Jurgen Klopp sends Liverpool squad message to Arne Slot with spending warning

Jurgen Klopp believes Arne Slot is set to inherit a world-class squad capable of challenging for the game's biggest honours, as the outgoing boss declared: "Liverpool 2.0 does not end with me."

And the Reds manager is happy to have a conversation with his successor ahead of a new era at Anfield that will now officially have Champions League football back on the agenda.

Liverpool reached an agreement with Feyenoord last week to speak to manager Slot, with the Dutchman now almost certain to come in as Klopp's successor under the job title of 'head coach' and the current manager is willing to be a sounding board for any talking points, but claimed he won't be reaching out to initiate a conversation.

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"It’s not my decision," Klopp said. "I am not in a position to give advice. When new people come in, if they want to know something they can call me, the whole world has my number unfortunately, so that means they will have it as well.

"We can speak about absolutely everything, I love talking about everything in this club. I love talking with each person, whatever, it’s no problem. But it’s not about me or up to me to be available to ask he or she. It’s no problem, I will give whatever I know about whatever I will tell them about."

Klopp added: "[The manager will inherit] a fantastic squad. A fantastic squad. Four weeks ago it was all fine and we just had too many injuries. It was like: 'We could do this, we could do that, we need that.' Thank God it’s not my job any more.

"That’s exactly the thing I don’t want to do any more. The people who decide in this club will be calm enough to make these decisions. They will all look at the information about the squad we have during the season. Age group is great, what’s coming up from the academy, positions, can you improve from outside? I don’t know if the money is there or not. That is not the thing.

"You always can [improve] but the basis is absolutely great. Look at the age of the midfield, really top. Stefan Bajcetic is back, that’s really cool. A centre-half if you have to buy him, you have to go really deep into the pockets. A right-back, if you need to buy one, you have to go really deep into your pockets.

"Stefan, if you want to have a player like that, it’s really expensive. Up front, Jayden Danns, Lewis Koumas, Bobby Clark, James McConnell, they all did really well. That is the future of the club. Some will be here, some will go on loan, some will be sold. That’s all part of the thing. The basis we created is really good and that was the job I thought and how I understood that I had to do.

"We tried to win the league but it didn’t work out, but you have to see it in the long term as well. Liverpool 2.0 does not end with me. It’s just the new Liverpool. It’s just the start, they can make the next steps. We all stand here like: ‘Yeah they could be champions’. It's all a question of perspective. What you put on them next year. If you say: ‘OK last year was third, now you have to become champions’. We had the time when we started.

"Do they have to wait four or five years? But if you give them time again, there’s a chance. We will see that. Who wins that battle, the patient ones or the other ones who have waited long enough. There’s a really bright future I’m really sure. That’s my idea definitely. It would be crazy if I wouldn’t [enjoy the end]. It needs a bit of convincing to be happy with Champions League qualification but it is still allowed.

"It doesn’t help if you lose the next game, especially at home, and lose to Aston Villa and Wolves. So it’s not enjoying it in a way like the feet are on the table. It’s football. The only way to enjoy football is if you win games and that is what we will try. That is why we train really hard. Not in a way that they think it is a new pre-season but we try to prepare the boys, we use the time we have now, and let’s see what we can do. But yes my plan is to enjoy it."