Leicester 0-1 Manchester United LIVE! Premier League result, match stream and latest updates today

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Leicester 0-1 Manchester United LIVE! Premier League result, match stream and latest updates today

Leicester vs Manchester United - LIVE!

Manchester United made it three wins in a row to help put their woeful start to the season behind them as they beat Leicester 1-0 at the King Power. As in recent wins over Southampton and Liverpool, moments of real quality on the break from United were largely swamped by passive periods where they offered very little and were left hanging on to a narrow lead.

Jadon Sancho put the visitors in front in the first-half, capitalising on some dreadful Leicester defending as the Foxes put in a showing worthy of their position at the bottom of the Premier League table.

They improved after the break, without every really looking like scoring, while United were unable to take opportunities to put the match to bed. Erik ten Hag’s side moved up to fifth ahead of a real test against table-toppers Arsenal at Old Trafford on Sunday.

Leicester vs Man United latest news

  • Man United make it three wins in a row

  • GOAL! Sancho punishes poor Leicester defending

Leicester City FC 0 - 1 Manchester United FC

Match report

22:21 , Matt Verri

Manchester United made it three wins in a row to help put their woeful start to the season behind them as they beat Leicester 1-0 at the King Power.

As in recent wins over Southampton and Liverpool, moments of real quality on the break from United were largely swamped by passive periods where they offered very little and were left hanging on to a narrow lead.

Jadon Sancho put the visitors in front in the first-half, capitalising on some dreadful Leicester defending as the Foxes put in a showing worthy of their position at the bottom of the Premier League table.

They improved after the break, without every really looking like scoring, as United moved up to fifth ahead of a real test against table-toppers Arsenal at Old Trafford on Sunday.

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Would have been special!

21:59 , Matt Verri

FT: Leicester 0-1 Man United

21:53 , Matt Verri

United get their third win in a row!

Not pretty at times but they get the job done, Sancho’s first-half strike enough to give them victory.

Ten Hag’s side up to fifth in the table, Leicester remain bottom.

21:51 , Matt Verri

90+3 mins: Big, big chance for Leicester! That really was their moment.

Long ball sent forward, Daka flicks it through to Justin brilliantly and he drives into the box.

Hammers an effort at goal, loses his balance and gets it all wrong. As good a chance as they’ve had all night.

21:50 , Matt Verri

90+2 mins: Maddison with another chance, likely his last one of the match. On his left foot, 25 yards out. Miles over.

That could well be that for their hopes of getting something from this game.

21:48 , Matt Verri

90 mins: Iheanacho tracking all the way back and nearly turns a Fernandes cross into his own net. Just over the bar.

Four minutes added on.

21:47 , Matt Verri

89 mins: Maddison joins the ever-growing list of players on a yellow card. Doesn’t look particularly bothered.

United continue to shut the match down, they’re on track for a third straight win. Just about.

21:45 , Matt Verri

86 mins: Vardy goes in on Malacia, the whistle from the referee to give the free-kick is very late.

Leicester striker is absolutely furious, he did seem to have won the ball. He earns a yellow card for his complaints, to put his response mildly.

Daka on to replace him, while Fred is on for Rashford.

21:42 , Matt Verri

84 mins: That would have been special! Ronaldo with an acrobatic effort, which he was winding up for about five seconds before throwing himself in the air.

Bounces wide of the far post. Not a million miles away.

21:40 , Matt Verri

82 mins: Brilliant defending from Evans!

Leicester look certain to fall two goals behind. Rashford slides in Ronaldo, he squares it towards Eriksen who is about to have a tap-in, but Evans comes sliding in to clear.

Rashford then slices an effort wide.

21:39 , Matt Verri

81 mins: Atmosphere has died a bit too, after that early Leicester charge after the restart.

Can they fashion up one more chance? Or just get fouled anywhere 25 yards out? That’s when they’ve looked most dangerous.

