as the hosts look to have shifted into a 3-5-2 formation for more of a match up with their opponents.

Hassan Al-Haydos is the extra midfielder and Homam Ahmed loses out to Mohammed Waad for the left wing-back spot.

Three changes for Jordan

14:15 , Marc Mayo

Salem Al-Ajalin is welcomed back into the defence having sat out the win over South Korea. Bara' Marie drops out.

Ali Olwan slots into the attack ahead of Mahmoud Al-Mardi, who drops to wing-back on the left flank as Mohammad Abu Hashish is benched.

How Qatar line up in the Asian Cup final

14:09 , Marc Mayo

Qatar XI: Barsham; Salman, Mendes, Mukhtar; Abdurisag, Al-Haydos, Gaber, Fatehi, Waad; Ali, Afif

How Jordan line up in the Asian Cup final

14:06 , Marc Mayo

Jordan XI: Abulaila; Nasib, Al-Arab, Al-Ajalin; Haddad, Al-Rashdan, Al-Rawabdeh, Olwan; Al-Taamari, Al-Naimat, Al-Mardi

Team news coming up!

13:54 , Marc Mayo

Not long now until we’ll discover the line-ups for Jordan and Qatar...

Asian Cup final odds

13:48 , Marc Mayo

Jordan to lift trophy: 6/4

Qatar to lift trophy: 4/7

Odds via Betfair and subject to change.

Today's venue

13:42 , Marc Mayo

Lusail Stadium has hosted some huge games in its short life, having been opened in 2021.

Saudi Arabia beat Argentina in the 88,000-seater venue to open its 2022 World Cup campaign.

It later witnessed Cameroon’s victory over Brazil, Netherlands knocked out by Argentina in the last eight and the immense final between the South Americans and France.

Only one other Asian Cup game has been played here, a 3-0 win for Qatar over Lebanon in the group stage.

There are plans to reduce its capacity to the region of 40,000, but for now it remains the largest stadium in the Middle East.

The man in the middle

13:31 , Marc Mayo

Chinese referee Ma Ning will take charge of today’s game.

He is the first official from China to oversee an Asian Cup final.

A fourth official at the last World Cup, Ning has officiated in the 2022 AFC Champions League final as well as at the U17 World Cup.

China’s Zhou Fei and Zhang Cheng will run the lines with Uzbekistan’s Tantashev Ilgiz the fourth official. In charge of VAR is China’s Fu Ming, assisted by Japan’s Iida Jumpei.

Head-to-head record

13:23 , Marc Mayo

The hosts are unbeaten in four meetings with Jordan, who last won this fixture in 2008.

Jordan wins: 6

Draws: 5

Qatar wins: 12

Go behind the scenes in the dressing room

13:17 , Marc Mayo

Jordan shirts hung up with pride at Lusail Stadium.

Jordan's wild celebrations at reaching the final

13:11 , Marc Mayo

Yazan Al-Naimat climbed the goal as Jordan celebrated reaching the final... and got stuck in the net!

Qatar vs Jordan | Countdown to kick-off

13:00 , Marc Mayo

We have two hours to go until this Asian Cup final gets underway in Lusail!

Asian Cup final prediction


While Jordan are here on merit, Qatar have so much momentum heading into the final.

Qatar to win 2-1.

Our prediction for the Qatar team


Predicted Qatar XI: Barsham; Miguel, Mendes, Mukhtar, Waad; Al-Haydos, Gaber, Fatehi, Ahmed; Ali, Afif

Early Qatar team news


A 4-4-2 setup which also favours fast-paced attacks should be how Qatar go into today’s game, with Akram Afif and Almoez Ali likely to lead the line.

Hassan Al-Haydos and Tarek Salman will hope to win back their place on the wing after being dropped for the semi-final.

The hosts’ goalkeeper Salah Zakaria is a doubt.

How we think Jordan will line up


Predicted Jordan XI: Abulaila; Nasib, Al-Arab, Marei; Haddad, Al-Rashdan, Al-Rawabdeh, Abu Hasheesh; Al-Taamari, Al-Naimat, Al-Mardi

Early Jordan team news

12:20 , Marc Mayo

Jordan have enjoyed success in a 3-4-3 formation that hits teams on the counter, led by Montpellier star Musa Al-Taamari and frontman Yazan Al-Naimat.

They aren’t thought to have any fresh injuries going into the game.

Where to watch Jordan vs Qatar

12:14 , Marc Mayo

TV channel and live stream: In the UK, the whole tournament will be broadcast by TrillerTV, formerly FITE. Coverage starts at 2.50pm GMT ahead of a 3pm kick-off.

You can watch online via their website or app. The app can be cast from your phone to a compatible TV or with a compatible Smart TV through the TrillerTV app.

The subscription channel costs £7.99 per month or £69.99 for a year. Both options come with a seven-day free trial.

Jordan vs Qatar LIVE!

12:04 , Marc Mayo

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s coverage of the 2023 Asian Cup final!

Jordan, who have never before featured on such a stage, face Qatar, the defending champions and hosts.

Lusail Stadium is our destination with kick-off coming at 3pm GMT.

Join us for all the build-up, team news, match action and reaction!