Kernick encourages young people to take up bowls

The 24-year-old recently received her first senior international call-up

Emily Kernick is looking to welcome the next generation of young talent into the sport
Emily Kernick is looking to welcome the next generation of young talent into the sport (Beat Media Group)

By Megan Armitage

Emily Kernick is proudly taking on the role of spokesperson for Bowls England as she encourages more young people to take up the sport.

The 24-year-old bowls player has been a mainstay in the junior circuit for years but recently received her first senior international call-up for the upcoming British Isles Series and European Bowls Championships.

Kernick hopes her emergence on the scene can help to shake the stigma of bowls being for the older generation and spread a message of inclusivity for the sport.

And after already piquing the interest of her friends, Kernick is ready to welcome a new wave of young talent into the world of bowls.

"Initially, when I told my University friends that I was coming home every weekend to train and play in competitions, they were confused about what bowls was," said Kernick, speaking as part of Bowls’ Big Weekend.

"But the longer they've known me, they're always asking when the competitions are and when they can watch me.

"It's great because we need to get more people of younger ages involved and it's about showing that people of a similar age already do play.

"Being from across all forms of bowls, I feel like I can have a big voice in promoting the sport.

"It's important to speak out and get people involved and if I can help one person get interested then I feel like I've done something worthwhile."

Bowls runs in Kernick's blood, with her mother first introducing her to the sport as a child and her sister also playing to a high standard.

Kernick's talent has spanned across a wide range of bowls disciplines, taking part in domestic and international competitions in crown, flat and indoor bowls.

But with her foot now firmly in the door for her first senior flat competition, Kernick is thrilled to represent England overseas once more.

And with such esteemed footsteps to follow in, with Team England winning six medals at the most recent Commonwealth Games on home soil, Kernick is eager to showcase her own talent and come home with the gold.

"I had my first senior international trial this year and I just recently found out that I have been selected for a British Isles Series and European Championships which is something that I never even thought I would be considered for," she said.

"I'm really excited for the season ahead.

"When you're playing for a country like England, we have such a history of success so you want to win.

"You don't want to lose a games when you play for England because you know that everyone wants to beat you.

"There is that added pressure but pressure is privilege."

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