21:36 , Matt Verri

78 mins: Casemiro’s introduction has had a real impact, pretty much nothing has happened since that point.

What was threatening to turn into a basketball match has now become something far less entertaining. Job done for Ten Hag.

21:34 , Matt Verri

76 mins: Iheanacho on, playing right up alongside Vardy for the final 15 minutes.

United showing very little interest in attacking now, slowing it up and passing backwards at every opportunity.

21:31 , Matt Verri

73 mins: United doing a decent job of slowing the Leicester charge. Barnes is getting opportunities to run at Dalot, but the United man is holding his own. Impressive considering he’s on a yellow card.

Quality has been low overall from both sides. Made it a really interesting watch though, keeping it in the balance.

21:28 , Matt Verri

70 mins: Ronaldo on to replace Sancho, as Rashford moves out wide to the left.

His ruthless edge in front of the goal is much-needed for United. They will get chances to put this match to bed in the final 20 minutes - all about if they can take them. Obviously.

21:25 , Matt Verri

67 mins: Here we go then. Maddison will really fancy this.

Glad we gave that the big build-up. Hammers it straight into the wall. Cheers James.

21:23 , Matt Verri

66 mins: Maddison doing everything he can to be fouled on the edge of the box. Referee tells him to get up.

Seconds later, McTominay drags him back in an identical position. Maddison gets his wish this time - absolutely perfect position for a free-kick.

Huge moment.

21:22 , Matt Verri

64 mins: “Attack, attack, attack” is the request from the away supporters. Their team is not listening.

Leicester leaving themselves vulnerable at the back but they’re still right in this match, despite United’s dominance for much of the match.

21:19 , Matt Verri

61 mins: Eriksen with a bit more freedom to get forward, now that Casemiro is on.

Leicester getting so much more joy in possession since half-time, Maddison and Dewsbury-Hall have dragged them back into it.

That doesn’t help, Justin sloppy on the ball. Casemiro plays it long for Fernandes, he tries to find Rashford but the cross is cleared.

21:16 , Matt Verri

58 mins: Barnes sets Leicester away on the break, Maddison then has space to drive into.

Plays in Vardy, who tries to back-heel it into Maddison’s path but the ball bobbles away. United have their chance to counter in response, breaks down too.

Ten Hag has seen enough. Casemiro on to replace Elanga, the United boss wants some more control.

21:13 , Matt Verri

56 mins: Set-piece whipped into the United box, Fernandes shanks it behind for a corner.

It comes out to Dewsbury-Hall on the edge of the box, his strike is blocked. Leicester keep the pressure on and they win yet another free-kick in a great position out wide.

21:10 , Matt Verri

53 mins: Leicester have woken up, and with that so have the crowd.

Dewsbury-Hall is stepping up, he cuts inside and drills a cross into the box. Almost takes Barnes’ head off at the back post, can’t direct it at all.

21:08 , Matt Verri

51 mins: Great effort!

Leicester’s best moment of the match, even if that is the lowest of low bars. Maddison’s strike from distance is a brilliant one, De Gea at full stretch to parry it away.

21:07 , Matt Verri

50 mins: Dewsbury-Hall strong on the ball and he’s running at goal, just got Varane to beat.

Drives onto his left foot, Martinez swiftly arrives on the scene and brings him down as he challenges from behind. Free-kick and yellow card for the United centre-back.

21:05 , Matt Verri

48 mins: The early signs are not particularly promising for Leicester - more of the same.

United getting so many opportunities to counter, Leicester unable to get any sort of control in midfield.

Back underway!

21:03 , Matt Verri

Here we go. Eight years since United last lost a match that they led at half-time.

21:00 , Matt Verri

Surely Leicester can’t get much worse?

United in complete control but it’s only 1-0. Leicester have the players to get themselves back in it - Vardy, Maddison, Barnes and Tielemans all really quiet so far.

Have to improve.

How Sancho opened the scoring...

