Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool goodbye message in full: ‘I am one of you now. I will never walk alone again'

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Jurgen Klopp said goodbye to Liverpool fans with an emotional message on the pitch at Anfield.

Klopp addressed supporters and said: “I am one of you now. I will never walk alone.”

The German also started a chant for incoming manager Arne Slot, who will replace him this summer.

Here is every word of Klopp’s message…

“I’m completely surprised... I thought I would already in pieces by now to be honest.

“But I’m so happy about you all, about the atmosphere, about the game, about being part of this family, about us, about what we’ve created, about how we celebrated this game. It’s incredible. Thank you so much.

“Thanks for ignoring my request not to sing my song for six weeks! Thank you. If you sing that song next year that would be funny.

“For some reason it doesn't feel like an end. It just feels like the start. Today I saw a football team playing full of talent, full of youth, full of creativity, full of desire, full of greed. That's one part of development, that's what you need obviously.

“In these few weeks I have had too much attention, it is really uncomfortable but in this time I realised a lot of things. People told me that I turned them from doubters into believers. That's not true. You did it. That is a big difference. Nobody tells you to stop believing.

“This club is in a better moment than a long time. We have this wonderful stadium, wonderful training centre and you - the superpower of world football. Wow.

“I saw a lot of people crying and it will happen to me tonight because I will miss people. But change is good. You never know what to expect but if you go with the right attitude into that then everything will be fine because the basics are 100 per cent there.

“That is the team… and the new manager. I have an idea, I heard the song a few times today… Arne Slot! La la la la la! Arne Slot! La la la la la!

“You go full-throttle into it and welcome the new manager like you welcomed me. You go all in from the first day. When it is hard, you keep believing and you push the team.

“I am one of you now. I love you to bits. I will never walk alone again. Thank you. You are the best people in the world. Thank you!”