20:53 , Matt Verri

HT: Leicester 0-1 Man United

20:47 , Matt Verri

Even the boos didn’t really have any energy.

United in front at the break through Sancho’s goal. So easy for them against a really flat Leicester side.


20:46 , Matt Verri

45 mins: Barnes sends the ball straight out of play, home fans getting really frustrated now.

One minute added on - there will be boos at half-time, that is almost certain.

20:44 , Matt Verri

44 mins: Great position for Maddison to whip something into the box. Has to make the most of it.

It’s a decent delivery into the near post, but Fernandes clears it comfortably enough. Not really what was required.

20:44 , Matt Verri

43 mins: Really is nothing happening at all in the match, almost silent in the King Power.

That helps a bit, Justin skips past Malacia out wide and gets brought down. Both United full-backs now on yellow cards.

20:41 , Matt Verri

40 mins: Home fans gave Eriksen a nice ovation as he went to take an early corner, and he responded with a clap of his own.

He’s now met with boos, as he pokes the ball away with Leicester looking to take a quick free-kick. Short memories.

20:38 , Matt Verri

37 mins: Leicester will be delighted if they get to half-time only one goal down.

Rashford getting way too much time to pick up the ball and turn, he cuts it back into the box where Sancho is also free. Takes too long to get the shot away though, blocked.

Foxes go up the other end, Barnes with an optimistic curling effort from distance. Good effort, just wide.

20:35 , Matt Verri

34 mins: That’s a real chance for Leicester, as they win it back in midfield.

Dewsbury-Hall has it in space, Barnes making the run through the middle but the pass doesn’t have enough pace on it. Varane quickly across to intercept, well read.

20:33 , Matt Verri

32 mins: This is really poor from Leicester, can’t get anything going at all. Tielemans and Maddison unable to give their side any sort of control.

Loose ball bobbles around, Evans decides to just boot it as hard as he can at Elanga. Frustrated much?

20:30 , Matt Verri

29 mins: Dalot gives himself a problem to think about for the next hour, as he drags Barnes back. First yellow card of the match and not a particularly necessary one.

Leicester fine in possession with Evans and Ndidi at the back but struggling to do anything with it once they play the ball into midfield.

Rashford nearly away as the ball gets played in behind, Ward charges out and boots it clear.

20:28 , Matt Verri

27 mins: That would have been an outrageous team goal, United playing their way out at the back brilliantly as Leicester press high.

Bring it all the way forward, Eriksen has all the room he could wish for 20 yards out and goes for goal. Easy for Ward.

20:26 , Matt Verri

25 mins: Exactly what United want, now they can sit back and just pick their moments on the counter.

There will be plenty of them too, if Leicester keep defending like that. Crazy amount of space on the right wing for United.

GOAL! Leicester 0-1 Man United | Jadon Sancho 23'

20:24 , Matt Verri


So, so easy. Ward punts a ball long, Dalot brings it down and plays it down the line - Thomas is nowhere.

Fernandes free, inside to Rashford and he slides it through to Sancho. Goes round Ward and taps it into the empty net. Dreadful defending.

20:21 , Matt Verri

21 mins: Leicester free-kick, best part of 35 yards out. Too far for a shot?

Maddison lays it off to Dewsbury-Hall who decides he’s got it in the locker. He does not. De Gea with the simplest of saves.

20:20 , Matt Verri

19 mins: Leicester starting to grow into the match, with Maddison dropping deeper to get involved.

Evans and Rashford challenge each other on the halfway line, United man goes down in a heap. Swiftly told to get up.

20:17 , Matt Verri

16 mins: Maddison pokes a ball forward for Vardy, pops up onto Martinez’s hand but referee waves play on.

Whistle does go as Varane is tripped on the edge of his own box, just as Thomas was lining up a shot from range.

20:15 , Matt Verri

14 mins: Malacia forward almost like a striker in the the middle of the pitch, makes the run in behind and Eriksen lifts a ball over the top.

The United left-back almost gets there, but only because he took Justin out. That’s not allowed.

20:12 , Matt Verri

11 mins: Leicester want the offside flag to go up - it doesn’t.

Eriksen free in the box, tries to drag his shot back inside the near post but it’s just wide. Ward was not getting there.

20:10 , Matt Verri

9 mins: Eriksen swings it in, headed behind by Ndidi. Take two.

And Ndidi is up to the task for the second time. Ignore all previous comments about him playing at centre-back being a possible weakness...

20:09 , Matt Verri

8 mins: Justin this time gets a foot in, with Sancho lurking on the edge of the box.

Comes to Rashford, he plays it across the box and Fernandes is completely free at the back post, curls it sraight into Justin. Behind for a corner.

20:06 , Matt Verri

5 mins: Not a huge amount of pace in the game so far, both backlines getting plenty of time on the ball.

United bring it forward on the left, Sancho looks to curl a cross into Elanga at the back post but Thomas reads it well.

20:03 , Matt Verri

2 mins: Ndidi starting at centre-back alongside Evans for Leciester, sums up the issues they have at the back.

United already look dangerous on the counter. Interesting to see how the two sides set up - both probably better on the break than in possession.


20:01 , Matt Verri

We’re underway under the lights!

Here we go...

19:58 , Matt Verri

Teams are out at the King Power, atmosphere led by a trumpet squeaking away.

Now that’s sorted, we’re ready to get up and running!

Important test for visitors

19:53 , Matt Verri

Players will be in the tunnel very shortly, for the final match of this midweek round of matches.

Really important match for United, after their recent upturn in form. Performances haven’t been massively convincing but they’ve picked up two crucial wins.

With Arsenal to come this weekend at Old Trafford, they’ll want to be going into that with confidence high.

Warm-ups done!

19:47 , Matt Verri

United looking to continue run

19:42 , Matt Verri

Reminder that Leicester are bottom of the table as it stands - no wins in the league this season. They would move up to 14th with victory tonight.

Man United meanwhile can continue to put their poor start to the campaign behind them and move into fifth, above Liverpool, with three points.

Glad to see the back of the transfer window!

19:34 , Matt Verri

Rodgers on Deadline Day

19:30 , Matt Verri

Brendan Rodgers is confident that Leicester can keep focus on tonight’s match while still being active in the transfer window if needed.

It remains to to be seen if there is further business from the Foxes, but Rodgers will be leaving that to other people.

“The work will be done by other people within the club if we are able to bring any players in,” Rodgers said.

“We have a very good recruitment team and will be able to organise it well, hopefully.”

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Ten Hag explains team selection

19:23 , Matt Verri

“You want to get in routines, the XI did well so we keep going. We have a lot of games to come so other players will come in.

“It is about the process, that has to be good. Good organisation, possession, being dynamic, having intensity and pressing with intensity too.”

 (Manchester United via Getty Imag)
(Manchester United via Getty Imag)

Visitors are in the building...

19:18 , Matt Verri

United unchanged

19:10 , Matt Verri

Maddison and Tielemans both start for Leicester, the former overcoming a hamstring problem that kept him out of the defeat at Stamford Bridge.

It’s a strong-looking Leicester side, for all the problems they’ve had this season.

Manchester United unchanged from the side that beat Southampton. That means that Casemiro, Ronaldo and Maguire all have to settle for places on the bench again.

Leicester team news

19:05 , Matt Verri

Leicester XI: Ward, Justin, Soumare, Evans, Thomas, Ndidi, Maddison, Tielemans, Dewsbury-Hall, Barnes, Vardy

Subs: Soyuncu, Albrighton, Iheanacho, Perez, Daka, Praet, Castagne, Iversen, Brunt

Man United team news

19:02 , Matt Verri

Manchester United XI: De Gea, Dalot, Varane, Martinez, Malacia, McTominay, Eriksen, Elanga, Fernandes, Sancho, Rashford

Subs: Heaton, Kovar, Lindelof, Maguire, Casemiro, Fred, Van de Beek, Garnacho, Ronaldo

Team news imminent

18:54 , Matt Verri

All the team news from the King Power coming up in the next few minutes.

Maddison to start? Ronaldo to feature? Full debut for Casemiro? All will be revealed!

Ten Hag’s pre-match thoughts

18:47 , Matt Verri

“It’s quite clear, of course, we have to win every game. You go from game to game and, of course, we also want to develop a process and keep improving that process. But you have to win your games so we have to keep going.

“We want to compete with the best clubs and we want to win every game so you need a good squad. A squad that also has competition in but also during the season you have injuries, suspensions and loss of form so then you need substitutes to fill in the role.

“You need quality and I think now we have a squad which has the quality.”

Leicester chairman explains situation

18:37 , Matt Verri

Foxes make centre-back signing

18:30 , Matt Verri

There has been some activity at Leicester too, with Wout Faes arriving from Reims.

Leicester are beginning life without Wesley Fofana, after his big-money move to Chelsea. They’ve had some decent practice though, with the centre-back not involved in recent matches anyway.

New arrival at United

18:22 , Matt Verri

Martin Dubravka says he is “relishing” the chance to battle David de Gea for the No.1 role at Manchester United.

The 33-year-old completed a loan move to Old Trafford on deadline day, following Ajax winger Antony through the door after a busy 24 hours for Erik ten Hag.

United travel to Leicester City on Thursday night after having wrapped up their two transfers, with Dubravka leaving Newcastle after four years.

While de Gea was again trusted to be the club’s first-choice option between the sticks following the decision to loan Dean Henderson to Nottingham Forest, the Spanish international has come under yet more criticism this season.

Read the full story!

 (Manchester United via Getty Images)
(Manchester United via Getty Images)

Stage is set!

18:14 , Matt Verri


18:05 , Matt Verri

Leicester have been fairly dismal so far this season and are showing no real sign of improvement, while United appear to have shaken off their own dire start with back-to-back wins.

United are still a long way from being reliable, but should have enough about them to make it three victories on the bounce.

Man United to win 2-1.

Man United team news

17:56 , Matt Verri

Casemiro will be pushing for a full United debut, after a 10-minute cameo in the narrow win over Southampton. The match will come too soon for fellow new signing Antony.

With Arsenal to come on Sunday at Old Trafford, Erik ten Hag is likely to make changes. Harry Maguire, Luke Shaw and Cristiano Ronaldo have all been out of the team recently but could come in.

Predicted Manchester United XI (4-2-3-1): De Gea; Dalot, Varane, Martinez, Malacia; Casemiro, Eriksen; Rashford, Fernandes, Sancho; Ronaldo

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Leicester team news

17:47 , Matt Verri

Leicester continue to deal with speculation over both Youri Tielemans and James Maddison, but both could play in this summer deadline day clash.

Maddison, who has been linked with Newcastle and Tottenham in recent weeks, missed the defeat to Chelsea last weekend with a hamstring injury, but is back in contention.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

How to watch Leicester vs Man United

17:40 , Matt Verri

TV channel: Tonight’s match will be televised live on BT Sport 1 and Ultimate, with coverage beginning at 7pm.

Live stream: BT Sport subscribers will also be able to watch the match online via the BT Sport website or app.

Live blog: You can follow all the action via Standard Sport’s live blog.

Good evening!

17:31 , Matt Verri

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of Leicester vs Manchester United!

After a dismal start to the season, Erik ten Hag’s side are looking to make it three wins on the bounce and they will be confident of doing so, against a team in Leicester who sit bottom of the table.

We’ll have all the build-up and team news ahead of kick-off, which comes at 8pm BST from the King Power.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)